Nostalgia House


One of the books that I had stored away.

As you know, we recently moved from Canada to Georgia–where we’ve been staying with my grandpa.  But what you don’t know (because Procrastination “told” me not to write a blog post earlier) is that we have now moved back into our old house in Georgia.  It’s in a different town, just thirty minutes away from where my grandpa lives.  It’s a lot more convenient, because my mom works part-time in town (we were out in the country before), all of the good stores are in town, and the church that we’ve been going to is here.

We’ve lived in a lot houses.  That isn’t an exaggeration, either.  I think that we’ve moved into (somewhere around) twelve houses, all over the place.  But never before have I moved back into one of my old houses.  For me, moving means exciting new places and people, plus a new house or apartment to explore and setup as my temporary home.  So when I learned that we would be moving back into our old Georgian house, I wasn’t exactly overjoyed.

But soon afterward, I heard my mom saying how happy she was that we were moving back, because it’s the house that we stayed in the longest and made the most memories in.  Which got me thinking–and she’s right.  It is.  And I couldn’t be happier to be here now. 🙂

This is the house that my Best Friend used to come over to everyday when her mom was still working.  We would spread our Littlest Petshop collection all across my bedroom floor, and play with them for hours.  We would make multiple cups of Chai Tea–with way too much sugar (don’t tell my mom)–and drink them outside on the deck.  In the Summer we would play in the mini Blow-Up pool that we had, and fill up holes in the backyard with water so that we could get muddy.  (We also became obsessed with and, and–if we got the chance–would play on those websites for hours on the old Desktop computer in my parents room.)  XD

This is also the house that I turned into a small zoo, with my goldfish (Flare), my box tortoise (Koopa Troopa), my many minnows/clams/tadpoles, and best of all–my dog, Jake.  He was my first dog, and the only one that I ever had, and he was great.  Most of my daily routine each morning (or noon) was taking care of my animals.  XD

Speaking of which, it’s kind of hard to forget a dog like Jake.  I’m not really sad about him dying anymore, because it’s been a while.  Now when I think about him, I’m usually just really happy that he had such a great life.  But we had him for pretty much the whole time that we had this house, so he–if this makes sense–kind of became part of the house.  Having a dog in the backyard was just something that we had to be aware of while living here.

Yesterday was when we moved back in.  At some point that day, I was walking down our driveway, when I looked over at our backyard fence.  I saw something black in between the wooden boards as I was walking, and in the back of my head, I thought:  “Oh, there’s Jake running up to see me.”  Then I kind of paused and laughed a little, as I realized what I had just done.  I’m not the only one, either.  My mom told me that she was moving boxes and stuff around in her room–which has a door that leads onto the backyard deck–when she thought:  “Dang it, Jake is going to hear this and he’s going to come whining at the door to come in.”

I guess it’s hard to break old living habits.

We’re still moving this and that into our house.  We might bring Opie (our cat) over to the old house.  I found a big box of books that I stored away before moving to Canada (and then completely forgot about until now).  We got the Internet hooked up this morning.  We took a trip down to Florida for a Missions conference a month or so ago, and it was pretty cool–but I never wrote a blog post about it, and so on and so forth.

Until next time…

Oh wait!  This is my two-hundredth blog post!  I actually created this blog back in 2011, when I was pretty close to turning 11-years old.  I was so excited (even though I knew nothing about blogging)  and posted my first blog post that same day.  And…  I created it in this house.  😛


4 responses to “Nostalgia House

  1. YAY! And, I am reading the Complete Sherlock Holmes right now (not illustrated). I am reading The Hound of the Baskervilles. 🙂 I am glad you are happy with where you live – I’ve read too many books where the MC hates the house… 😉

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