Jack the Dog, a Salamander Named Dipper, and a Musical.

Hello there! I dropped my habit of posting every Monday, but starting today that should be back on schedule. At least I’m not short of topics.

First, my grandparents got a little dog, Jack (not named after me), and he’s staying with us for a couple of weeks. He’s the sweetest little dog! His hair is short so it doesn’t get everywhere, he rarely barks, is house-trained, cuddles with you, etc. He’s the ideal small dog.


Second, I got the movie Les Miserables! It’s a fantastic movie–my favorite, actually. Everything about it is amazing, from the touching story to the great characters, to the amazing music. I first got to see it when it came into theaters in 2012, back when we still lived in Canada. Since then I’ve seen it three times, and now I finally own it!

The first time I saw it I had never heard of the story, and was very confused about what was happening in it. I’m not sure why I was confused… But I couldn’t keep any of the characters straight at the time.

I forgot Javert’s name. After he sang-screamed for the audience to remember it, I still forgot his name.

Third, our move is coming closer and closer. Soon, very soon, I’ll be in South Asia. Learning a new language, the rules of a new place and the ideas of a new culture. To describe how I feel right now… The calm before the storm. Everything is peaceful right now, nothing has been packed yet, I still have a lot of time to see my best friend and do things. But there’s this excited, nervous, fidgety sense that a really big storm is coming, or I’m about to get onto a roller-coaster.

Fourth, we found a salamander! My dad was cleaning out his friend’s shed, and they bug-bombed the salamander on accident. They rescued him and my dad brought him home to me in a Tupperware container. (Don’t worry, the container had some water/grass in it, and holes poked in the top.) I named him Dipper (after Dipper from Gravity Falls) and after some research, learned that he is a Woodland Salamander.

He lived eating off of small slugs for longer than a week, until one day I woke up and he was gone! He had a cover over his bowl, and we looked underneath of everything in the tank/around the tank, but he’s gone… Maybe he buried himself, but I don’t know why. That was a few days ago and I’ve assumed that he’s dead. 😦

Fifth, my youngest brother turned seven, and he had a The Legend of Zelda themed birthday party. OH, speaking of Zelda… I bought a Wii U! I’ve saved up for a really long time, and I had just enough money for a crazy cheap Wii U! So now we can finally replay The Legend of Zelda: The Windwaker. 😀 My brothers were so happy when it came in the mail (it was a surprise), the oldest one started to cry.

Last, my great grandma stopped by yesterday. She brought stuff from Dairy Queen (as she does every visit, it’s almost a tradition now), and some stuff from the Smoky Mountains. (She went on a trip with my great uncle, and came back with souvenirs.)DSCN1065


2 responses to “Jack the Dog, a Salamander Named Dipper, and a Musical.

  1. That dog looks nice. I’ve heard a ton of great things about Les Miserables and Victor Hugo, but I want to read it first before I watch it. I’ve been trying to learn French so I’ve been putting off reading it because it would be really cool to read it in the original language, but I might just read it soon in English instead. And good luck with your move, it sounds like it’ll be a real adventure!

    • He is a super nice dog.

      Les Miserables is really great! I haven’t read it yet, but it’s on my long list of things to read. (Currently I’m caught up in The Giver trilogy.)
      Definitely one of my favorite stories of all time though. And although I really don’t like watching a movie before I read the book, I had never heard of the story when my mom asked me to come to the theater with her in 2012. Unless I could have found it and read it within a few hours, it wouldn’t have worked out. 😛

      And thank you, I’m really excited.

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