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Story time, children. This is going to be a little long because I enjoy the details and theatrics.

There are few things in life that I will always disagree with, always back away from (in the most literal sense) and always find myself scared of. But things running at me—anything running or even walking at a brisk pace—towards me, gets me every time. Er—not literally.

I have—um—some good reasons, too! I’ve had cows run at me, dogs run at me (including that one that actually did get me), people, yada yada yada. When I was nine a poolball (from the game, not the happy-fun-times water in somebody’s rich backyard) flew at my face, shattering one of my front teeth. Overall I’ve had a whole life-time to supply me with reasons for flinching so much. Also I flinch a lot.

Now, it just so happens that spiders don’t really bother me. Y’know, they’re okay. They catch the other bugs—like the roaches—so we’ve formed a mutual friendship. Like, I might add them on Facebook, if they requested me first. Buuut I don’t go out of my way to be pals with them. If I see them in my bathroom but they aren’t bothering me, that’s okay. Forget the fact that the spiders in my house are named (I think) ‘Jungle Spiders’ and are always around the size of my hand.

However, I don’t like them in my bedroom. Sorry, spiders. We’re not that close. You’re a strictly pop-out-from-behind-the-mirror-while-I’m-brushing-my-teeth kinda friend. Stay there. Just there.

This morning I woke up to a nice thunderstorm. The internet was off, it wasn’t safe to plug in our devices. My laptop was at 5% battery (because I’m a careful person who doesn’t leave it plugged in at night), so I sat down in my floor, in the dark, and set about to deleting tons of useless photos from my phone.

I should have known that thunderstorms mean bad things. I’ve read the Horror stories. I’ve seen the cliches. It was 10:00 AM, but close enough to a ‘dark and stormy night’.

And so, I sat there, where I would never sit. Never before have I sat in my floor. It’s not comfortable, for one. I have a stool at my desk and a bed beside it, for another. But for some reason I decided to sit in the floor, fiddling with my phone.

Several minutes later—after deleting all the excess junk off of my phone—I looked up. Jerked in surprise at the spider—several feet away, on the wall right next to the bathroom door—and got up to get the electric flyswatter. Or, ‘spider zapper’. Spider couldn’t be in my room, I wouldn’t allow it.

So, I get up to the spider. Press the button on the swatter that makes it spark (sometimes literally) to life, which is signaled to me by the faintest buzz and a small red light flicking on. Raise it over the spider. And slap. It gets away, only nicking a couple legs. They’re huge, and fast—as it fell I heard a thump.

You’re not supposed to slap things with a clunky, plastic, electric spider zapper. My mom heard the slap, called my over, reprimanded me, so did my dad. I went back, looked around, didn’t see the spider anywhere. Okay, that’s semi-cool. I don’t want to find him/her later, but hey. If it’s gone, or curled up somewhere dead, that’s good. Right?

Fast-forward to a few minutes later. I’m walking into my bathroom. Separating my room’s floor from my bathroom’s floor, is a small bar of wood, laid across the doorway. Right as I’m stepping over, I see the spider pressed up—somewhat injured looking—against the bathroom side of the wood. I’m like: “Oh!” jump over, into the bathroom.

Why didn’t I step back, instead of in?

So I hover there, a foot or so from the door for a moment. I’m in the bathroom, but not at all ready to brush my teeth—which would turn my back to the fast-and-furious-leggy-of-death. So I’m all like: “Okay leggy, I’ma jump right ovah you and is’ gon’ be OK.”

Thank God for long legs. I started to step-hop over the doorway. The spider had LONGER LEGS.




My mom saw that, she started to laugh. And I was laughing. And I was like: “It’s cool yo, I gets the spider zapper agin ‘cuz i, lik, know whur it be now.” (Internet talk doesn’t work in real life by the waydon’t try it with anyone you care to impress.)

I walk back into my room—peering all around for it. Didn’t see it. Pulled aside something farther into the room, didn’t see it. Okay then. That’s… Disconcerting.

