Merry Christmas – 2013!

Merry Christmas!!!

I have plenty that I want to write about right now, but let’s (mainly) focus on the current holiday.  🙂

Christmas!  The time of year when the stores are crowded, people rush around everywhere trying to get things done, buying/making presents, and wondering what they themselves are going to get for Christmas–all while trying not to be completely selfish.  Christmas is–after all–about Jesus’s Birthday.  Although many seem to forget it.

But I’m not going to give you the story of Jesus’s birth, and (or) why we celebrate it.  Probably everyone reading this post has heard that story many times before, and knows it fairly well.  Instead, I’m going to focus on how my family’s holidays went, and a few other things.

So, November ended, and then December rolled in.  And, to be honest, December has gone by fast.  So has the whole rest of the year, actually.

Before I knew it, Christmas was just a few days away, and what did I have to give my family and friends?  Nothing.  Originally I had thought that I would be painting different things for different members of my family/my friends.  But I kept putting it off, and kept putting it off, and kept putting it off…  Until I finally realized that it was, like, two days until Christmas.  And I had nothing to give.

You know, accept for being their.  For being nice and loving to my family and friends, and simply being there as their, well–family and friend.

But, you know…  I had put the idea in my head that I would be giving them artwork for Christmas.  Especially since I felt that I was old enough to be giving them gifts as well, instead of just receiving them.

Well, it didn’t quite work out.  The giving part, I mean.  I got plenty of gifts myself, that I am very happy with.  But because I put it off for so long, I had no artwork to give them.  :/

did end up painting something on my Tablet, in time for Christmas.  But it was only one thing, and it’s not really a gift for everybody.  It was more like a:  ‘This is what I have done for fun, in light of Christmas.’

Winter Scene

Here’s what I did, It’s a made-up animal (the animal doesn’t have a name, by the way. I’m taking suggestions. XD) sitting in front of a fireplace. With a cup of something warm.
I don’t know what’s in the cup.  It could be Hot Cocoa, but I don’t know. It could just be a made-up drink.

Every Christmas Eve, my family gets together and celebrates.  We eat food, talk, open gifts, and all-in-all have a great time.  🙂

Last Christmas my family (my main family.  Like, brothers and parents.) were up in Canada, far away from the rest of our family.  So this year we’re back with (most) of our relatives, and we got to celebrate together again.

People have been asking me what I wanted for Christmas.  And I had the same problem that I had with my recent Birthday.

I didn’t know what I wanted.  The older I get, the harder it is to decide what I actually want for things like my Birthday and Christmas.  But I know that people are going to want to get me things–so I might as well make up my mind, so that they don’t just go and buy me something that I might not like/use/be able to take with me the next time that we move.

Well, truthfully.  I DO really want the game Portal.  But that requires either an Xbox (waaay to expensive) or a better computer than the ones that we already have (also waaay to expensive).  So I didn’t even bother to list that.

So I said that I wanted art supplies.  Even though I have a bunch already.  I got more for Christmas.

Acrylic paints, watercolor paints, pastels, colored pencils, and etc.  😀  Plus, I also got some clothing and a cool voice recording thing.  🙂

And then, there was one other thing.  One thing that I really, really, wanted.  And I felt pretty silly about it.  Because for once in forever, I had a found a toy that I wanted.  Not a video game, not art supplies, not something useful.  Thirteen-year-old me, found a toy.  And I’ll be honest with you; it’s a pretty weird toy.

Have you seen or heard of the popular British Sci-Fi show, ‘Doctor Who’?  And have you seen or heard of the popular children’s show, ‘My Little Pony’?

Now, imagine that you are a fan of this Sci-Fi British guy:

Tenth Doctor

The Doctor.

And your are a fan of My Little Pony.  Well to explain it SIMPLY.  This thing comes along:

Doctor Whooves

The Doctor as a My Little Pony.
AKA: Doctor Whooves.

