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Art Commissions – HUGE Christmas Sale!

Want to own art of your favorite character? Want to own a personalized drawing of your pet in a cute Christmas outfit? Want to surprise someone you know with a drawing of their pet? I can draw it! All commissions are currently on sale from November 26 to December 31st!

Headshots $20 $40

I'm Just A Poor Boy From A Poor Family by Clockwork-JackIt'sa Me, Jackio! by Clockwork-Jack


Busts $25 $45 (Per character)


Full Body Animal Drawing (Pets or other!) $40 $70

 Helpony by Clockwork-Jack

Storyboard-Styled Drawings

$20 $40 ($8+ for every character added)

    Kevin In The Bathroom by Clockwork-Jack
Not an actual video, but a single picture drawn in a storyboard style!

Gray Scale Traditional Headshot $25 $50 

(plus shipping if you want it to be shipped to you!)

Kevin But Chinese Intensifies by Clockwork-Jack


Monochrome Traditional Headshot $35 $65

(plus shipping if you want it to be shipped to you!)

Blue Lips by Clockwork-JackBubblegum B*st*rd by Clockwork-Jack

Comment below or email me at if you are interested!

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Our New House!

We’ve moved into another new house!  It’s another rented out house, but the guy who owns it is really nice and he’s one of our friends.  The house is kind of old, and has a lot of stuff in it that doesn’t belong to us, so we have to make sure not to lose our stuff among other stuff and not to break anything.  (I broke something on our first day here while baking chocolate chip cookies–seriously.  Never pull on one of those “cabinets” that are set in front of the sink–they aren’t real.  Luckily they were put back.)

This house was a surprise, because I’d only ever seen the front of it from the front yard.  So when we moved in, all of us kids got to see our new rooms and stuff for the first time!

My brothers and me got cool looking bedrooms, too.  My brothers room is slanted on two sides because of the roof, and they have a window where they can look out at the moon or the backyard.  One slanted side is green, with a bed tucked close to the floor underneath it, so you can actually touch the roof when you’re sleeping.  The other side is the same, only yellow.  One brother (the one whose favorite color is green) sleeps on the green side.  The oldest one sleeps in the middle.  And the youngest one (the one that really likes the color yellow) sleeps on the yellow side.  So it all worked out really well.  🙂

As for my new room, here some photos:

This is the majority of my new room.
These are two of the flock of little Origami birds that float from my ceiling.

I don’t really know how to do Origami, unless folding a paper airplane counts.  I do think that it’s cool, however, and so discovering that the person who lived in this room before had hung Origami birds from the ceiling was pretty awesome.  But that’s not the only thing that she did.  Apparently whenever she saw something funny on the Internet, she would write/draw it on the wall inside of her closet.  So I have a wall of Memes and funny quotes to look at.  🙂

Also, she has a super good drawing of a human eye, and it’s really impressive–but it also gives off the feeling that I’m carrying the One Ring or something.

The house also has a way bigger T.V than our last one did, so that makes playing video games more fun.  But one of the biggest most coolest things about the new house, is…

The backyard!  The backyard is so awesome!  There’s a stream in it with water-bugs and crawdads.  There’s an apple tree, a cherry tree, there might be a raspberry bush, and I know that there’s a blueberry bush.  And best of all…  Cats!  We get to take care of the owner’s two cats that live in the backyard!  And guess what the neighbor’s have?  A cat!

This is Sasha, one of the two cats that we’ll be taking care of for the Summer. Sasha and Sidekick are brothers, (apparently ‘Sasha’ is a male Russian name) and both of them are about ten years old. 😀


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Kävik the Wolf Dog

Kävik the Wolf DogKavik the Wolf Dog‘, is a book written by Walt Morey, and illustrated by Peter Parnall.  It was written in 1968 and has around one-hundred and ninety-two pages.

