It’s Really Cold

You guys.  It’s really cold.

I mean, it’s not SUPER cold.  Because I’m sitting in the coldest room in the whole house (my bedroom) and I’m not dressed up in sweaters and scarves.  I mean, it is South Georgia.

But tonight (and tomorrow) it’s actually going to be really cold, for us.  I don’t know about snow (that would be cool–or cold–but I doubt that we’ll get much, if any at all) and I honestly don’t know the temperature.  But it’s dropped, and I now have three blankets (not including the sheet) on my bed.

Luckily, I’m staying in my grandpa’s old bedroom.  So he already knows what to expect.  He actually calls this room, ‘The North Pole’, because it’s the most Northward part of the house, and the most far away from the fireplace–which is in the living room.  That’s our only source of heat in this whole house, aside from our own body-heat, and clothing/blankets.

Well, earlier today he walked into my room, and asked me if I had my curtains shut tight.  I said, “Yes”.  (Which may have been stretching the truth a little.  They were shut, but not completely.)  But then he walks over to them and says that I should get some clothes-pins and pin the curtains together, so that they covered the windows more.  “It makes all the difference,” he said.

Which is true.  The windows in this house our really leaky.

Well, I didn’t have any clothes-pins with me right at that moment, so once he had left, I quickly forgot about it.

Until this evening, when he walked into my room with a handful of weathered, dirty, wooden pins from the clothes-line outside.

While we were pinning the curtains together with the clothes-pins, he said:  “I’d go out in the cold and get clothes pins for you anytime, girl.  The one thing that makes me kinda upset, is that while walking back inside I stepped in the bowl of dog water–I mean the cat water–and now my foot is wet, and cold.  My shoe is wet, and my sock is wet, and my foot is wet…”

Poor guy.  XD

My oldest brother made some cat houses for our two cats, Mayberry and Opie.  He thought that they might get really cold, so he took a cardboard box from the car-port, fixed it up/put a towel down in it, and put it underneath the long bench on the front porch.

Slightly unfortunately, the two cats probably wouldn’t agree on sharing a cardboard box (Opie would probably be fine with it.  But Mayberry would probably have a different opinion) so he also took this blue container filled with rags that Mayberry likes to sleep in, and put it next to the cardboard box.

He kept coming into my room, excitedly saying how he:  “Just thought that it would be nice to give the cats a warm place to sleep”. At one point he told me this, left the room, and one minute later came back to tell me it again.  🙂

Other than that, not much has happened today.

Well, I’m glad that I felt inspired/managed to post something new so soon.

Post to you later!



3 responses to “It’s Really Cold

  1. I went out to walk my uncle’s dogs (they are staying with us right now) and it was -5F already. We got off of school. The call came LAST NIGHT though. 😛 Your Grandpa sounds nice. 😆

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