A Trip To The Great Outdoors

Or outside of my house, to the church, the mall and the movie theater.  Same thing, if you’re a Homeschooled kid who doesn’t leave her house that often.  😉

I’ll try to keep this short.


I wake up, I go to church.  I met someone who’s just a grade below me, there.  She seriously just walked right up to me while everyone was greeting each other (weird, I’m usually the one walking right up to people) and started asking questions.

Have you ever thought about how some questions can make you sound like a stalker?  Like:  “Where do you live?  What’s your name?  How old are you?  What grade are you in?  What school do you go to?”  Etc.  Especially on the Internet.  If someone was asking me those questions on the Internet, it would be really weird and way too stalker-like.  xD

Anyways, we talked again after church, and–although I hardly know her–she seems a lot like me.  🙂


After church our friends came over for lunch.  We talked, ate, and had an overall good time…  Then the woman decide to go to the movie theater and see that new movie, ‘Mom’s Night Out’.  I asked if I could come, and to my surprise, my mom said yes!  I had just assumed that the movie would be for an older audience, and that I wouldn’t be aloud to see it.  o_o

We left early so that we could look around the local mall first…  Just for fun, really.  But some Yellow Box flip-flops were on sale, and I ended up getting a new pair of them.  Which I really do appreciate, because my current flip-flops were not exactly in the shape that they were when I bought them, about three years ago.

My friend bought me some candy (I washed her dog earlier, so she was basically paying me back in candy) and we head to the movie theater.


Okay, I’ll admit that I didn’t really think I would like ‘Mom’s Night Out’ that much.  Mostly because it was intended towards–well–moms.  And I’m thirteen, definitely not a mom, and nowhere near being one.  xD  There were a lot of adults laughing all throughout the movie, and I laughed too–but mostly on the inside (which is unusual for me.  I laugh a lot).

Boy, was I wrong.  It was a great movie!  Great story, great humor, and it was just really enjoyable.  8D  I’d like to see it again, really.  xD


But, ah, other than that…  That’s it for now.




3 responses to “A Trip To The Great Outdoors

  1. *chuckles* Your comment about the “great outdoors” made me laugh.We are surrounded by forests, so I am currently typing in the great outdoors. 😉 Glad you liked the movie. 🙂

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