A brief review of the story might be something like this:

Charlie One-Eye (as he is called) is a dog breeder/trainer of sorts.  Kävik, is a vicious (but as Charlie One-Eye soon finds out, quick learning) pup who comes into the world on Charlie’s farm.  This is when Charlie finally gets the chance–a real chance–to win the North American Sled Dog Derby at Fairbanks.  So Charlie One-Eye trains Kävik up to be as mean and tough as he can get, so that he has what it takes to lead Charlie’s team to the Finish Line.

This is the dog that George C. Hunter saw standing at the Finish Line of the North American Sled Dog Derby.  While the rest of Charlie One-Eye’s team was laying in heaps–obviously exhausted–Kävik stood erect in the middle of the road, ready to start up again if his master gave the signal.  This was the dog that Mr. Hunter wanted to buy.

And so he did.  Mr. Hunter bought Kävik from Charlie One-Eye for a hefty two-thousand dollars.  It was arranged that the dog would be flown by Smiley Johnson over to Copper City, where one of Mr. Hunter’s tenders would take him aboard and deliver the dog to Mr. Hunter in Seattle.

But then, tragedy strikes.

What will happen to Kävik?

What I Liked About This Book:  This story was fun to read and wholesome, and was a lot like what I would expect from a classic about a dog.  All in all, it was very enjoyable, and I would say that kids (probably eight-years-old or older) who are dog fans would like it.

What I Didn’t Like About This Book:  There isn’t anything in particular that I didn’t like about this book.  🙂

Come back next week to read about ‘The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow’!


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Lynx, the Chupacabra, and Cookies

Note the interesting title, (I think).  😛

Last Friday we went to somebodies house for dinner, and I brought some chocolate chip cookies along that I had baked earlier in the day.  Everybody seemed to think that they were good (well, the recipe was called ‘The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies’) which made me pretty happy.  I also made peanut butter cookies for the first time, but I didn’t bring them because they were really big and… well, they still tasted good but they looked a little odd.

Some while ago we ordered ‘The Fiddler On The Roof’ from and we got it in the mail last–Friday or Saturday, I don’t remember.  We’ve only actually watched the first, like, half of that movie since it’s apparently pretty long and it got to be bedtime for my brothers before we could finish it.  So we’ve still got to finish that movie.

On that same day that we got The Fiddler On The Roof in the mail, we got a big box of Valentine’s Day goodies from my grandma.  Most of the candy is already gone, honestly.  (For those who don’t know, mini chocolatey things and candy hearts or good).

So, ah, there are a few more things.  I just recently (like yesterday, or the day before) joined DeviantART, since I like to draw and write and have been practicing on my drawing more lately.  And there’s a program on DeviantART called DeviantART: Moru (or something like that) where you can draw pictures with different brushes and stuff on the computer.  It’s extremely better than the Paint program that our laptop has.  Here’s the link to my DeviantART.

Yesterday I watched a forty-six minute long video about the Chupacabra, which was interesting.  This was a different thing about it than from what I have seen before.  I don’t believe that it’s an alien, but I think that the idea of it being some kind of dog that we just don’t know about yet could be possible.  I also think that it’s very interesting folklore.

And finally today, less than an hour ago, I watched another forty-six minute long video.  But this one was about this kind of lynx that lives in Spain.  Apparently there is only like a hundred of them left right now.  This video was also interesting.

I have to get off now, I think that my mom wants to get on, so… I’ll post again later!


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Dog Days: Jake

Sorry about the title, but, I wasn’t sure what to title this post.

So, you may have read my posts that I would occasionally make that I would title ‘Dog Days’.  And they were all (at least I think all of them were) about Jake.  But if you haven’t, than I’ll explain.

Jake is my dog that we had to give away to a different family when we moved to Canada, since we couldn’t really take him with us.  He was my first dog and we had him for about two years ever since he was a little lost puppy who wandered up our drive way, until we had to move.

