Charcoal Fingerprints – My Art Blog!

Drawn by me, please do not use without my permission.


I recently created an art blog, Charcoal Fingerprints. (Title inspired by how smudged my papers gets when I draw. :P) I update it whenever I draw something new, which is very often–much more often than when I post here, anyways.

I’m using it as my second deviantART, in a way. See, I’ll be moving very soon. And I’m worried that the country I’m moving to will be one of those that has websites like dA, blocked. Just in case this is–well–the case, I’ve created a second go-to. Hopefully I won’t have to fully depend on the art blog. I already have a small community built up on dA–which is the perfect platform for an artist to start on. A personal website is much less mainstream, and people just don’t comment on blogs as often.

So although I am afraid that I’ll lose contact with some people, hopefully that won’t happen.

Please, if you’re interested in seeing some art, go check out Charcoal Fingerprints!

Thanks for reading. 😉


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