Once Upon A Time, A Girl Walked Awkwardly Into A Room

Well, quite a few new things have happened.  Such as our trip to Cape San Blas.  And actually, I’ll just link to my mom’s post about that, because if I write about it I’ll take waaaay too long.  (I’m trying to make my posts shorter and more interesting).  But I will show you a couple of photos that I took with my camera that is-good-but-not-as-good-as-my-mom’s (probably because it’s a video camera).  ;P



It may not be the best camera, but it has the waterproof thing going for it.



So, lately I’ve been (slowly) practicing Traditional Art painting.  Now, for those who aren’t plugged into the Digital artist world, allow me to explain.  Traditional Art is just “normal” art.  Art off of the computer, done in the same way that people have been arting for centuries.  Huuush, spellchecker.  ‘Arting’ will be a word if I want it to be.

I don’t practice in the ways of “normal” art very often, sense my main focus is on my tablet.  But my grandpa wants me to enter an art contest at the local fair, (which I’m kind of nervous about, having never really entered an art contest and my Traditional art is VERY questionable at the moment) so every once in awhile I bring out the paints and try to create something.  Resulting in the below.

Traditional Acrylics Practice 2

I was pretty happy with it until I got to the face. O___O  I mean it IS a made-up creature…  But still.

Other than that, loooots of little stuff has happened since my last blog post.  I changed my signature to my actual name (or dA Username, sometimes) instead of the squished, messy initials that I was using for over a year.  Turns out, a lot of people couldn’t tell that my squishy initials were my signature and, rather, kept trying to figure out what it was.  xD

And I’ve been planning out a graphic novel for awhile now…  I’m still writing out the plot and side-characters, but the two main characters are all but fully developed, and I managed to turn out the cover for the sometime-to-be-comic.

Journey From Oneself - Cover


I also started to read book one of ‘Survivors’, by Erin Hunter because we finally took a trip to the library!  *Does a happy dance*  It’s really good so far.  Surprisingly good, actually, because I wasn’t sure if I would like their books as much now that I’m older.


And now, draw up a chair, because it’s story time, children!

Once upon a time last Sunday, I went to a Youth Group.  I had only been once before a few months ago, and I was–to be honest–pretty nervous.  I can get along with adults of all ages and kids (although not really babies).  But for some odd reason, walking into a building full of loud teenagers will immediately put me on edge.  Upon walking into a room of people around my age, I have this self-conscious, awkward reaction:  “I am not like these people.  None of these people watch Doctor Who or grew up raving over books/Sci-Fi movies/shows.  None of these people understand what being a Missionary Kid is like.  I’m lost.  Why did I come here?  Would moving to a new country take me away from this, or would there be teens there too?”  Mhmm.  That’s me.  The Missionary Kid counting all of the exists with wide-eyes and awkward movements as I walk in.  Don’t get me wrong, I love people.  But when in a group of teenagers, I start to act like one of those fainting goats.

So my dad drops me off at the church, and I walk through the doors, entering where I’ll be for the next two hours.  Immediately through the crowd of teenagers laughing and lining up for food, an adult calls me over to a counter.  He presents me with a sheet of paper where–at a quick glance–I see that I need to fill out my parents E-mails and all of that good information.  I just assume that it’s for in case I get hurt or something, and I begin to sign it…  Trying to hold my pencil the “normal” way rather than my usual monkey-handed way.  Make way for messy-handwriting, but at least their first impression of me wasn’t a monkey.  xP  But sometime during that, he asks me a question.

Guy:  “Are you *insert my dad’s name here* little sister?”  My parents married really young, so I could see how that can be confusing.  A lot of times people have asked me if my mom was my big sister.  But somehow the question still surprised me.  And so nervous and confused, I quickly stuttered out some words that I’ll probably never forget.

“No!  I’m his little brother!”

Oh.  Wait.  It took me a few seconds of him staring at me, bewildered, for me finally realize what words had actually just come out of my mouth.  I start to stumble over my words to make up for it.  “Wh-what the heck?!  Sorry I mean I’m his DAUGHTER.  His DAUGHTER.  I have brothers–three brothers, all younger–and my dad has a brother–younger–and I guess I just got confused.  Because of brothers.  And no I’m not…  Yeah…”  *Fills out the rest of the paper while the guy just kind of laughs*

At the time, I was shocked and kind of horrified about the words that had come out of my mouth.  But as I got into the line for food and headed into the dining area with the rest of the kids, I started to calm down.  And then I realized just how FUNNY it was.  So I kept laughing for the rest of the night, every time I remembered what I’d said.

And you know what?  I had a great time.  And I’m STILL laughing over that.  🙂


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