My middle brother walks in, pipes up: “What’re you doing?” no wonder he noticed, I was half-bent, velociraptor-ing in the doorway-corner it was supposed to be lurking in.

To which I responded: “Searching for a spider—please turn on the light.”

He turned on the light, and I spotted it—curled in the most beautifully camouflaged place—right beside my door where it was still dark. In the corner RIGHT beside where I would have walked through next time. Again, I raised the spider zapper. This time slow, precise as a dork can be, hanging over the death-legs before descending. Without slapping.

It didn’t die. These spiders are muscular. They don’t just squish. It was in the corner—the one place my zap couldn’t get it. The plastic edge of the zapper got it, but not the electric part. It was just muscled underneath a piece of plastic, such an infuriating little leg-body.


So I proceed to knock it off into the toilet, and brush my teeth. It just floats there on the surface, as dead things of certain weights and air tend to do. I brush my teeth.

Something caught my eye. I turned, stared at the dead spider. Decided to experiment—because I’m too curious for my own good. I blew on it. It moved. Not from air. From being just a LITTLE bit still alive. I blew on it. It’s haywire death-leggies move again. Not a twitch. An alive slide, across the water.

When God invented spiders, did he know we were going to put on such a fun show every time one EIGHT-LEGS GALLOPS AT US.

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Doctor Really?

So, today I ran around with a bunch of little kids, pretending to be The Doctor (From that show, ‘Doctor Who’).

Allow me to explain…

Lately, my oldest brother and me (we’re currently sharing a room) have started this nightly routine where I pretend to be Doctor Who.

Here’s an excerpt from last night:


Doctor:  *Jumps out of the window of a huge building, while a hostile alien follows in hot-pursuit*

Amy Pond:  *Peers through window*  “Doctor!  I’m not jumping down there!”

Doctor:  *Spreads his arms*  “Don’t worry, Amy!  I catch people who jump from buildings almost seventy-five percent of the time!  Sometimes seventy-percent!”

Amy:  “That’s not reassuring!”

Doctor:  “Well then, are you staying up there?”

Amy:  “…  No!”

Doctor:  “Than hurry up and jump!”

Amy:  *Jumps*

Doctor:  *Cellphone rings in pocket while Amy is in midair*  *Answers phone*

Doctor:  *On phone*  “Roooory!  How kind of you to call.  Where have you been?”

Rory:  *From phone*  “You left me back at the TARDIS.  Remember?”

Doctor:  “Did I?  I don’t really–“

Amy:  *Splat*

Doctor:  “Eh, sorry Rory.  I forgot to catch your wife when she jumped from that building just now.  But it’s okay!  I have a Time Machine!”


My acting has a tendency for being… goofy.

Well, I thought that this was pretty funny, so the next day I did it again.  My parents were taking this two-hour class with a bunch of other adults, and I was helping out in a room of lots of little kids…  So I pretended to be The Doctor.

I danced around and sang and pretending to buzz things with my imaginary “buzzy device” (aka: Sonic Screwdriver), and all-in-all had a really silly time.

Then, later in the day, I did it again.

There was a table with a bunch of snacks laid out on it, and I told the kids that I didn’t like pears.  (The 10th Doctor doesn’t like pears.  I was being the 11th Doctor…  Who I assume doesn’t like pears either?  Eh, we were pretending.)  Of course, I was instantly mobbed by children, who had snacks in their hands that they were pretending were actually pears.  I ran up and down the halls with kids grabbing my legs and arms and clothing, shoving food up into my face while they tried to drag me around.

Stuff like this went on for a long time, until it was almost time for us to all leave.

And then, a little girl walked up to me, with a serious/worried expression on her face.  I had been pretending to be The Doctor all day long, and by the end of that day, everyone was calling me ‘Doctor’ and playing along with it all.  But it must have seemed pretty real, because she had some suspicions.

