Nerd or Geek?

Nerd and Geek

This doodle is mine, so please no stealing. 😉

So, up until very recently, I was unaware of the difference between ‘nerds’ and geeks’.

Until I stumbled upon this video, by ‘Rhett & Link’ on YouTube, (which is also at the bottom of this blog post) and I realized that there’s actually a difference between these two kinds of people.  (Plus, I thought that the video was really funny, and catchy.)

Now, from what I understand so far, the difference between a Nerd and a Geek is a very fine line.  For a lot of people, it’s not an obvious difference.  I mean, how many people actually take the time to think about why a Nerd is nerdy and a Geek is geeky?  It’s like comparing a dalmatian with another dalmatian.  Are you really going to see the difference between these two dalmatians at first?  Probably not.  You have to spend some time with the two dogs before you can just look at one and tell which one it is.

And then there’s really obvious stuff, like a girly-girl and a tomboy.  That’s like standing a Great Dane next to a Chihuahua.

So there is a difference, but at the current moment–I’m having a hard time seeing it.  I’ve always thought that I was a Nerd.  I mean, I’m a girl who’s obsessed with Transformers, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, The Hobbit/The Lord of the Rings, and the list goes on…  (Those are just some of the shows and movies that I like.  I also love learning about History, Science, animals, Art, and Writing.)

However.  It seems like Nerds are a lot more antisocial than Geeks are.  And I’m definitely more Extrovert than Introvert…  So…  o_o?

But, I really don’t know that much on the subject.  So rather than making guesses, I’m just going to ask you guys.

What makes a Nerd a Nerd, and a Geek a Geek?

Are you either of these things?  If so, than how?  (I won’t judge you, don’t worry.  😉 )

What about me–do you think that I am a Nerd or a Geek?


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