This And That… But Mostly Dogs

104_7409It’s been a long time since I’ve really walked a dog.  I used to walk my big dog, Jake, everyday through our neighborhood–usually down to a little park.  But that was over a year or two ago.

But today I got to walk my mom’s friend’s two dogs; Cookie and Rango.  (Cookie is the white one, Rango is the brown/white one.)

I led them outside onto our back deck, and tried to put their leashes on.  One of them didn’t have her collar on yet, so I had to put that on too–and as it turns out, leashing two, very excited, little dogs is pretty confusing.  I clipped Rango’s leash onto him, and then somehow managed to get both of them tangled up while put (wrestled) Cookie into her collar.  I knew that my family was in the Dining room–where they could see me tangled up in two dog leashes if they looked out the window.  I get embarrassed easily, so the thought of them seeing that probably made me mess up more.  But of course the dogs were finally leashed–and we went on a walk down to the park.

At the park, there was a woman and a few little kids.  One little girl ran up to the dogs when she saw them, and began to pet them.  After that she left us alone–until it was time to leave.  When I started to leave, she saw the dogs and ran after me as fast as her short legs could carry her.  So of course I stopped and let her pet them again, but when I started to actually walk away, she didn’t like that at all.  She tried to grab part of the leash that was wrapped around my hand, so I started to gently pry her hands off–when I realized that this wasn’t, like, a kid that I work with in church.  This was a little girl at the park, whose mom might not like me touching her.

I did finally walk away when the mom walked up.  But then I felt kind of bad because the little girl sat down and started to cry when she saw the dogs leaving.  😦


Other than that…  I’ve begun to completely re-start my NaNoWriMo book from last year (which I never finished, and was way off course with).

I painted a sunset scene with some sort of feathery-dino creature.  (Click the image to view it larger!)


Here Comes The Sun

I loooove to shade with the Oil-Paint tool. 8D


And I made a very goofy, Warrior Cats video.  But before you watch it you should know that it has SPOILERS FOR THE ENDING OF THE FIRST WARRIORS SERIES.  So if you haven’t finished reading the first series, watch at your own risk.  😉

Voiced and drawn by me.




2 responses to “This And That… But Mostly Dogs

  1. Ha! Love the video! (I am reading the Omen of the Stars series (I just got SIGN OF THE MOON at the library today! (I read series in order, so if I can’t find book whatever, I just wait) WOO!)) 😀

    • Really? Sweet! I’ve read all of the first series, all but the last book of the second series, some bonus editions, and some Warriors guide-books…
      I started reading Warriors a few years ago, but after I finished the first series (which I LOVED to bits and pieces) I wasn’t as interested in the rest of them. :/ The bonus editions that I’ve read (Yellowfang’s Secret, and Crookedstar’s Promise) were great, though! And even though I haven’t read most of the other books, I’ve managed to pick up a bunch of spoilers. So I pretty much know what’s going to happen in them anyways. 😦
      And thank you!

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