Little Girl:  “Doctor, are you a real alien?”

Dude.  I laughed so hard.


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Back From Camping

I’m back from camping!  I’ve actually been back for about three or four days by now, but I never made a blog post about it.  -_-

So, as it turns out, my camera funked up the night before we left to go camping.  I had been using it a bunch because I kept re-shooting a video that I was trying to make.  It got a little bit hot feeling, the way that computers do when you use them a bunch.  But that’s perfectly normal, and it’s done that before.

So I uploaded my video, deleted a bunch of stuff off of my camera so that I had room for lots of camping photos/videos, and then I went to go re-charge it for the night, when…

“That’s funny, the screen is black, but the light is still on.  Maybe I should click the power button again? 

Um, it’s still on…  Maybe I should click it again, but this time hold it down for a long time?

Okay, well I’m a little worried now.  But I’ll just re-charge it and hope that it will be back to normal by tomorrow morning.  It probably just needs a break.  The power was really low by the time I quiet using it.  It’s probably just doing weird things because it’s battery ran out while it was still on…  Was it still on?  I thought that I had turned it off.”

That’s about how it went.

The next morning, the camera still wasn’t working, and I was really worried.  My parents were both packing the car for camping, so they couldn’t look at it at the moment.  So I put it in my backpack and never got back to it.  Which is why there are no photos of us camping…

Sorry.  😦

But.  I still have some stuff to say about camping, despite the lack of pictures.  🙂

There were lots and lots of kids there.  We were camping with several other families, and almost all of them had little kids.  Luckily, I’m used to acting the role of big-sister, and I really like playing with little kids, so it all worked out really well.

I do this thing for my brothers where I act out a character (usually a robot) doing silly things.  It can last for a couple or so hours if we get really on a role, and it’s usually pretty funny.  Most of the characters that I act out have silly voices, and their robots from shows like ‘Transformers’ or ‘Doctor Who’.  But I make them do goofy stuff that they would never do in the actual shows.

Have you ever seen a robot with a high-pitched voice start rambling on about something or other?  Or a robot with a funny voice claim that he has read the whole entire Dictionary, while he miss-pronounces the word ‘Dictionary’ wrong at least three times?

That’s the kind of stuff that goes on in these Plays.  And I literately found myself pretending to be Transformers in front of, like, nine little boys who were all laughing their heads off.  XD

I would also tell them stories (stories that I was making up right on the spot) of Spider-Man and other Super-Heroes.  But get this–the kids were actually really into it.

When I told them that I an enemy was sneaking up very, very slowly and very, very quietly towards Spider-Man, they would lean forward and their eyes would get bigger.

Spider-Man usually defeated his enemies in these stories by smashing pie into their face.  They loved that part.  XD  Well, um, the kids–not the enemies.

And one of the nights that we were there, this little two-year-old girl arrived with her family to camp there too.  (I’ll just call her Princess, since she kept pretending to be one.)  Well, we said hello, and things escalated pretty quickly.

I had this flashlight with me, and it was late at night, so I made a bunch of different shaped shadows appear on the ground.  I would make my hand (which was a spider) run up to her on the ground, and she would shriek and jump on top of it, so that the spider was ‘smished’.

But mainly I made my hand’s shadow into a dragon, which would chase her and sometimes give her rides and stuff.  And she would feed it rocks so that it would grow to be a bigger dragon.  Etc.

Lots of other stuff happened, too.

We ate Smore Cones, (Ice-cream Cones with melted chocolate chips and marshmallows in them) and drank hot chocolate.  We talked around the campfire until an Officer came by one day to tell us that we had to put out our fire because there was a Fire Ban on.  So we just sat around candles, lamps, and a tall heater after that.  Which also meant that we had to roast our Cones in the oven after that.

And we exchanged stories.  Most of the men there had stories about how their friends or them had encountered grizzly bears and cougars while hunting or camping.

