Doctor Really?

So, today I ran around with a bunch of little kids, pretending to be The Doctor (From that show, ‘Doctor Who’).

Allow me to explain…

Lately, my oldest brother and me (we’re currently sharing a room) have started this nightly routine where I pretend to be Doctor Who.

Here’s an excerpt from last night:


Doctor:  *Jumps out of the window of a huge building, while a hostile alien follows in hot-pursuit*

Amy Pond:  *Peers through window*  “Doctor!  I’m not jumping down there!”

Doctor:  *Spreads his arms*  “Don’t worry, Amy!  I catch people who jump from buildings almost seventy-five percent of the time!  Sometimes seventy-percent!”

Amy:  “That’s not reassuring!”

Doctor:  “Well then, are you staying up there?”

Amy:  “…  No!”

Doctor:  “Than hurry up and jump!”

Amy:  *Jumps*

Doctor:  *Cellphone rings in pocket while Amy is in midair*  *Answers phone*

Doctor:  *On phone*  “Roooory!  How kind of you to call.  Where have you been?”

Rory:  *From phone*  “You left me back at the TARDIS.  Remember?”

Doctor:  “Did I?  I don’t really–“

Amy:  *Splat*

Doctor:  “Eh, sorry Rory.  I forgot to catch your wife when she jumped from that building just now.  But it’s okay!  I have a Time Machine!”


My acting has a tendency for being… goofy.

Well, I thought that this was pretty funny, so the next day I did it again.  My parents were taking this two-hour class with a bunch of other adults, and I was helping out in a room of lots of little kids…  So I pretended to be The Doctor.

I danced around and sang and pretending to buzz things with my imaginary “buzzy device” (aka: Sonic Screwdriver), and all-in-all had a really silly time.

Then, later in the day, I did it again.

There was a table with a bunch of snacks laid out on it, and I told the kids that I didn’t like pears.  (The 10th Doctor doesn’t like pears.  I was being the 11th Doctor…  Who I assume doesn’t like pears either?  Eh, we were pretending.)  Of course, I was instantly mobbed by children, who had snacks in their hands that they were pretending were actually pears.  I ran up and down the halls with kids grabbing my legs and arms and clothing, shoving food up into my face while they tried to drag me around.

Stuff like this went on for a long time, until it was almost time for us to all leave.

And then, a little girl walked up to me, with a serious/worried expression on her face.  I had been pretending to be The Doctor all day long, and by the end of that day, everyone was calling me ‘Doctor’ and playing along with it all.  But it must have seemed pretty real, because she had some suspicions.

Little Girl:  “Doctor, are you a real alien?”

Dude.  I laughed so hard.



7 responses to “Doctor Really?

  1. Oh. I haven’t seen the Classic Doctor Who show yet. I started watching the new one, and then later I realized that the new one has badguys from the old one. So if I watch the old one now, I might spoil stuff for the new one. X(

    • Ah. Yeah, I haven’t seen the new ones. But I like how Sutekh (AKA Set) is the villain. That was nice (I think. ❓ ). 🙂 I just didn’t like how everybody died who saw The Doctor. Probably so that he can’t be proven/disproved to have existed. 😉

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