2014, And Other

Happy New Years!

I know that it’s is kind of late to be wishing you all a happy new year, but I just thought that I should say it now, rather than even later.  😉

This New Years, some of my family got together and had a fish fry.  My BFF came too, because we were on a sleepover.  We talked, ate food, and had fun.  But we didn’t really stay up until sunlight, like many people probably did.  We went to bed before Midnight, because of how tired we were.

Other than that, I don’t have much to say about the new year.  Well, accept that I hope that it’s a good one.  🙂

Now, please excuse me whilst I change the subject to something completely different.

Cats.  We got a new cat.


Opie! (Named after the ginger-haired kid, Opie, from ‘The Andy Griffith Show’.)
This cat is adorably sweet. 😀

We already have a little farm-cat named, Mayberry.  (Hush, spellcheck.  It is a real name.)  She was named after a little town in an old show called: ‘The Andy Griffith Show’, that my grandpa introduced me to.  And since we’re living at his house and the cat is living on his property–it seemed like a fitting name.  🙂


Mayberry, licking her lips.

But I didn’t really expect to get another cat!  And since I love cats–and animals just in general–I was super excited when my mom and her friend brought her friend’s cat over to stay with us.

Long story short; her friend can no longer keep Mcnubben (as she called him) but we can.

Probably the most unique thing about Opie, is that he was actually born without a tail.


Despite his lack of a tail, he is still healthy, and able to do things like any other cat. Like climbing trees, and etc.

I’m sorry for how short this post is, especially since this is the first thing that I’ve posted in a while.  But that’s all for now.  :/

Post to you later!



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