This Hoo-man Can’t Complain

Oh hey look, I’m actually posting  post sooner than later.  Could this be me breaking an age old habit?  Probably not.  😛


Well, to today.  Actually, no, let’s talk about last night first.

I’ve actually started to practice drawing people.  Humans–or anything even vaguely humanoid in shape–have always been the bane of my existence as an artist.  I am the aspiring werewolf artist, trying desperately to learn how to become a great or greater artist.  (And by ‘desperately trying’, I really mean frolicking in my imagination, drawing made-up animals and robots.  But close enough for now.)  Most of my art is digital; worked from my wonderful tablet.  But I also doodle and sketch a lot of drawings out on paper.  Mostly when I’m out of the house, since I bring a bag full of art supplies (and usually whatever book I’m currently reading) with me everywhere I go.  But other than simple sketches or doodles, I have very little experience with actual traditional art.  And since I plan on entering an art contest at the local fair fairly soon (ohheylookapun) I need to start practicing.  So now is a great time to start on those hoo-mans.  🙂

Unfortunately I don’t feel confident enough yet to post any human artwork on-line.  So, erm, maybe later.  😉  But once I get better, maybe I can actually post decently drawn fan-art for human characters that I love!  Especially childhood characters.  Harry Potter, Bilbo, Lucy, (from ‘The Chronicles Of Narnia’) etc.


Now, fast-forward to the present day.

My mom and I went on a big cleaning/re-organizing spree.  The subject being: my room.  Well, if I’m to be more honest, my mom re-organized it.  I just kind of helped out and put stuff that I didn’t want anymore/need into bags to give away.  I’m sure most of you know the feeling.  If you re-organize your room, you can stand back, nod, and think that it’s real nice.  Until your mom walks in.  Moms are critics.  Vacuum, organize books, move dresser to a better place, consider moving bed, and don’t–I repeat DO NOT–forget about the closet.  Just because you don’t look in it everyday, doesn’t mean it doesn’t count.

So maybe it’s kind of stressing to have my mom come through my room in a tidy tornado.  But she helped me find a bunch of stuff that I had forgotten I even owned, get rid of stuff, and etc.  It actually looks a lot better now.  😀  Oh!  And she bought me a desk-lamp, which I REALLY appreciate because my ceiling fan is my light source.  Which happens to be in the center of my room, giving off an obnoxious lighting that shadows my paper whenever I try to ‘real-life draw’.  But that’s chaaaanged now!  *Does a dork dance and pulls out a piece of paper and a stubby pencil*

And then we bought candy and went to see ‘Dolphin Tale 2’, so I have nothing to complain about.  8)  Dolphin Tale 2 was really good.  We went to see the first one a few years back, and I remember liking it.  But this time I had teary-eyes that were threatening to explode with a rainstorm the whole time.  It was just such a sweet movie!  I recommend it to anyone who likes movies about animals, or just sweet stories in general.


And that’s all for now!  Hopefully I’ll post again soon.  😉


Tidy Tornado copy

Doodled by me, using Photoshop CS3. Please no stealing. 😉


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