Christmas, The Hobbit, and Painting–Oh My!

This year has passed by so quickly. Little over a year ago, we drove down from Canada to park–once again–in our little hometown in the Deep South. Since then we have reunited with friends and family, settled into more than one house more than one time, visited hundreds of different places, and just have generally been busy. My life seems to be a constant flow of packing and unpacking, getting comfortable and then throwing myself into the blue like Bilbo running off on his adventure. An Unexpected Journey? Don’t get me started. I am mostly Took, but still a Baggins.

The point is–or at least, what I was trying to lead up to–is that I suddenly find myself celebrating Christmas again. Every year I sense it coming, as the air chills and the “what do you want for Christmas?” questions start poking up. So I make big plans to make something for every member of my family and friends. Make a list of who I want to make gifts for, and grow excited over what I’ll do. This is how it works…

I need to work on that gift, but first I’ll watch an episode of Doctor Who. BOOM–where did the day go?

I’ll do it now, but first I’ll just do this other thing–BOOM BOOM–two days have passed. I’d better hurry, I still need to make six gifts!

This list is way too long, I can’t make these in a week! BOOM BOOM BOOM, Father Time is waking up, and I still haven’t done anything!

That’s how it goes every year. Every. Year. Until now. Which I say every year, accept that this time–please ignore my record–I have actually completed my plan. I have made gifts. Actually–take a seat, this might come as a shock to you–I bought a gift for somebody. TWO gifts. Yes ladies and gentleman, I didn’t just paint a tree and give it to them, I spent money. Like a big girl.

I’ve been practicing traditional painting with acrylics so that I can make decent looking paintings that aren’t digital–so yes, some people may still get a tree. But it’s a better looking tree than last year’s tree so ssssshhhhh…

And I’m making t-shirts for my brothers of each Pikachu evolution. Pichu = youngest boy, Pikachu = middle boy (who loves Pikachu), and Raichu = oldest boy.

PicMonkey Collage

I plan on changing the bubble around Pichu to fit the others. 😀



That’s all for now. Other than that, we’re going to go see the hobbit in a couple of days (a bit jealous of one of my friends–who’s Scottish, so she’s already gotten to see it) and overall have a very merry Christmas. 😀

Merry (early) Christmas!



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