Monterey Bay


Image taken from Google Maps.

Monterey, is a city located along the West coast of California, and is popular among tourists for it’s Monterey bay and Monterey Bay Aquarium.  Plus, it has a lot of gift shops and restaurants.

Because it’s on the West coast, the water is extremely cold (or at least, to people from the South coast it is).  For instance, here’s a conversation that I had with my dad, while at the beach there.

Me:  “It’s okay!  After a little while, you’re to cold to feel it!”

Dad:  “I think that’s called Hypothermia…”


Monterey has a special place in my heart, since I used to live there when I was little, and that’s when I started to love the Ocean and the life that lives in it.  Because–let me tell you–there’s a lot of sea-life there.  Sealions, Starfish, Seals, Sea otters, kelp, seagulls, pelicans, porpoises, sunfish, jellyfish, whales…  And the list goes on.

‘Fishermens’ Wharf’ is fun for it’s many shops and boat-rides.  They also have a ride or two that can take you out whale-watching.  (Bonus Fact: When I was little, I thought that it was called ‘Fishermens’ Dwarf‘.)

‘Lovers’ Point’ is fun because it has a nice grassy area to picnic on, big rocks on the beach to climb on, and the awesome beach.  😀

Then there’s ‘Cannery Row’.  Cannery Row is a long street with many shops and restaurants for if you’re wanting to spend lots of money.  (Kind of like Fishermens’ Wharf.)  And it has an area where you can look out at the ocean.  But my most favorite part about Monterey, is the big, cool, place located on Cannery Row…  The Monterey Bay Aquarium!

It has lots and lots of fish, otters, starfish, a kelp forest, a big jellyfish exhibit, and more.


The Monterey Bay Aquarium was founded 1984 and is actually on the sight of a former sardine cannery!  The Aquarium is right beside the bay–and actually benefits from a circulation of fresh ocean water that is pumped in from the bay.  It was also the first aquarium in the world to grow live, California Giant Kelp.  And you can look at the Kelp Forest and the creatures (like fish and sharks) that they have in it, through a few levels of the building.  The biggest tank in the aquarium, is (according to Wikipedia) 1,200,000-US-gallons, and holds lots of live tuna, rays, sharks, green sea turtles, and other sea-life.  And, (although, I’m not sure if they have it anymore) an ocean sunfish.

While researching some more on the Aquarium, I found their website, which you can check out if you’d like.  😉


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