A Variety of Things Consisting of Sea-Life and Birds

So… It’s been awhile. Too long, actually. Which is why the first half of this post is about a week late.

We went to visit some relatives in North Georgia, and we went to the Georgia Aquarium! It was amazing, and I took a load of photos and videos. I might put the videos together into one big video, but my laptop is too full, so it probably won’t let me put most of them on it. :/ In the meantime, here’s some of the best photos!


I was using my video camera instead of my mom’s, so the photos aren’t the best. Believe me, these are the best photos of the bunch. 😉

Annnd, today is my dad’s birthday! Now, like a bad little daughter I forgot his birthday until about two days before the day of said birth. It’s kind of reassuring that he forgot about his birthday too, though.

So today I thought: “Darn, I don’t have anything for him.” I know he’s a grown man who doesn’t expect anything, but I still felt like I should make something.

“Draw a bird,” my brain said as I plopped down in front of my laptop. “Like one of those Steller’s Jays we saw all the time in Canada.”

But some other part of my brain, a deeper, darker area, said that drawing a bird worthy enough for today was going to be tough. And I have… Very little practice when it comes to birds.

Thus, this was born!HAPPY BIRD-DAI copy

Luckily my dad has a sense of humor, AND a love for birds/nature just in general!

That’s all for now! Post to you later. 😀


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