I paddled around in a paddle-boat a lot, which was a lot of fun.  But we couldn’t swim in the lake because there were leeches in it.  (I actually saw a leech or two in the water.  They just look like big, slinking, stretching, water-slugs.)  So we went to a different lake to go swimming.  I also fished at least once, but I didn’t actually catch anything.  I had a couple of nibbles, and I hooked one fish, but it got away.

I could go on for even longer, but I’m going to stop here.


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Preschool Robots

Like any other Sunday, today we had church.  Now, most churches are boring, I’m going to just go ahead and say that.

Once you get past the 5th Grade, you kiss Sunday school goodbye and sit in ‘Big Church’ with your parents or grandparents or whoever brought you.

And then there’s KidsCare.  KidsCare is a program that our church does, and it is exactly as it sounds.  You care for the kids at the church, help them to feel welcome, if they need someone with them than someone will by their Buddy for that Sunday–etc.

So today I went upstairs where all of the classrooms are, and as it turns out I wasn’t scheduled to be a Buddy this week.  So I went to see if I could help out in a Preschool room, and I could!  I love helping out with little kids, and Preschoolers say some of the most funniest things sometimes, so the Preschool room(s) are my alternative if I don’t have a Buddy or a class that week.  🙂

I walked in through the baby gate that was barring the door, and there was a little girl who I know pretty well!  I won’t say her name, so I’m going to just call her ‘Kitty’, because she’s cute.  Kitty was in her dad’s lap, trying to fix a Blue’s Clues puzzle with him, and when I came in he got up to leave.  Well, she did not like that, and she had tears to prove it.

She forgot pretty quickly though, because one of the adult helpers brought out this toy farm set that had a bunch of little animals and farmers, and her and me got to playing with that.

I’m going to change the subject:  I really like robots.

Now let’s the change the subject back.

I looked up from the farm set to exclaim, “Kitty!  Why don’t we play Robots?


So we got up and started to walk around the Preschool room, pretending to be helper robots for people.  We put toys back where they go, and payed attention to some baby dolls, and at one part I started doing this weird little dance while I said in a sing-song voice: “I’m a happy robot!  Hap-py!”  Which made Kitty start dancing too.

Then, when it was story time, I whispered to Kitty that we needed to be ‘quiet robots’, and she actually did it.

She was a quiet robot, and she looked at the teacher.  All of them did, actually.  Some of them kept standing up, but most of them seemed transfixed on the teacher.

Next was Craft Time, and the robot thing was still going on.  I declared in a robotic voice: “I am a ro-bot.  I am go-ing to make a cr-aft.”  That made some of the other kids look over at me, which was pretty funny.

So we made torches by stuffing colorful paper into toilet paper-less toilet paper rolls, and we cleaned up, and when the parents came one of the kids yelled:  “Oh no, the moms and dads are here!”


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The Pool

(This is not my photo.)


Today we went to the nearby public pool for the first time ever.  I hadn’t been swimming in a long time–and neither had any of my brothers.  Usually I just pick back up where I left off, but to tell you the truth, I’m not a very good swimmer.  I’m pretty good at the dog-paddle, and I know how to float…  But that’s pretty much it.  This doesn’t bother me though, we all had a really good time.  😀

I’m not sure how long we stayed, but apparently it was a really long time.  It felt like only an hour though!

And also, something funny happened.  After awhile of swimming, I realized that I hadn’t talked to anybody else at the pool, which is really unusual for me.  Usually I just walk right up to somebody and launch right into conversation:  “Hi, what’s your name?  I’m Jackson!  That’s a cool name–do you like to draw?  I love to draw!  What about books, do you have a favorite book?  I don’t think that I do–I just love so many of them!”  Etc.

But for some reason I didn’t talk to anybody accept for maybe a simple ‘hi’ as I swam/walked past.  Oh yeah, there were a couple of girls in the locker rooms that I sort of had a conversation with.  I told them that I was new and asked if they could tell me where I could put my stuff.

