Answers From A Homeschooled Kid

When people learn that I’m Homeschooled, they instantly begin to ask me questions.


“Do you get Summer break?  Spring break?”  *List other Breaks here*

Well, I stay at home all day, almost everyday.  Honestly, it’s pretty much always a Break.  But I feel uncomfortable saying this to other kids, because I feel like I’m rubbing the fact that I don’t have to wake up super early and go to a Public (or Private) school everyday, in their faces.


“Who teaches you?  Your mom or your dad?”

Um…  Pretty much both.  Currently my dad has been the stay-at-home-dad and my mom working, but in the past it’s been the other way around.  Why does everybody ask this question?


“Do you get recess?”

Oh dear, time to explain something to you that I’ve had to explain to countless other people, countless other times.

We do a very laid-back style of Homeschooling that doesn’t really have a schedule.  There aren’t classes, there isn’t recess.  We spend about an hour each day working on, maybe do something else, and then we’re pretty much free to do whatever.


“Do you have Field/Sports Day?”

This is the same as ‘Do you get recess?’.


 “Do you get lonely?”

Well, yes.  I can get a little lonely.  But I’m not completely deprived of human contact, since I live in a house full of three younger brothers (it feels like their’s twice that many, sometimes) and my parents.  Also my BFF comes over at least once or twice a week.  It’s not like a live on another planet.


“Do you get bored?”

Imagine if you stayed home everyday.  You would get bored.  When you aren’t learning, you would find other stuff to do.  Use your imagination (I have a VERY large imagination, and I’m known to daydream), write, draw, build a huge Minecraft creation.  It’s surprising how very un-boring home can be.

And if that doesn’t work out, be very thankful that you live in this day and age.  Netflix.


 “Do you like it?”

Absolutely!  I was Public-Schooled during the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Grade.  I switched schools three times during these grades (because we move so much) and long story short–it sucked.  Badly.  Also, moving around isn’t nearly as stressful if I’m Homeschooled.  I’m not being torn away from school-friends and having to go to a new school every time.

I have a laid-back, sweet, life.


The only problem I really have, is when my Public/Private schooled friends start complaining about school.  How it sucks, the drama, their friends turned on them, they broke up with their boyfriend, their teachers are stupid, etc.  I just can’t relate.  I try to offer some advice or something, but why would anyone take advice from a Homeschooled kid who hasn’t been in Public School since the 3rd Grade?  And even when I was Public Schooled, I was the super nerdy, Missionary Kid who everybody liked to pick on.

But even that isn’t really a problem.  It’s just kind of awkward.  So.  Yes.

I love being Homeschooled.




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