Here is a picture of him that I took one day while walking him.  Jake

It’s been over half a year since we’ve moved and Jake had to live with a new family, who took good care of him and loved him.  (Plus they have kids, and Jake loved kids.  They also have a pool, and Jake loved water, so.  It was a really good fit).

But this morning while I was upstairs, getting ready to go birdwatching since we were going to go to a bird sanctuary to feed the ducks and cranes and stuff–my mom came upstairs.  Okay, that’s normal, I mean–her bedroom is upstairs.  But instead she comes into my room and starts talking about something that I don’t remember, but then she stops and stays still (I think that she might have been hugging me–but I know that she was messing with my face) and then says: “I have some bad news”.

My first thoughts are that maybe the bad news is that we won’t be going back to our hometown like was said that we would, but instead she says this.  “Jake got hit by a car, and died.”

I just kinda stand there for a second before this stupid smile breaks onto my face.  (When she said the first part of her sentence, “Jake got hit by a car”, I kind of pictured him covered in stitches or something.  But then she finished the sentence).

So I stand there, about to get dressed for a winter day of birdwatching, when she says that, and then I end up smiling.  I didn’t think it was funny–I didn’t really believe her.  Something like that actually happening to Jake had never put any real fear in me–I had just never thought about it to much.  Still smiling I say, “you’re joking.  That’s not a funny a joke”.

“Why would I make a joke like that?”  She says.

I don’t remember if I was silent or if I repeated myself or what, but I remember that I started to cry a little bit while she walked out of the room.

I think (okay, I know) that I was in shock.  Not a very deep shock, like from the movies or something.  But enough that I got dressed before I broke down and actually cried.  Then I just walked downstairs and got on the computer like any other day.  Only instead of instantly turning on a game or answering a friend’s e-mail, I started sending e-mails to people like my great aunt, and my really good friends, all saying that my dog had died.

But I really truly did not want to believe her.  So instead my brain started coming up with all these weird ideas about how he might actually still be alive or how I might just be having a very realistic dream or how this was some kind of incredibly cruel joke.  But I knew that my mom hates jokes like that–even on April Fool’s.  And I have weird dreams, not realistic ones.

So I cried, and my parents tried to make me feel better by telling me about when there pets had died when they were kids even when I wouldn’t answer them.

So…  there is something that I find kind of strange about all of this.

Instead of crying all day long, I would just start to cry silently at different moments of the day.  Like suddenly I start crying while riding in the car or while watching birds or while playing the computer, etc.

Jake wasn’t even my dog anymore even if I called him that.I missed him–I drew pictures of him and imagined going back to see him again–I even had dreams about him sometimes!  But I never dreamed that he would die!

I was so happy when I learned that we would be going back to our hometown for awhile and that we’d get to see our family and Jake again.  I had hoped that I could take him on a walk when I got to see him again.  I might have disliked walking him everyday when we owned him.  But I’ve actually missed walking him.  And I had also hoped that we would have a new video camera by then so that I could video his reaction when he got to see us again!  But now he’s dead and my brain still keeps suddenly switching over to sad mode–and then back to happy mode.

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So, right now I’m babysitting all three of my younger brothers.  (Just make them each a sandwich and set them up with a video game that they like and they’ll be a lot less bothersome).  And I’m writing this post.

You might think that writing a blog post while babysitting my three younger brothers is very…  not responsible?  But I’m not wearing the headphones, so I can hear them if they need my help or are fighting over ‘who keeps winning at the video game’.

Plus, noise travels really well in this house and if they want to be heard then they will make themselves be heard–quite loudly.

We’ve done some pretty fun things in the last couple weeks or so.  Mostly it involves birds–we went to a bird sanctuary and got to see bald eagles, chickadees, red-winged blackbirds, a few different species of ducks (most were Mallards but some were pin-tails and some other kind of duck…) along with other water birds.  Also coots, I think.

