Family Reunion, And ‘Little Bit’ The Kitten

Recently I went to a big two-night family reunion down in Florida.  It was…  Very crowded.  I have lots, and lots, and lots of family that I didn’t/don’t even know about.  But crowded can be fun, especially when I’m talking to people.  I met lots of new people, shared my drawings (well, my sketches.  I carry my sketchbook with me everywhere for in case I get bored), and ate a bunch of junk food.  A little too much junk food, actually.  But I won’t go into that.

I was staying with my great aunt and great grandma, in a motel near a river.  It was really pretty, and had a cool feeling to it.  Also, it was a retirement village place, so it was full of old, nice, people who didn’t at all seem to mind if you stopped and chatted for a little while.




We got to see a Koi Pond, as well.

My mom took this photo, so, credit goes to her. 😉

And, the cat (Mayberry) who lives at my grandpa’s house, had a kitten!  I got to see it today, and it is sooooo cute.  It just kind of clumps around all clumsily when it walks, and it’s adorable!  It got kind of afraid and started mewling when I picked it up though.  My grandpa has named it, Little Bit.



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