Over A Year Of Practice Later…

Last late Winter/early Spring, when we were still living in Canada, I began to practice my art.  Not just little doodles, but seriously practicing my art.  After years of people telling me that I should learn how to shade, how to draw at different angles, and so on, I finally broke down and admitted that my art wasn’t exactly awesome, and that if I practiced, I could get a lot better.  (Because at the time, I still drew like a seven-year-old.)

So after a pep-talk from a great Internet-friend who draws a lot, I began to draw for at least fifteen minutes a day.  But I was getting really into it as I discovered the joys of shading and whatnot, so that it was taking me much longer than fifteen minutes as I tried to produce something good.  I got so carried away during those next few months, that by the time that Summer came around, I had completely forgotten my little fifteen-minute goal, because I was drawing everyday anyways.

But by now it’s been about a year since I first started, and I thought that I would post some of my drawings, starting from when I first started really trying–to my most newest ones.  I don’t remember the exact dates that they were drawn, though.  :/

(Click on the images to see them larger.)

Devious Dog 2

The day before this drawing, I had drawn my first dog based off of circles. This is a different drawing of the same dog (also based off of circles) where for the first time in my life, I actually tried to shade! O_O

Link-dog Doodles

A splash page of Link (my favorite video game character) as a dog.

Link Dog 'The Final Battle'

A scene with Ganon (Link’s biggest enemy) and Link dog, facing it off. This time with an attempt at perspective.


My first attempt at drawing with my Tablet (I had NEVER used one before). DX


Some practice with the Tablet later, I attempted to paint with the Oil-Paint tool…


Some time later, I drew a donkey using the Ink-Pen tool, and tried out a different type of shading.


Breakthrough with the Oil-Paint tool! Also, some very serious shading. 😀


And now, some more Oil-Paints…


Myself as pony…


A seasonal drawing from last Fall, of my character, Russle. 😀


Pony Doctor Who escaping some aliens that have taken him captive. Oil Paaaiiints!


One of my made-up robots…


Art from last Christmas. 😀

Skip ahead to some Valentines Day art of my two favorite characters (not from a book, juts my own characters.  I made their species up and everything.  XD)

Skip ahead to this years Valentines Day art of my two favorite characters (not from a book, just my own characters. I made their species up and everything. XD)

Robot Sprite

I drew someone else’s character as a robot (with their permission, of course). This was just a week or so ago…

Bday Gift K

Birthday present for a Best Friend. I drew her as one of my species, Elkine. 😀

Bad Cop Good Cop

Bad/Good Cop from ‘The Lego Movie’, drawn just a few days ago. 🙂

I think that’s enough for one blog post.

However, I do hope that this might inspire those people out there who have some artistic ability, but don’t know how to start practicing.  Practice might not make perfect, but it will make a lot better.

Fifteen minutes a day.


2 responses to “Over A Year Of Practice Later…

  1. I LOVED the LEGO Movie! Especially Bad Cop! (“See these quotation marks I am making with my claw hands?” 😉 ) And the Superman/Green Lantern “friendship” was hilarious!!! (“But didn’t Krypton blow up?” 😉 ) And, yes, I am mid-geek-out. And, yes, us geeks know when we’re geeking out… 😉 Love the Pheonix painting! 😀

    • Eep! Me too! The Lego Movie was EPIC. It had a really good story to it, and it was HILARIOUS. There wasn’t a single character in that movie that I didn’t like. XD
      And thank you!

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