NaNoWriMo Tips Part 2: Author Perks

Author Perks

If you’ve ever tried to write a book before, or do almost anything, really.  Then you probably figured out real quick that if you push yourself too hard for too long, you’ll burn up all of your fuel.  Sometimes you can prevent this from happening, though.  🙂

What helps to prevent this?  Think about it.

Setting:  Where would be the best place for you to write?  At the dining room table?  In your room?  On the back porch?  Do you have a guest room that you could work in, or perhaps an office?  In the living room, in front of the TV?  (I know some people who find that just having the TV on is comforting.)  Well, wherever it is, you should probably try to write there.  If you’re going to finish the first draft of a book in one month, than I would suggest not stressing yourself out too hard by trying to work in distracting settings.  If there is a better place to work and if it won’t cause any problems, than that’s probably the place to go.

Music What about music?  Sometimes music can make all the difference.  Let’s say that you’re writing a dramatic battle scene, but you’re just not quite there.  Well, why not look up some dramatic music?  There are plenty of movie Soundtracks and other songs that can help you.  Sad songs, happy songs, dramatic songs, songs that talk about the different times of year, etc.  There’s pretty much a song to fit every mood.  And–lucky you–almost any song that you could ever want to listen to, can be found on YouTube!

Also, if you just Google ‘Good Music to Write By’, you’ll probably get a YouTube playlist of cool songs.  I mean…  it’s Google.

And the song doesn’t necessarily have to have lyrics saying what it’s about, to have that feeling of–well–whatever it is that the song is expressing.  I, personally, find most songs with lyrics to be distracting while I’m writing.  It’s like I’m trying to focus on the words of the song and the words that I’m writing, at the same time; and it can get confusing.

Here’s a song that I would suggest if you’re writing a battle scene, or some kind of epic journey tale.  (Although I guess that it really depends in your taste on music.  You may interpret it differently.)

But that’s just me.  What about you?

Those Random Little ThingsEverybody has ‘those random little things’ that helps them.  More likely than not, you have them too.  It differs from person-to-person, though.

For me, it’s a cup of tea while I write.  For some people it could be–I don’t know–holding a pillow while they write.  I can’t say much here, since I’m not you.

But think about something that helps you think, or feel inspired.  I mean, something besides chocolate.  Like, seriously don’t go spoiling yourself by eating chocolate a whole bunch.  Chocolate is awesome, but I would highly recommend that you don’t eat a ton of candy for your inspiration.  (Because, Number 1:  Your story will sound like somebody hyped-up on sugar wrote it.  Which will be exactly what happened.  And Number 2:  All of your characters will gradually gain weight throughout the story.)

So pretend that I never said anything about candy, and start thinking about other ‘Random Little Things’ that will actually help.

Take Breaks:  Even though you’re goal is to finish the first draft of a book by the end of the month, you still need to take breaks now and then.  Because even whales have to come up for air.

Take a break from your book and go spend time doing something else.  Bake cookies, draw something, sing a song.  If you have a pet like a dog or a cat, then go spend time with your pet.  If your pet is a snake, than I would not recommend this quite as much.  Try to say ‘NaNoWriMo’ ten-times fast.  Or–go spend time with other people.  Run around with your brothers or sisters, or hang out with some friends for awhile.

Or, you know.  You could take a break and play video games/watch TV.

I suppose that’s it.  Or at least, all that I can think of.  Maybe you can think of something else–being you, after all.



4 responses to “NaNoWriMo Tips Part 2: Author Perks

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  2. 🙂 I just shuffle all my songs on my ipod and than crank it up. I just start typing away… Till my brain can’t process anymore that is LOL

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