Newer Art, And Some Other Stuff

I’ve been trying out some new stuff, with my art…

I painted myself a new DeviantART ID, by painting myself as an Elkine (which is my own made-up species of animal) into a photo that I had taken of my new desk.


I’m even wearing my hoodie.  🙂


I’ve been experimenting with drawing in Photoshop… It’s very confusing, and I haven’t yet figured out how to make the brush not fuzzy-looking.  But I like how the eyes came out.

Joey Ref Spray Paints

I’ve also come up with a good cartoon-y style, for these cat (and maybe dog) characters that I’ve been getting a bunch of ideas for.

Russle Journal Doll

And a good Internet friend of mine made this Virtual Doll (I can use it as a decoration on of my character, Russle!  He’s the first character that I ever made of my Elkine species, so it really makes me happy to see people drawing him.  😀


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