November Joys

Nekler in a Scarf

It’s getting chillier. So I sketched one of my robot-characters wearing a scarf.

It’s November again!  (Oh gee, there must be a November near the end of every year.  Who knew, right?  :P)

I’m not sure, but I think November might be my favorite month.  It has Thanksgiving, my Birthday, and NaNoWriMo all piled in there.  🙂  Plus, I love Autumn.  The leaves are pretty and the air is usually crisp, cool, and smelling good.  (Although, we actually live somewhere right now that doesn’t really have a crisp and cool Fall…  But I’ve seen other a crispy Falls, so I still like it.)


I’m on my third day of NaNoWriMo right now, and I currently have 10 pages/two chapters (plus prologue)/5,130 words in my book so far.  😀

I love NaNoWriMo.  This is my third year doing it, and I’m finally going to tackle the 50,000 Word Goal!  My first year of NaNo, I did about 15,000 words or less (I think, I don’t remember.)  My second year of doing it, I met my Word Goal of 30,000 words, but never finished the book–because I didn’t know where to go with it after that.  This year, I actually spent at least a little time planning out the book beforehand.  And I think that I might actually make it through with this one!


I’m on the ‘Young Writers Program’, of NaNoWriMo, so if you’re on there too–feel free to send me a Friend Request.  Here’s my NaNo Page.   I’ll probably switch over to the “Big Kid” version of NaNoWriMo next year, when I’m thirteen.  (Although, by that point, I’ll be almost fourteen.)

Speaking of which…

I’ll be thirteen-years-old this month!

Woo hoo!

I have a few things that I would like for my Birthday (although I doubt that I’ll get all of them, because that would be expensive).

DeviantART Premium Membership.

Maybe an iPod so that I can chat with my friends who either do not have E-mails, or just NEVER check their E-mails.

And I would really like to see the other Transformers movies.  I’ve been watching the first one for years, but have never been aloud to see the 2nd or 3rd movies.  So, hopefully I’ll actually be old enough to see the other Transformers movies.  😀

And that’s it.

And, as for Thanksgiving.  Um…  I don’t know what we’re doing for Thanksgiving.  Getting together with family, I guess.



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