The Locker rooms.  I don’t remember ever having to actually shower in a locker room before.  Maybe it’s just because I’m older now.

But for real.  I was the only girl in my family in the locker rooms (my mom was off somewhere, it was just my dad and my brothers and me) and I didn’t really know what to do.  I’m not sure if your supposed to change in the rooms that actually have ‘lockers’ in them, but just in case that wasn’t what you did–I chose I nice bathroom stall.


I was having a great time swimming around and splashing and floating and attempting to swim underwater, when destiny decided to call on me.  I looked up to see–against the glare of the sun–a rainbow, and near it, another rainbow.  Instantly I yelled: “A Double Rainbow!”  Which made the two kids next to me look up.

After I pointed out the two rainbows to them, we started joking about double rainbows and then we ended up covering a bunch of other subjects pretty quickly.

What’s your name?

Did you have to walk here, or drive here?

At some point we even started talking about ‘Charlie the Unicorn’, which led to us all making high-pitched voices while we said:  “Chaaaarlie, let’s go to Candy Mountain Chaaaarlie!”  The name Charlie led us to imitating ‘Charlie Bit my Finger’, and ‘David After Dentist’ was also mentioned.

So we basically ran through a bunch of YouTube videos and laughed and talked and held our breath so that we would sink to the bottom of the pool and come back up.

All in all, my brothers and me had a great day at the pool.  😀

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My Brothers Are Art Critics

Indeed they are.  They will tell you right away if they like something or if they don’t, and what they don’t/do like about it.  With close-to-zero mercy.  Literately.  I get a little fidgety when they come up next to me and start to watch me draw.

I’m their big sister, and if I accidentally draw an alien robot or a pony wrong in front them, I better cover up my mistake real quick.  I can totally laugh it off like it’s all cool, it’s just a mistake, and it’s funny.  Which is what I usually do–and okay, mistakes in art can look pretty funny.  Or I can purposefully draw something that looks silly.  I mean, that’s the kind of stuff that I do just to entertain myself, right?

Starscream Has a Mustache
I was drawing a funny Starscream and Megatron Pony picture. But then I drew this silly little mustache and beard onto Starscream, which for some reason struck me as very funny.

So today, while I was working on the drawing that you see above, my brothers also began to draw.  Or at least two of them did.  One of them kept asking another one of them if he wanted to go play on the trampoline.  So two of them sat down at the dining table and began to draw pictures of Minecraft and Transformers.  Those two things go very well together, too.  Mineformers

 Anyways, I should probably point out something else.

My brothers copy stuff that I do.  For real.  I used to not believe it when my parents told me to not act stupid, because my brothers would copy everything that I said or did.  But within the last several months, I’ve matured too some amount.  And I now see how my brothers copy stuff that I do.  Seriously.

My brothers were sort of into Transformers before, but they liked other stuff more–like the Avengers.  But after awhile of me talking, drawing, watching and even reading about Transformers, they all got a lot more into it.  Now Transformers is something that’s talked about amongst us siblings on a daily basis.  Whereas last Spring, it really wasn’t brought up very often.

And another thing.  My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.  I watched it, and I got drawn into it pretty quickly once I realized that it’s a lot better from the My Little Pony show that I used to watch when I was younger.  I used to hide the fact that I watched it, because I was embarrassed that I watched–and enjoyed–a show for seven year old girls.  But as I grew to like it more, I began to mention it, and admitted that I had seen a few episodes.  But I acted like I didn’t really know all of the main characters’ names and stuff.  And now?  It’s talked about almost as often as Transformers are, now.  My brothers like it, and occasionally watch it.  And we make My Little Pony jokes, and laugh at My Little Pony comics on the internet.

That’s just another example of how they copy stuff that I do.

