An Assortment of Topics

Hello, there, Internet world!

So, I guess that I really haven’t been updating as often as I should…  As usual…  Which is why this post will probably cover several topics.  😉

Several new things have happened since my last post.  For one–we got a new water heater!  (Thank you God for hot showers.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!)  I know that, that probably doesn’t sound very exciting for most of you.  But for us, it is.  Because we’re living in my grandpa’s cinder-block-wall house, and the water heater has been broken for….  Some time?  You can read more about that on my mom’s blog.  Because she already has a whole blog post dedicated to it.  😉

Also, I went on two sleepovers this weekend.  One with my great aunt (who rocks, by the way.  She took me out on a mini-shopping spree and got me some clothes–plus a well-needed pair of boots that I can share with my mom.) and another sleepover the very next day, with my BFF over at my house.  (My grandpa claims that we were up till Midnight giggling, and I don’t doubt that we were.  But the funny thing is; neither my BFF or me can even remember what we were giggling about so late at night.)

Also, in between the two sleepovers, my great aunt and my family and me went to this ‘Pioneer’s Day’ thing that was being held at a State Park.  We got to watch people make soap (and we bought a piece of soap), eat kettle corn, go on a hayride, pet farm animals, etc.  We even got some Sugar Cane!  Which is something that none of us kids had ever had before, but my great aunt was certain that we needed to try.

All you do is cut off a piece of it, cut the green outer-layer off, and chew on the white stuff inside.  Then, once you’ve gotten all of the sugary-watery-juice out of it, you spit it out.  It’s pretty fun.  🙂

The only downside, is that while I was having fun on sleepovers and whatnot, I didn’t write anything in my NaNoWriMo book for two whole days.  O_O  And I was going to try and reach 50,000 words this year…  Which I decided yesterday was way to overwhelming, and that what I really wanted was to actually finish a book, instead of reach my Word Goal, and then never get back to it…  Like I did last year…

So, I moved it down to 40,000 Words, and have decided to try very hard to right 2,000 Words a day.  Then I at least have a less overwhelming goal, and I have a certain amount of words that I can try to get done by the end of each day.  🙂  (And–heh–maybe I’ll get to 50,000 Words after all!)

At the current moment, I am on the 25th page of my book, with 13,686 out of the 40,000 words that I want to get done, so far.

Lastly, I just thought I’d say that my Birthday is in eight days.  I don’t think that I’ll be doing anything big this year.  What with the lack of money and all.  I would really like some of my family, and my BFF to come over, but I don’t really know if even that will happen.

Also, the older I get, the less things I can come up with that I want for my Birthday/Christmas.  So when it comes to the time, I realize that people will be wanting to get me something–so I should write it down.

I suppose that, that’s where I should end this post.

I’m thankful to god for supplying us with hot water, and an awesome family–along with other things.



5 responses to “An Assortment of Topics

  1. Hey, Jack, congratulations on the progress you’ve made on NaNo. I’ve never accomplished a win, so kudos to you.

    Also, Congratulations on your upcoming Bday. That’s a big one, and i hope it’s filled with fun surprises.

    Since you love animals, here’s a suggestion. If you have a local shelter near you, why not call and ask if you and some close friends can volunteer a couple of hours for the day? My daughter does this on a weekly basis, and she enjoys playing with the kittens and making treat toys for the dogs.

    Or you could have a scavenger hunt at a local mall. Your mom makes up clues and you find the right store and the right item and take a picture with it, then she gives you a “prize” for finishing. Those are fun and pretty inexpensive.

    Just an idea. There are loads of things you can do for your birthday that don’t cost much money, and don’t bog you down with gifts, (if that’s a problem), and still provide fun ways to remember the day.

    • Those sound like fun ideas. Thanks for the suggestions–I hadn’t really thought of that. 🙂
      Luckily I only have a few things on my B-Day list, so it’s pretty narrowed down to what I would actually like. But as for what I am actually going to do for my Birthday… I don’t know. I kind of just want my Best Friend and my family to come over, and eat cake, I guess. I could even make my own decorations if that’s what I wanted.
      Thanks for the nice comment, by the way. 🙂

  2. I know what you mean about the hard to pick the Birthday/Christmas presents for yourself. And the fact that my birthday is right before Christmas (it’s on Christmas Eve!) makes it even harder… 😉

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