Well I found a vinyl collectible figure of ‘Doctor Whooves’ on Amazon.  And immediately decided that, that’s what I wanted for Christmas.  I told my parents, and I didn’t bring it up very much afterwards.  But it was what I wanted.

A few days before Christmas I saw my dad carrying some Amazon boxes and packages into his bedroom.  He wouldn’t tell me what was inside of them, accept that they were:  “Presents.”

Underneath our Christmas tree (yep!  We had a Christmas tree for the first time in several years.) we had some presents.  My mom said that most of them were snacks, so that we shouldn’t get our hopes up.

Now let’s skip ahead to this morning.  My dad woke me up, telling me that it’s time to open presents.  I tiredly get up, stumble around doing stuff for a little while, and then go into the living room where my brothers, parents, and grandpa, are already gathered.

We sorted out the gifts, and started to take turns opening them.

I looked over my gifts.  There was one box that looked like the most likely to be Doctor Whooves.  The only problem was that it didn’t have that extra, sticky-uppy flap that some boxes have.  And I was pretty sure that it was supposed to have that.

Nonetheless, when it comes to be my turn to open a gift, I open that box.

Tearing open the wrapping paper on top, I immediately see a picture of Doctor Whooves in neon colors on the top of the box, and my little Nerd heart gives a leap.

Basically what happened after that, was that I dorked out in front of my family.  And I’ve been pretty much doing that all day.


(Oh, and I was wrong. There was no flap that stuck up on the box.)

I’ll stop now.

Instead, how did your Christmas go?



6 responses to “Merry Christmas – 2013!

  1. I don’t know how I missed this. Hmm… I like the Doctor Whoooooves. 😉 (they could make a Doctor Who-Who that is an owl…) I have gotten into Doctor Who (but I little sister is terrified of it, so I only saw one complete episode 😦 ) and I like jigsaw puzzles, so I got two 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles of Doctor Who. One of them is the Gallifreyan Calendar (which is completely useless – it involves knowing the year, month, and date to figure out the day of the week. 😦 ). Pretty cool looking though (and useful to Time Lords. Also, I got a great mug with a Doctor Who quote on it. I have a picture of it on my HAPPY 2014 post (also posted today. 😉 ). I think you’d like the quote. It’s great for Doctor Who and book fans. 🙂

    • I just saw the post. It looks like you had a really great Christmas! And I think it’s cool that you got to help out with ‘Toys for Tots’. 😀
      And, they should totally make a ‘Doctor Who-Who’ model. XD That actually kind of makes me want to paint a Doctor Who-Who.
      And that’s cool that you got a Doctor Who mug and stuff! That’s a funny/good quote.
      But, your sister is scared of the show? I suppose that, that makes sense. There are some episodes that lean more on the creepy side. Not, like, a Horror movie or anything. Just sort of creepy-alien stuff. 😉
      (But both the Classic Doctor Who show, and the current Doctor Who show, are on Netflix. So maybe you could watch it on your computer?)
      Also, my dad loves puzzles too. He’s been doing a lot of them lately. 🙂

      • Well, we watched an episode via Amazon Instant Video on my laptop, and Set’s (yes, evil Egyptian god) servant “killed” a guy by touching him, and mummy-robots “killed” some other people. And the Doctor got his mind taken over by Set, and he got released from the god, and… I’m spoiling The Pyramids of Mars, aren’t I? 😛

    • Yes. Yes you just spoiled it. XD But that’s okay.
      And… I actually meant that maybe you could watch it when she wasn’t there. Like, when she’s in bed, or playing outside, or something.
      That’s what I do with my three brothers. I don’t know about the old DW show (because I haven’t really seen it) but I know that there are some parts in the new show that aren’t really for kids their age.
      And Mummy-Robots? (EPIC!)

      • Well, sadly, our bed-times are normally the same time, unless I have to work on a project, like writing an essay in cursive (Why? WHY cursive???).. But she IS having a B-Day party at a local kids’ museum, SOoooo… 🙂 Oh, yeah, and when she’s out, I usually follow her – whether it’s voluntary – or not! 😉

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