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Packing, and Roadtrips, and New Places—Oh My!


(Hey, this post is arriving a day late.  This all happened yesterday.)

Maybe I didn’t mention it to you guys before, but we’re going to another training place that’s a lot like the ‘Equip’ we went to last Summer. It’s all part of us going to South Asia. Raising funds, training, etc.

So of course, there’s a lot of moving around to do. Like my dad going to that linguistics school up in Canada (which is why we moved to Canada), and us moving back down to Georgia so that we could go to Equip. And now we’re going up to North Carolina for about a month, for something similar to Equip.  Again.

Crazy packing yesterday (the day before we go) and adding the finishing touches on packing this morning, before we hopped into the car. For me, the ‘finishing touches’ would be a little more than just touches…  I packed my clothes yesterday, sure. But the same thing always happens to me.

At the last minute I suddenly realize how much I still have to pack.  So I started scurrying around. Packing my laptop, un-packing it and then packing it somewhere else, packing my hand-bag of art supplies/extra stuff, etc. I even managed to fit that honking huge manual for ‘The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’ that I borrowed from a friend, into my backpack—along with other stuff.  Because even when I’m packing to go somewhere, I like to bring extra fun stuff…  As long as it isn’t too unnecessary.

All of this happened several minutes ago. I’m now writing to you from our car, as we drive to North Carolina.

Here, I’ll describe what’s around me a little bit for you…

My three brothers are in the middle row, playing with Pokemon toys (and currently marveling at how all of their toys seem to say ‘Made In China’ on them), Gameboys, D.S’s, whatever they brought with them.  All of this is done while talking really loudly so that they can hear each other above the wind that’s whipping through the windows.  That, and talking loudly seems to be required of being a young boy.

My dad is in the Driver’s seat, and my mom is in the Passenger’s seat.  I don’t know what their doing other than driving and occasionally talking.

Oh, GREAT.  (That was sarcasm.)  Um, not to give you too much information, but my oldest brother just got sick into a bucket… Yeah, road-sickness is a problem in some members of my family.  Because no roadtrip is complete without someone barfing into a bucket.  It’s times like this that I become very thankful that I don’t really get car-sickness. I can actually read and write in the car without getting a headache…  So, er, I find myself lucky.

Well, um, to continue what I was saying before…

Lastly, there’s me. I’m sitting in the backseat, with suitcases and other forms of luggage stuffed around me. I don’t have very much legroom (so I just stretch my legs over my brothers heads every once in awhile.  They don’t even seem to notice.  xD), but my backpack and bag full of lots of good stuff is here with me.  I have my laptop (obviously) but there isn’t very much that I can do with it in the car. We don’t have Internet in the car, and when my computer is unplugged all of my games run too slow (and they use up a bunch of battery) so I usually just write.  This time, it’s this post.

Roadtrips have their ups and downs. Here, I’ll make a list for you.


      1. Their isn’t much legroom, between the crowding luggage and the fact that this car is older.  (Old enough that there’s a slot that you can put tapes into).

      2. It’s loud.  From brothers, from wind, from the car itself, from other vehicles around us.

      3. It’s windy.  Our air-conditioner broke during our first roadtrip across the US when I was in Kindergarten, and it’s way to expensive to fix.  So we keep the windows rolled-down at least partway, which not only makes you cooler, but whips my hair into my eyes and is loud.


      1. I get to sit next to the snacks.

      2. I can write, and read, and draw in my sketchbook.

      3. The wind actually does cool you down.

      4. I can always look forward to our destination.

      5. I can see a lot pass by outside the window(s).  🙂

Now, onto describing our destination…  (Can you tell that I’m just writing to occupy my time? Writing lists and whatnot can help me feel more organized.  :))

I’m not sure what the name of the place is. But we’ve heard that the community their has a, well, really nice community feeling.  Like Equip did. Only at Equip a big part of that ‘one big family’ (sort of) feeling, was that everyone ate together.  Here, that won’t be happening as much. But they also have a pool, and activities for the kids to do. 😀

For kids my age (teenagers, I guess) we don’t have as much to do.  At least, that’s what I’ve heard.  We’re not really sure what I’ll be doing, yet.  My parents will be in classes, and my brothers will be in a sort of daycare thing. And I’ll be… Um… We’ll see.  They have some activities for the kids my age, but I don’t know if their happening everyday.  Some days I might even just hang out in our apartment (speaking of which, I’m super excited about seeing what our apartment looks like!)  and stay on the computer or something. But I do that all day at home anyways, so it’s not like a punishment or anything.  😛

Well, with around five hours of road to cover left, I’ll draw this post to an end.  Or for now anyways. I’ll probably continue it later, when we’ve settled down in our apartment… So hopefully you’ll get this tonight?


Well, I’m updating sooner than I expected.  We aren’t there yet (I think we still have a couple of hours left.  I’m used to being able to just look up and see what the GPS says, but this time I can’t see it) and I felt like writing again.

The ride has been going smooth. My brothers have been taking turns with the Kindle Fire, fussing at each other while they do so, the usual… And we just stopped by a Cracker Barrel for lunch!  My family doesn’t go out to eat very often, so when we do, it’s a pretty big deal.  😀

Also, another ‘Up’ to add to that list.

Up 6. ‘Windows Media Player’ doesn’t need an Internet connection to play music. I’m now listening to some 80’s tunes that I downloaded from our old laptop. 😀 And we also have some Classical music.


We’re stopped at a Gas-Station. Just a few minutes until we’re finally there! * Throws a mental party *


WE’RE HERE!!! So, by ‘a few minutes’, I meant less than an hour. It took a bit longer than I expected.

But now we’re here!  And it looks amazing!  I’ve never lived in a house or an apartment that I haven’t liked at first sight, and this is no different.  It’s a really roomy, nice, apartment.  My parents bedroom has a closet that is so big, someone could easily renovate it into a mini bedroom.  And there are two bathrooms—which is one more than we have at home.

We unpacked the car super fast, because we were all so excited.  Well, my brothers and I were excited. My dad just seemed glad that the roadtrip was over, and my mom just seemed grumpy that we got an upstairs apartment…  Because of whatever poor person (people?) will be living underneath us.

Aaaand now we have nothing to do.  o_o Immediately once we were unpacked, I wanted to get around to meeting new people. But, well, we have nowhere to go tonight. (We came a couple days early.) And tomorrow will just be a day of settling in… Until that night, when there will be a pizza party.  😀



I mostly draw and write but I have a side love for theatre as well. A few of my favorite pastimes are creating characters, role-playing and theorizing over my favorite series (whatever format they're in).

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