Hair And Drawing And Stuff

My titles just get better and better.  😛

So, today I got my hair trimmed.  It’s really weird getting a haircut after so long.  My hair has grown really long (like, down-my-back-and-nearing-my-waist long) over the past couple of years.  Also, my hair is really–and I mean really–thick.  Super thick.  Probably as thick as thick hair can get.  And tangled.  No matter how much I brush it, there’s always a new tangle to unsnarl.  And if I brush it while it’s dry…  I get a nice, frizzy, 70’s look.

On the bright side, it actually looks really good if I just brush it before and after I take a shower.  Also, I would fit in great with the 70’s.

On the dark side, I don’t have a time machine (yet) so the 70’s will have to wait.


Okay, moving on past the subject of hair.

We had to give our cat, Opie, away today.  He’s been killing the birds in our yard, so birds don’t even bother to come anymore.  My dad–being the bird-lover that he is–doesn’t like this at all, so we’re giving Opie away to our friends.  On the bright side, our friends live in a much safer area for cats to live (no busy roads) and they have other cats already.


And lastly, I’ve been drawing and animating like crazy lately.  My animating is–well–pretty terrible at the moment.  But I also do speedpaints (I record my computer screen while I’m drawing, and then I speed it up so that you can see it at a much faster pace), and I thought that I would share my newest speedpaint:

Other than that, that’s all.



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