Updates on Our Roadtrip

If I hurry, I can write this before we have to get back into the car today…

So, the roadtrip has been great so far.  We’ve gotten to see/stay with old friends, and meet new ones.  I got to meet one of my oldest Online-friends, so that was really exciting for both her and me.  (I may or may not have gotten her to watch a bunch of the creepiest ‘Doctor Who’ episodes; so I’m not sure if I’ve driven her away from the show, or gotten her interested.)

We got to stay in Monterey, California, with some old friends of ours from when we used to live there.  I hadn’t been there since I was six years old, so getting to meet a bunch of the people that I used to know was really fun.  Like, for instance–there was this older guy who was always very happy and exuberant.  He was always really nice to the kids, but I couldn’t remember his name; so when trying to explain to my mom who he was, I called him ‘The Bouncy Guy’.

Well, I got to meet ‘The Bouncy Guy’ again, and he was just as bouncy as before.  🙂

Also, I got to go to our old church in California, which is where I got baptized when I was six-years-old.

Right now we’re at somebody’s house.  They’re a really nice young married couple, who (thankfully) don’t mind offering stay for our family of six.  They have two big puppies (and I mean big puppies.  They’re just a few months old, and they’re already bigger than my dog was when he was fullgrown.  But they’re also more well-trained than my dog was.) and they have two kittens.  One kitten (the black, long-haired one) is named Wookie, and the white-gray one is named Wampa.  Like the yeti-monster that attacked Luke Skywalker.  😀

Wampa is part Siamese and part something else, but her tail is pretty much all Siamese.  It waves in this really serpentine way that’s really fun to watch, but is also kind of… weird?  I dunno, but she’s the less-shyer of the two of the kittens, so we get along well.

Last night we played this game where she would chase a toy mouse on a string, and whenever I popped it out of her grasp and made it land on the coffee table, she would get all revved up and slink her back up against the couch when she was about to take off after it.  And, she made the weirdest cat noise that I’ve ever heard on anywhere besides YouTube.  It sounded like a baby velociraptor.

Then, after everyone else had gone to bed upstairs, I went to my bed (on the downstairs couch.  Which, fortunately, is very comfortable) and Wampa came up to sleep with me.  She lay on a pillow at the foot of the couch, and then moved up to lay on my legs.  She is a really warm and soft cat, let me say.  Even though she eventually left when she heard a noise upstairs, I can tell all of my friends that I slept with a “Wampa”.  😛

Now it’s morning, and our hosts our making pancakes, which is really nice of them–especially considering the fact that a large portion of our family are little boys.  I slept well, and–oh yeah!  I just remembered something!

Yesterday we went to the Grand Canyon!  And I have a bunch of pictures of it!


When we first arrived at the Canyon, it was so foggy that when we walked off into a look-out area, you could just barely see the edges of what you were trying to look at. It was literately a huge cloud of white as far as you could see, and it gave off the feeling that you were looking at the end of the world.
But then, the fog cleared up some–and I got this photo.


The Canyon from a view-point, with less fog.


This isn’t even the full Canyon. O_O It’s little over a mile deep in some places, and in others it can be eighteen miles wide.


This is an Elk that we saw a little ways off of the trail. There was a whole herd of them just eating grass by the Canyon. 😀


My brothers and me.
Oh, and I’m holding a book that I got at the Grand Canyon gift shop. It’s a bunch of Native American tales told as a graphic novel.




My dad.



Drink fresh Canyon Spring Water!

That’s all for now.  I have to get ready before we go.



6 responses to “Updates on Our Roadtrip

  1. Wow !That is quite the Grand Adventure you are on! I enjoyed the pictures of the Grand Canyon. We have not been there yet.

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