Hi, Again!


Hello! Hello! Hello!

I’m sorry if three ‘hellos’ annoys any of you who are reading this, but I just wanted to get that out there. I’ve been gone for a long time—I know. I’m not exactly a professional blogger. My mom is more professional then I am, because she’s had her blog longer, published more E-Books, and managed to actually keep up with her blog on a daily basis in the past. But at the current moment, neither of us can update our blogs.

We don’t have Internet. :/

Which is why I’m writing this in an ‘OpenOffice’ document (which is basically the free version of ‘Microsoft Word’) right now. So I actually have been writing blog posts, they just aren’t on my blog. And they won’t be, until the Internet company comes and gets us set up. 😉

(If you’re reading this, than the Internet company must have finally come.)

Well, our roadtrip ended a few days ago, and we are now living down in South Georgia with my grandpa. His house is out in the country, so there are plenty of dirt-roads (even my grandpa’s super-long driveway is made of dirt), and farms. Do you know how many second-cousins and third-cousins that there are living around us? Because I don’t know either. o_o

So—what with how long I’ve been gone—I have a few things that I want to talk about.

Of course, one of them would be about our roadtrip. That’s something that would be odd not to post about—so I’ll be posting separate posts that cover each day of our roadtrip. 🙂

But for now, here’s some other stuff…

Have you ever had that thing where you’re stream of inspiration has run dry, so whenever you try to write or draw (or whatever it is) you become frustrated? Like, you have zero new ideas, and you know that you really should write the next chapter or draw the next comic page of your book—but you just don’t have it in you?


Okay—well—what about having the exact opposite problem? As in: So-many-new-exciting-ideas-and-so-much-inspiration-in-your-stream-that-it’s-overflowing type of problem? But you know that you should be finishing the projects that you’ve already started? But you’re so excited about these new ideas? But if you rush off to start on your new ideas, you know that you’ll just lose interest in your other projects that you’ve been working on for a really long time?

Yep. That’s what’s happening to me right now.

Lately I’ve been coming up with lots of cool stories and stuff that really gets my gears turning; but I know that if I go to start up on them, all of the projects that I’ve been working on for months will pretty just be—well—left to rust?

“Dude,” you might say. “If you’ve managed to keep up with and stay-liking these already-ongoing projects of yours for so long, how you can you lose interest in them just like that?”

“Well, dude,” I might say back to you. “It’s because I’ve had this exact same thing happen to me before—kind of a lot. And if I’m going to be a decent author of anything, I need to drop the habit of—well—dropping stuff.”

So even though I have such an inspiring idea that I want to put down into the form of a book, I need to go ahead and finish my current stories. Like that Transformers Fan-Fiction of mine that has, like, one more chapter to go before it’s finished; but I still haven’t finished it yet?

Why can’t I just finish it? Am I lazy, have I grown bored of the idea at the last minute, am I simply unhappy with the story and have decided to dump it?

I don’t know!

What about in those interviews with authors of popular books where the authors tell you about where and how they usually write? At their desk in front of their computer (or a piece of paper), with their house calmly quiet and a cup of coffee?

Hm… Sounds good—maybe even great. But, oh yeah! I’m not old enough to have coffee!

Plus, my house isn’t actually quiet. I have three younger brothers who are always running in and out and shouting at each other. As a matter of fact: if my house is completely quiet, I feel like something is about to sneak up behind me. I’ve heard that ‘Silence is Golden’, and I’ve heard that joke that goes like: ‘Silence is Golden: unless you have a toddler. In that case, silence is very, very suspicious.’ But for me… Silence means that the zombies are coming.

So forget the coffee, and the silent surroundings—I think that my “writing atmosphere” is perfectly fine.

But, I still have all of those cool ideas in my head. So I’ve chosen the one that has me most excited (or at least, I think that it’s this one) and I’ve decided that it will be my project for ‘NaNoWriMo’ (National Novel Writing Month). That way I’m not technically writing the book yet, and I’ll actually have a storyline for my NaNoWriMo book this year. (Heh heh.)

Plus, writing down a list of characters and their descriptions is fun. 😀

Oh yeah… I forgot to mention that my sudden flood of inspiration seems to only be effecting my writing. I think that I’m getting another one of those highly frustrating ‘Artists’ Blocks’, where I try to draw things that never satisfy me—always frustrate me some how—and are never finished.


But, there’s a farm kitten at my grandpa’s house that really likes me—so I get to cuddle a kitten if my brain is betraying me.



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