School Stories

I thought that maybe I should make a post about my experience in Public School.  Since I don’t seem to have made one before.  O-o?

I was Public Schooled for a short part of Kindergarten before my parents pulled me out so that I could be Homeschooled.  I think that they did this because I was always scared of leaving home.  I had to take the School Bus, and as a Kindergartner–I was always scared of getting of at the wrong stop and then being lost wandering in some strange neighborhood.

I remember having a little bit of a hard time in Kindergarten.  Like how we were supposed to sing our ABC’s every morning, but how I didn’t care much for that.  I already knew my ABC’s and was not thrilled to have to sing the same song every morning.  (Accept for that tricksy lowercase ‘Q’.  It looks much to much like a lowercase ‘P’…  :P)

But I don’t have a ton of memories of either Public Schooling or Home Schooling in Kindergarten, since I have much more interesting memories.  Like when I dug up an old marker in the field behind our house.  Or that time that I borrowed those old My Little Pony movies from some of my friends.  Etc.

Then I was Public Schooled all throughout the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Grade.

For the 1st Grade and part of the 2nd Grade I was in Maryland.  I had a couple of really good friends that I still remember, even though I haven’t seen them since we moved away from Maryland a few years ago.  We had lots of fun together, and I suppose that was the first time that I really had someone that I could call my ‘Best Friend(s)’ at school.

I do remember having trouble during Math, and during my Homework.  I suppose that other classes were hard too, but I still remember how much I disliked Math.

A lot of the times when I got frustrated during my Homework, I just scribbled all over part of the paper.  Kind of like…  Taking my frustration out in scribbly lines that would destroy all Homework problems.  Until I had to erase them.

I still am not particularly fond of Math…

But I remember much more good memories than bad ones from that time, so it wasn’t too bad.  And I got lots of Reading Points during the 1st Grade, because of how much I love to read/I had discovered ‘The Magic Treehouse’ book series.  (Plus some other series, but ‘The Magic Treehouse’ was my main one at the time.)

Then during the 2nd Grade, my family moved down to Georgia, where I spent the rest of the 2nd Grade in a new school.

This was the first time that I had ever been to a school that made you rotate from room-to-room for different classes.  So this was confusing.  I hadn’t even hard of rotating classes before, and I was afraid of getting lost.

And there was Math again.

They started timing us on how fast we could answer a certain amount of Math questions.  Which added a bunch more pressure to it.  Which I did not deal with well.

Because that’s why I so disliked Math!  The pressure!  I still do bad under pressure.  If somebody walked up to me and asked me a Math question, my brain would instantly shut off and I’d just stare at them, confused and panicky.  “What?  I don’t know.”

Well, I was in the 2nd Grade.  I was tired, I was bored, I wanted to go home and read where I’d left off in my many books.  So what do I do?  I bring out the big guns.  I mark everyone of those fifty-or-so Math problems with a big, beautiful, clear, number zero.

Sure, I answered the first few questions correctly, but then I marked all of the rest with zeros.  Because once I was a few questions in I started to panic about how much time was left, and I started to think about other stuff, and I just finished it all off with ‘zero’.

Let me just tell you that the number zero is a beautiful thing.  It doesn’t add, and doesn’t take away.  It’s just zero.  Maybe it isn’t always the answer.  But if somebody marks their paper with zeros to save them self…  It probably means that they have zero interest, or zero idea what time is left, or zero idea what they’re doing.

But did the teachers understand this?  Nope.  They actually thought that I did not know how to do Math.  And they gave me extra work!

Hello?!  Does nobody ask the panicky 2nd Grader what’s going on?  of course I knew that the answer wasn’t zero!  If I’ve gotten as far the  2nd Grade then I more-than-likely know that the answer isn’t zero.

Then my family and me moved to a different town, and I started off at another new school.  I’m used to moving though, so new schools aren’t super scary.

I can honestly say that I have more bad memories of the 3rd Grade then of any other Grade.  The kids there were not nice to me.

In every grade so far, there’d been mean kids.  Or at least, almost-mean kids.

In the 1st Grade, there was nobody actually mean.  There were just the one or two obnoxious kids.  But that’s alright.

In the 2nd Grade, there were more kids who you could call obnoxious or mean.

But come the 3rd Grade?  I think that there were one or two girls out of that whole hallway of 3rd Graders who were actually nice to me sometimes.  But we didn’t have much in common.

I was the different kid who snuck books into classes so that she could read them.  I loved to draw, sing, read, write, and make funny voices.  I loved reading but not Reading class, I would freak out during Math to the point that I sometimes broke down and cried.  I was picked on by the other kids because I had weird little nervous habits and because I was a nerd.

Also, I was sick a lot during the 3rd Grade.  I was in a big building full of kids, and if one kid gets sick then it just goes around. But part of it (or at least I think so, anyways) was that I was always so nervous that I made myself sick.

A lot of the time my stomach hurt, but I never really threw up but a couple of times at school.  But still, I think that part of it was me making myself believe that I was sick.

So…  To sum it all up.  The 1st Grade was nice, the 2nd Grade was partly-cloudy, and the 3rd Grade was not welcoming in the least.

And then I entered Home School, where I actually learned stuff, and where I was actually interested.  And where Kids couldn’t pick on me.

By now I’ve relaxed a ton, and I would be able to handle some stuff better if I went back to Public School.



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