Here I Am, Reporting From North Carolina

Well, we’ve been here for a few days now, and so far it’s pretty good.  Really good, actually.

Our first day here was just us settling in…  The next day was when the real fun began.

Twice a week, the teenagers get together in one of the buildings and just hang out.  It’s really nice.  With it’s gym, kitchen, vending machine, etc…  It’s definitely ideal for a bunch of teenagers (or kids) to hang out in.  Well, luckily for me, our second day here was also one of the days that the teenagers hang out…  It was pretty fun.  I met a couple of fellow Whovians, and even a couple of Transformers fans (YESSSSS).

Did you know that teenagers (especially the boy ones) are really rowdy?  Sometimes I forget that.  Then I get around people around my age, and I’m reminded why teenagers are–um–teenagers.  Silly Homeschooled me, I don’t even act like a proper teenager.  But from what I have observed, it goes something like this:


How To Be A Teenager – For Homeschooled Dummies Smarties


1.  Talk loudly.  Laugh loudly.  Yell/scream.

2.  Run around.  If you are a boy teen, then make sure to wrestle fellow boy teens.  Sitting on top of them and refusing to get up will show them who’s the dominant male.  Or who’s heavier than the other.

3.  If soda is at hand, then drink a lot of it.  You’re just growing, right?

4.  Make sure that you smell like B.O.  It tells people that you’ve been running around playing Jail Ball.  It will make people loudly announce the obvious:  “EW, it smells like B.O. in here!”  And if you’re a boy, stick other boys heads under your armpits so that they can get that wonderful whiff of ‘My Deodorant Is Worthless’.  It makes people laugh.

5.  If you’re a girl, make sure to be very emotional.  You don’t have to have a reason why.


And that’s how to be a teenager, by Thegirlnamedjack.


Now, moving onto a different subject.  I made a new friend!  I won’t name her, but just call her, Friend.

Well, I didn’t exactly meet Friend.  It’s more like she met me.  I was in a line, going into a building where they would be introducing us to the Staff and afterwards having pizza…  When someone came limping up really quickly, stopping right beside me.  Immediately she launched into conversation, hurling one question after another at me.

Hey, I totally understand that.  I’ve done that to people when I go to new places.  I have to meet new people SOMEHOW.  But she was being particularly…  Fast about it.

I invited her to come sit next to us, and then people started getting up, introducing themselves in front of everybody…  And she was still talking to me.  Not exactly loudly, but not exactly quietly, either.  I soon learned that she likes books, is a REALLY fast reader, likes music, etc.  Friendship was forming fast.  (Oh and that limping was from a broken toe.)

After that, when everyone went to eat pizza, we sat next to each other at a table and continued to talk.  When suddenly, she said something that made me really, really, really excited.  And kind of shocked.  And for a second, slightly confused.

Friend:  “So, I have this friend who wrote this book called ‘Of Nests And Noisy Birds’.  It’s SUPER good.  She is SUCH a good author–”


Me:  “WHAT?”  *Rambles on*

*Commence the squealing from both of us as we realize that we both know that friend, even though we’re from different places and some of us move around a lot–etc*


So.  We immediately set up a sleepover (which I’ve already been on.  I’ll write a blog post about that later).


Aaaand…  That’s it for now!  😉


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