Writing Contest Results!

After writing and editing the heck out of my story ‘The Scribe‘, we drove down to the local Heritage Center and submitted it into the contest. A couple of weeks passed where a bunch of crazy stuff happened–like us going to Legoland Florida, which popped up out of the blue when someone actually payed for us to go–which was, by the way, amazing. And we also visited a place down in Florida, met a bunch of people (and re-met a bunch), etc. There was also time just spent at home lazing in front of the computer, but we’ll make like a reality TV show and pretend that doesn’t happen as often as it does.

Until finally, the day came. We put on some nice clothes (Indian outfit for me. :D) and drove down to the center. Which, to my surprise, was filled with a lot more people than I expected. And they were of a very different crowd than what you usually run into in our town. These people were all actually artistically (oh, an art contest was announcing its results as well) talented in some kind of way. Whether they were there because of the writing contest or the art contest, they all took their time chatting, looking around at the paintings–all by local artists–and munching on the food laid out. Oh, okay. If I wasn’t nervous before, I was nervous now that I was in a room full of people. Full of competitors. Did I mention that I don’t enter contests often? Well, I don’t. And that is to say that I never enter contests.

Finally, after about thirty minutes, the time comes to announce the winners. I can feel myself growing excited just typing it down right now. Someone calls for attention and starts reading out the names of the winners, starting in the category for younger kids. Then they get to my category, and starting with third place, they roll through the winners. Now, I’ll be honest. When I entered this contest I was all but 100 percent positive–make that 99%–that I would win first place. Not to boast, not to stick my nose up and speak in my Capital accent about the Hunger Games, not to be an annoying brag. But I’m a good writer, and I know it, because people have been telling me all my life–as I have practiced–that I am.

However, as they’re about to announce 1st place, all of the doubt comes crashing down. What if it’s not me? What if they invited me (they E-mailed me saying that I’d won a place) on accident, or some other twisted thing happened? My heart is beating so hard that I can hear it and feel it and that was when I realized I should probably start breathing again. Because, you know, not-passing out would be nice.

And then they read my name, and my story’s name. My heart leaps, and to my surprise he actually takes time to say something else–which he didn’t do for the others. He says that my story was the only one that received more than one 1st place vote, and was actually voted for unanimously. I walk shakily forward to grab the certificate from the man–which has an envelope enclosing a fifty-dollar check connected to it–quickly walking away into a backroom with the other winners. I didn’t actually know what he had said because I was too excited to fully pay attention (and I didn’t know what the word ‘unanimously’ meant at the time).

Still shaking, my heart calms down almost immediately. I mean, I was flooded with triumph and a feeling of did-that-really-just-happen?! But I managed to start a conversation with one of the other winners, stand still for photos, and then take some more photos with family. I may not have been looking at the camera most of the time, and I’m also not very good at smiling for the camera. At all. But hopefully I won’t look too lost in the newspaper. 😛

We then celebrated by getting chocolate milkshakes on the way back. That was one of the BEST weeks of my life. It’s really hard to match that.

Photo taken by my mom.

If you’d like to read my story (don’t worry, it’s very short), it’s right here on my blog: https://thegirlnamedjack.wordpress.com/2014/09/16/the-scribe-short-novella-for-a-contest/

Also, random fact. It’s my 222nd post! Why is that exciting? Because it’s all 2’s. Which is fun somehow.

Until next post. 😉




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