And finally; drawing.  My brothers like to draw, but it comes in spurts.  For a week or two, it’s all that they want to do.  But then they stop for awhile.  But ever since I started drawing a lot more often, they’ve started drawing a lot more too.  It’s awesome.  Our fridge is now covered in silly Minecraft comics, Transformers pictures, and The Legend Of Zelda pictures.  We have to hang our drawings in other places now, because we don’t have much room on the fridge anymore.

Now, I guess that this isn’t something that I usually admit, but it actually touched me in a way, when earlier my brothers said that they like my art, and they complimented on my Starscream and Megatron Pony drawing.  They are apparently, very good fans of mine.

Starscream Has Fan-girls CAPTIONED

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Funny Pictures

Hi guys!

I’ve been seeing these funny pictures on people’s pages and stuff on, so I’ve been saving them to put them into a post.  😉

When Im At A Restruant

When Im Running For Gym Class

When Im Watching A New Episode Of A Show

When Someone Interrupts Me While Im Talking

When Someone Is Online

When Someone Texts You Saying They See You

When Someone Upsets My Bestfriend

When The Teacher Starts Asigning Homework

When WEbsites Asking For Your Age

When You Find Free WiFi In Public

When You Find Out Theres A Back Page

When You Look Up A Songs Lyrics

When You Open A Pack Of Gum In Class

When You Throw Something At Your Friend

When You Try Some New Food

When You Try Staying Mad At Your Best Friend

When You Walk Into School

When Your Friend Has Food

when Your Friends Think Your Siblings Are Nice

When Your In The Car

When Your Parents Ask You To Act Like A Normal Person

When I Go To The Bathroom Dearing Commercials When I let Someone Use my computer When I try to excercise                      When Youre One Minute Into Sleep

Everyday When I Wake Up And Look In THe mIrror

Being The First One Awake At A Sleepover

When I Feel A Bug On Me

when I Am Home Alone And Someone Knocks On The Door

There are two types of greetings

That Random Moment

That Moment When--

Somehow I ended up with two of each picture–I think that I’ve deleted all the doubles.  But if you see two of the same picture anywhere throughout the post, can you please tell me?

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Recent Happenings and Some Fatherly Scare

Hi there, it’s Jack here!  (Well duh. :P)

OK!  First of all; sorry for not posting in awhile.  I really need to start keeping up with my blogs better!  I don’t get around to it enough anymore, I’m always writing in a book, reading a book, or playing on the computer.  Or I’m going to some local event in Canada.  (We’ve been to a few so far.)  However, this means that whenever I do get around to my blog, I have like six or more topics to cover; but I know it’s unwise to post more than once a day and that cramming it all into one big post can be a bore.  A bore to me at the least, I don’t know what you think when you read it.

Second of all–WE GOT TWO NEW COMPUTERS!!!  😀 🙂

Have you ever tried to write a book or keep up with a blog/online game(s) when you have five other people in your family, four out of that other five always wanting to get on?  The only reason that the 6th member of our family isn’t begging to get on it is because he’s still to young to play internet games.  Anyways, we finally got a couple more computers, so it’s easier to share and get more computer time.  We have a new laptop and a new desktop computer.  The desktop computer can not play YouTube, so no watching YouTube videos or Transformers shows when I’m on it. :/  But it has Microsoft Word!  So I can write on it!!!  😀

A LOT of things have happened since I last posted.  Including going to O.W.L (Orphaned Wild Life) where they take in orphaned and injured RaptorsRaptors are birds of prey, with hooked talons and a curved hooked beak.  (Like eagles, kites,  falcons and owls.)

I’ve learned how to edit pictures–Have you noticed my blog’s new theme?  My mom did that for me, she’s learning how to design graphics.  I’m still learning with editing photos, making them look sharper, changing the color and adding things in or cutting things out.  For instance, I’ve started to amuse myself and others by taking screenshots of Transformers characters while I’m watching the shows on YouTube, than changing how they look.  Mostly I take the evil guys and make them look like they’ve got makeup on.  But it works with good guys too.

