Youth Group, Character’s Belated Birthday, and Poke Pics

Last night, I went to a Youth Group at a church that we’ve been going to.  It was really cool, and funny…  I’m glad that I finally went.  🙂  They played something called ‘Improv’, that was absolutely hilarious!  I really wanted to get up there and do it too, because I’m great at coming up with funny stuff on the spot with my brothers.  But that’s at home, in front of my brothers.  I definitely need practice when it comes to acting in front of crowds of people that I don’t know.


Also, awhile back I wrote down the Birthdays of my Elkine (made-up animal species of mine) characters.  Unfortunately, I forgot to draw something for the second one, so “she” got mad at me for forgetting her Birthday.


And lastly, a couple of days ago I went out into my backyard with my youngest brother, and took a bunch of photos of their Pokemon toys.  I’m pretty happy with most of the photos, so I’m going to post the best ones here.  🙂  The rest are on my DeviantART.  (That’s why they have the annoying watermark on them.  Sorry, I just didn’t want anybody stealing them.)


Poke 2

Poke 3

Pokemon 1

Poke 4

poke 5

Poke 6


And that’s all for now.  😉


2 responses to “Youth Group, Character’s Belated Birthday, and Poke Pics

    • I’m not sure yet. I’m still developing their world (which I have slowly been doing for about a year now), their rules and customs and the other species in the world, etc. Really I’ve just been drawing them, but I have considered writing a book with them. 🙂

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