Sleepovers, My BFF’s Birthday, and Stuff

Last week, my Best Friend and I had a few sleepovers.  She’s been coming over when her mom has to work a night-shift, and this time she stayed over for more than one night–pausing during the day to go to school.

Well, this time was no different.  We goofed off and giggled a bunch at silly jokes.  My Best Friend and me giggle so much, that my grandpa has begun jokingly demanding that we pay him tax for every giggle.  (Which probably has something to do with the fact that we stay up late at night giggling and laughing, when he’s trying to sleep.)

Only these sleepovers were different, in the most awesome way….

We were on Netflix, looking for a movie to watch, when my Best Friend points to a show, and says:  “Can we watch Doctor Who?”

Wait…  What?  My Best Friend wants to watch Doctor Who?  My Best Friend.  The one who has never had any liking for Sci-Fi, or action, or anything relatively nerdy…  What?

I mean–sure–I’m always talking about Doctor Who.  I talk about it so much, that all of my brothers know how important it is not to blink–along with other things.  And they don’t even watch Doctor Who.  And–sure–I had always secretly hoped and wished that my Best Friend would somehow become interested in Doctor Who, so that I could share Doctor Who jokes and references with her.  But I knew better than to ask her if she wanted to watch it, because she probably wouldn’t like it.


And so we did.  And she liked it.  And I am happy.  😀

After a couple of sleepovers at my house, I went on one at her house.  (By then it was the weekend, so she didn’t have school and her mom didn’t have work.)  She had a Birthday celebration that night by going to a restaurant and going bowling with a couple of friends.  The next day (her actual Birthday.  She turned 12-years-old.) a couple of her other friends came over to her house and we all ate cake and had a lot of fun.

And we played outside…  Woe is me, and my dork-self.  I had lots of fun, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that I didn’t completely dork-out here and there.

At one point we were having a race, and I tripped–on what, I don’t remember (but it was probably my feet)–and I fell forwards.  To land directly on my back.  Because I was scared of landing on my face, I somehow managed to flip around and land on my backside instead.

I started laughing so much that it made me even more out of breath, and I couldn’t really run.

I didn’t win that race, but I didn’t lose.  The only reason that I didn’t lose, however, was because my Best Friend slowed down to let me get in front of her.  XD

Lastly, the events of today.

Uh…  I baked some brownies wrong (they were way to oily) and ended up burning them into one, big, uneatable, brownie brick that I could pick up with my hand.

And then tonight the light in my room burnt out.  I walked back to my room to find the lights off, and when trying to flick the lightswitch, I realized that the switch was already on, ‘On’.  The room was still dark when I flicked it off and on again, so I went to go get my grandpa…  Only to learn that we’re all out of new lightbulbs.

So now I’,here in my room.  Sitting in the dark in front of my lit-up laptop screen (with my grandpa’s flashlight next to me, for when I may need it), writing a blog post.  I won’t be able to get a new lightbulb until tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, it’s supposed to snow.  Which is a really big thing down here in South Georgia.  Supposedly it will snow early tomorrow morning, but hopefully my mom will wake me up if it does.

Oh, and one more thing!

Have you heard of that new Disney movie, ‘Frozen’?  I haven’t seen it, but supposedly it’s really good.  Well, there’s a song in it called ‘Let It Go’, and I really like that song.

Well, they put it into TWENTY-FIVE different languages, and it sounds amazing to me!



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