We got to feed the ducks from our hands!  They loved the birdseed that we brought with us, and there were HUNDREDS of ducks there so when they all started crowding around you they had to climb over each other to get at the food!

That was pretty funny, and they sure did quack a lot when they got into a feeding-frenzy.

There was a big pond or lake that was frozen, and the ducks kept following us down the trail.  So when we walked alongside the frozen water, they would fly and land on the ice, causing them to slide on their behinds when they landed.  (Although sometimes in thinner areas they would break through and have to climb back up onto stronger ice).  My dad thinks that if we had a video of the ducks landing on the ice, we could send it to ‘America’s Funniest Videos’.

After awhile, we got a nice surprise!  Up ahead on the trail, we could see three or four Sand-hill Cranes!  They used to be endangered for whatever reason (probably hunting and, or, loss of habitat) but apparently aren’t anymore.

Feeding the Sand-hill Cranes.  They seemed to like the peanuts in particular.
One of the cranes eating out of my mom’s hand.
More of a crane eating out of my mom’s hand.
More of us feeding ducks. 😉
Pretty View.

We also saw a cute little owl called a Saw-whet owl.  They are only like 5 or 6 inches tall I think, and they are so small that they have to divide one whole mouse into pieces and it will last them two meals!  So small in fact, that a Saw-whet owl was found dead because it tried to swallow a mouse whole and choked on it.

That’s all for now, until my next post–see ya!

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Dog Days: The Georgia Dawgs

“Dawg”, is slang for “dog”–and also a word that can often be heard yelled at football games in South Georgia.  If you are from the south, you already know what “dawg” means.  And if you have read the title above, it’s not too hard to figure it out.  😉
So my old dog Jake, is now living with a family of seven people!  His new family is made up of, the father and mother, a set of triplet girls (two of which are identical), and a set of twin girls.  So he has lots of kids to play with, and I hear he’s been having a blast with them in their in-ground pool (he always did like water).  So I’m gonna guess that he doesn’t have a problem with the lack of boys in his his new family.

Than again, imagine how the father must feel sometimes…

Anyways!  The other day my mom called me over to her laptop and showed me a picture that she had found on Facebook.  It was taken by the mother of Jake’s new family.

It was cold the other morning down there in Georgia–and apparently the girls thought that Jake was cold too.

Maybe he was cold, I dunno.  I somehow find it ironic that they think it’s cold down in Georgia–while it’s just getting started up here in Canada…

Now I’ve tried to put capes and stuff on Jake before; and you know he never went for it.  He always dragged the cape around and stepped on it a bunch, or wouldn’t let me tie it on straight and so on.  But a GAP shirt?!  He must have fallen head over paws in love with these girls if he’s letting them dress him up.  And I thought dogs liked being naked.  I mean; they’ve got fur right?

Ok, so not ALL breeds of dog have hair–or at least enough hair. But Jake has bushy, thick, black, fur.
And yet, the GAP shirt looks good on him and I have nothing against dogs wearing clothes.
It’s if the dogs do.  (I got this picture off of Wikipedia by looking up “Hairless Dog”.)

So, as you saw in the picture of Jake in the GAP sweater; he’s obviously been professionally groomed and trimmed.  Good for him–we never had the money for that, and as an outdoor dog he would always just go get dirty again.

And lastly–somebody on made me a cartoony picture of Jake!  But here’s the thing–they didn’t really make me a picture.  I know because I looked up “Cartoonize Your Pet” and found a website with that exact same picture.  She’d just added the word “Jake” onto it.  But I’m glad to have it.  🙂
Here it is–oh, technically Jake’s only white markings was the stripe going down his chest.  So the white paws and white on the muzzle aren’t really on him.   Isn’t it cute?  I’ve seen him stand in that same position before too!  😀


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Check Out These Little Fish

Hey!  Check out these little fish–just click the surface of the water to feed them!

