Betta, Youth Group, Friends

_MG_0506 Meet Jazz, my new Betta fish. He (I’m calling it a he, but I don’t know this for sure) is my only pet, currently. Some of you might remember, I used to have a lot of pets. A box turtle, a dog, a goldfish, and various small critters–such as minnows. But when I moved up to Canada I had to give them all away, and then while we were up in Canada Jake–my dog–died. So even when we moved back I couldn’t visit him anymore, even though his new family is just down the road. We’ve taken care of a couple cats since then, but that was several months ago. Sooo, I’ve been really wanting a pet lately. Something inside me always wants an animal friend to take care of, and the only thing we can get right now is a fish. Not something I can play with and cuddle, but better than nothing. So hello, fish!

Other than that, I made a couple of new friends at youth group, and although I still struggle to remember names, they’re friendly and like some stuff that I do. I introduced ‘Once Upon a Time’ to one of them and she staid up until 3:00 AM watching it, apparently… I need to up my game and finish the newest season so I can still talk to her about it without dodging spoilers. 😛

My best friend had her Birthday a couple days ago, which was on the same day that I was at my little cousin’s Birthday party, face-painting. So I went straight from one party to another! Squishy (her DeviantART username is Squishy-pony-13, so online I call her Squishy. Safety.) had two of her friends from school come, and we all had a blast! Ate junk food, stayed up late watching YouTube and talking/laughing over all kinds of stuff. I forgot to get her a Birthday present (call me a bad best friend, but I did) so today I found some stuff at The Dollar tree for her… I’m still working on decorating the gift bag, but it’s stuff she’ll like, not just cheap candy and junk. (I love having a friend who is easy to please. Candles and nail polish.)

I also sent something to one of my best friends, an on-line friend from Scotland. This is our first time exchanging stuff through mail, so I’m really hyped about it. 😀

We also went to my great grandpa’s Birthday party yesterday, which is a big Southern get-together with soul food and Southern accents hitting my ears from all directions. I love the food and the family–well, those who I know anyway–and it’s a tradition for him to host a big gathering like this every year.

That’s all for now. Post to you next Monday!

P.S. I’m reading ‘Ender’s Game’, and it’s really great. I’ll try to post a review of it when I’m done.


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