A Look Into the Process of Creating My Art

I know that my art is mostly kept to DeviantART, but tonight I’ve decided to make a walk-through of sorts on my blog. Because although I post some finished art here, I want to take you guys through the creating process. ย ๐Ÿ™‚

First, the sketch. I may sketch out several different ideas of what I want before finally settling on one–which I will continue to tweak and clean up as I go. Because it’s nice to have cleaner lines to follow so that if I pick up the project again a long time later, I’ll still be able to see what I was going for. A lot of ideas are sketched out, and then left that way to rot in some corner of my computer–until I finally clean out my folders and put the poor abandoned files out of their misery.

For an example, I’ll use a t-shirt design that I’ve been working on for the past few days.

Joey T-shirt 1

I’ll use writing as an example, for my author friends. This is the first draft. An idea being tested, tried in different ways. It’s sloppy and sketchy, and as I go back through it I’ll clean it up here and there, adding more details or taking away, just enough to last me until later.

Next, the colors. I choose my colors and get to work.

Joey T-shirt 2

This is probably my least favorite part of the process. It’s in the works of becoming a good picture, but without the shading, it just looks silly and messy. I have to go back through and color over all of the weird gaps where canvas shows through, fix up the colors, outline the details, etc. This version that you see here has already been cleaned up–but believe me–it wasn’t pretty at first. Picture a blob of colors. There you go.

Then I shade. The shading can be the most longest part of the whole thing, but it’s my favorite. I love to shade things for some reason. Shadows and lighting are really fun for me. Now, unfortunately I don’t have any semi-shaded pictures of it, but I have the finished image.

Joey T-shirt Re

The finished product is much different from the sketch! ย Sometimes whole limbs will change, or etc, but for this one it was only small details (like the facial expression). So I slap my signature onto there, double check it, maybe go back and triple-check it later, and post it on dA/Facebook. Often times I won’t notice mistakes until later, when I’ve already uploaded it somewhere. But then I can just fix it and re-upload the image in it’s newest form. ย ๐Ÿ˜‰


Aaaand that’s all! I hope you enjoyed this look into my art. If you’d like to see more detailed walk-throughs or tutorials–like how I draw eyes–than just leave comment saying so.



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