Moving… Again

It’s 10:00PM up here (or down here, depending on where you live.  But because my hometown is way down in South Georgia, I always think of Canada as ‘up’.) in Langley, Canada.

Some good friends of ours are over, playing some kind of board game with my parents in the dining room.  My brothers are all in bed, and I’m in my room–writing this blog post.

Now let’s get to the more interesting bits.

We’re moving…  Again.  Maybe I don’t sound super-duperly thrilled about it.  You know–new places, new people, etc.  But I am pretty excited, just like I always am whenever we move.  But I’m also sad.

Because for the first time that I remember, I’ve lived in a place that has people who are actually like me.

When we first arrived at our destination (my dad’s school) on last year’s roadtrip across America, my dad had to get out of the car and go to the front desk.  Well, he met some people while he was at it, and one of them was this lady who said that she had two daughters who’re about my age.

So I literately jumped out of the car and met someone my age–who loved reading, writing, music, goofing off, and other stuff–just like me!  And she had a sister who liked all of the same stuff too.  O_O

Like, all of my dreams came true that Summer.  I spent my Summer running on these lush Canadian trails at a school full of nerdy people (which is not an insult when I say it.  I am a nerd, so nerdy people at a school are awesome.  It’s pretty much a whole school full of linguists who watch Doctor Who and other awesome stuff.) with two really good friends.  Seriously.  The three of us clicked almost immediately.  I mean, once we got to know each other.  I did a lot of the talking when I jumped out of that car–which covered a lot of subjects–which I have heard several times was very confusing.

Of course, those two friends moved away from Canada several, several months ago by now.  But there are still lots of nice people that I’ve met.

And I’m going to miss working with little kids at the church that we’ve been going to.  I can work with kids anywhere, really.  But it was fun to work in a KidsCare program.  🙂  Also everybody else at church.  😛

And I’m going to miss our House Owner’s cats, Sacha and Sidekick.  :/  And our current (but not-for-much-longer) house.  It’s a very snug house, that’s well-lived in.  So there isn’t much stress about getting it dirty, since it already has other people’s stuff everywhere in it (but in a nice way.)  Plus, I have an awesome room here.

But, we’ll be starting our roadtrip back to Georgia tomorrow.  It’s so soon that it doesn’t even feel real yet.  I mean, everything just seems so relaxed and stuff–it’s hard to believe that we’ll be on the road for about fifteen days, starting tomorrow.


Our route.


But on the other hand, I am excited!

I’ll get to see old friends and family back down in Georgia, we’ll get to live with my grandpa, my best friend down in Georgia now has an adorable puppy, and we get to visit California!

Yesss!  California!

We used to live in California, and so we have some friends that we can stay with down there.  Well, there’s also this awesome aquarium down there that we used to go to!  It’s really great.  Maybe I can post some photos of it at some point.  😀

And I get to meet a good Internet-friend of mine!  We’ve known each other (over the Internet) for a year or two by now.  She’s the one who introduced me to NaNoWriMo, and she loves drawing, too!  So, when my mom told me that one of the nights on our roadtrip we’ll be staying with her, I got really excited!

I think that, that’s it…

I’m gonna miss Canada/I’m excited about the roadtrip and stuff!  And we’re starting our supposedly-fifteen-day roadtrip tomorrow.

Oh, and one more thing…

Snowy Mountain FRAME

This is a goodbye present that I painted on my Tablet for all of my friends at church. 🙂


4 responses to “Moving… Again

  1. Good Luck With your move. I am so glad to see you have been blogging more. I may not always comment but I really enjoy following your blog. May God Bless you and your family and keep you safe as you travel across the country. 🙂

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