If you click somewhere and food doesn’t appear, it’s because the water is white and blends in with the page around it.  So in other words, you’ve clicked the page instead of the water. 😛

Also, you might have noticed that you can just hover the mouse over the water and they come to it–just like my old goldfish, Flare would follow my finger!

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Marley: A Dog Like No Other

The Cover Of The Middle school Version Of “Marley A Dog Like No Other”.

Anybody heard of “Marley The Dog” before?  Well he’s a rather famous dog.  First a book, then a movie.  But before the book or the Major Motion Picture of him–there was Marley himself, in the “fur” so to speak.

From the way John Grogan (who was also Marley’s owner) describes him, Marley truly was a dog like no other.

The description on the back of the book can tell you that you’re in for a book chock full of surprises.  I know the saying “Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover”.  But really folks, if you picked up a book from a library shelf and read this on the back of it–

With an appetite for nearly anything he can get his mouth around, including couches and fine jewelry, Marley is always getting into trouble.  But to his family, he is a dog like no other.  In this adaption of his #1 New York Times bestselling Marley & Me, John Grogan brings the Labrador retriever’s heartwarming antics to life–and shows how one big, rambunctious dog can teach a family what really matters in life.

I would think that any dog lover who likes to read would check it out immediately.  I did anyways.  🙂

Boy am I glad I did!  I loved the book, I think that children at least 9 or 10 and up would like it.  Of course–that’s only my opinion.  But if he’s so famous–well, it’s a good book.  😀

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A Happy Canadian Welcome!

Two days ago my family arrived at our destination of Langley Canada. 🙂  But to get from our hometown in South Georgia, to Langley Canada–we had to drive.  Which took 9 days to get from here to there–

This isn’t the exact course, but it’s roughly the way we went.


Ok, here are some photos of what we saw and etc.




Those dogs belonged to my Papa Griffin’s friend or family member, they are all hunting dogs.


This cat belongs to my mom’s friend Andrea.  It’s name is Squirrel, it was inbred so it’s sometimes a little, odd I guess is the right word.  It was terrified of me and my brothers, it even hissed at Andrea!


That big Metal tower is the Olympic Torch in Atlanta. 🙂




That’s me holding an adorable, very playful kitten named Fin.  It got the name Fin from the character Fin, from that show called ‘Adventure Time’.  We staid at it’s owner’s house.  We had a great time with the kids of their family, Hunter and a daughter I can’t remember the name of. 🙂


Who can guess what that is? 🙂


Now that up there is not a horse like the other two pictures.  If you look closely enough, you may be able to see that it is, as a matter of fact, a buffalo. 🙂



Snow capped Mountains off in the distance! 🙂




These flowers are very pretty in my mind, but that same grass was also studded with small cacti in places.  I’ve never been stuck by a cactus, but from what I here it’s very painful.  My dad knows, he sat on one on accident.


What a beautiful Siamese!  A lady was walking it on a leash at a rest stop.


We kept seeing these ADORABLE wild bunnies!  😦 😦   I love them sooo much!  I want one. 😦










Ok.  Right now I am sitting at a desk in a small two bedroom apartment that I shall be calling home for the next five weeks.  I haven’t had much of my own access to our laptop since we left, but I’m glad that I could update you on our journey!  😀

Also, one last thing.  All of my pets are now gone.  Please say goodbye to my goldfish Flare.  (Flare was the name of the  main character from a book that a high schooler wrote.)   My Box Tortoise Koopa Troopa.  (Named after the bad guy turtles on the Mario games.)  My minnow Derf (Derf is Fred backwards.  like Derf from the movie ‘Fred’.)  and the one I miss above all others…

My dog Jake. 😦 😦 😦  Yes, please say goodbye to Jake.  He has gone to live down the street from our old house, with a family made up of the parents, and their kid twins and kid triplets.  Once he’s used to it, I’m sure he’ll love them all like he loved us.

This is Jake standing with the twins of his new family.


😦  I should be happy for him really. :/