She’s blaming a character in the show named Jack, not me. 😉
That’s Knock Out, he’s a Decepticon who oddly enough, looks like a “ladies man”. When he says “This HAS to annoy Breakdown!” He’s referring to his assistant named Breakdown. (Who would DEFINITELY not put up with the way Knock Out looks in this pic.)
Please note that this particular screenshot is not mine, I just edited it.
Now THIS picture I find funny. 😛 That’s Starscream, the Decepticon second in command.

I’ve just finished reading an awesome book called “The Red Pyramid” and it’s book 1 in “The Kane Chronicles”.  I’ll probably do a review on it! 😉

Now for some fatherly scare.  Several days ago, I was sitting at are new desktop computer, I don’t remember what I was doing on there; either writing or playing Howrse.  I had the head phones on, but I wasn’t actually listening to anything–(I just have the habit of putting them on to block out the noise around me, even though it doesn’t really help.)

So I also have the bad “habit” of slapping somebody if they scare me or are just playing with me by chasing me.  My reaction is just–slap!–Or at least I pretend to or attempt to.  :/  So after doing this yet again, my dad gives my a lecture on “not-trying-to-slap-somebody-playfully-because-I’m-uncoordinated-and-accidentally-really-will-hurt-them.”

A few minutes later, I’m still sitting at the computer, still not listening to anything so I can actually hear everything going around me quite clearly, when suddenly…A really loud fart noise sounds behind me–and I mean really loud!  Somehow I kept only two thoughts in my mind while I freaked out; that it was my dad playing a trick on me and don’t turn around and try to hit him.

So I “contained my slap” and instead just sat sat bolt upright in my chair while my whole body shook for about 3 seconds.  All of this happened in about 4 or 3 seconds actually.  XD

My dad thought it was hilarious and kept bending over with laughter.  This resulted in my mom asking what had happened and why she had heard a huge fart noise.  About that–My dad didn’t actually fart, he pressed his hands up to his mouth and blew really hard.

So, that’s the fatherly scare!

That’s all for now!

Jack-signing out–>

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Transformers Lip Syncing

Yo! 🙂

Do you like music?  And (or) Transformers?  Because I do!  😀
If I listen to a song long enough, I’ll eventually learn the words, or at least most of them. So I end up lip syncing to it while I listen to it on the computer.

I learned how to use the Webcam and have been trying to take a video of me lip syncing to a song while I listen to it, then adding that same song into the video.  But, I, uh…Only have Transformers songs.  :/

But since I really like to listen to it, I decided that I’d make a vid 0f it!  🙂  So I did–several times.  But I could never match the song with how my lips were moving!!!

Until last night…

XD ha ha!

Last night after finishing it, I sat there up in my room with the laptop in front of me, laughing at myself. XD!  When my mom came to tell me it was time to go to bed, I called her back in and showed it to her.

Let me try to describe her reaction to you.

Breathless, red faced, laughing and giggling very hard.

And as for dad–

Grinning the whole time, occasionally laughing.

I hope that you enjoyed that 2:03 worth of goofy!

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Funny Videos!

Hi there, Thegirlnamedjack here!  So…today I’m gonna post some funny videos!  Some of them are mine, some of them aren’t.
Here is a funny video that isn’t mine.  It’s called, “Jellyfish”.

Strange and funny!
Also, here’s another video.  (Not mine.)

Oh…that video is just so funny!

Now here’s yet another video not by me!

Rather strange…Lol!
Well, here are some videos that I made!  🙂

This one is of my youngest brother.  😛

Here’s one of my brother and his friend.

Quite unfortunately I spelled the word “electricity” wrong in that video…:/


In this next one, I accidentally sang the song wrong.  Of course I suppose it wouldn’t have mattered if I’d gotten it right because–>

Random, yes.  Funny, maybe.  Short, definitely.



And well, that’s all for tonight!  😉