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Art Commissions – HUGE Christmas Sale!

Want to own art of your favorite character? Want to own a personalized drawing of your pet in a cute Christmas outfit? Want to surprise someone you know with a drawing of their pet? I can draw it! All commissions are currently on sale from November 26 to December 31st!

Headshots $20 $40

I'm Just A Poor Boy From A Poor Family by Clockwork-JackIt'sa Me, Jackio! by Clockwork-Jack


Busts $25 $45 (Per character)


Full Body Animal Drawing (Pets or other!) $40 $70

 Helpony by Clockwork-Jack

Storyboard-Styled Drawings

$20 $40 ($8+ for every character added)

    Kevin In The Bathroom by Clockwork-Jack
Not an actual video, but a single picture drawn in a storyboard style!

Gray Scale Traditional Headshot $25 $50 

(plus shipping if you want it to be shipped to you!)

Kevin But Chinese Intensifies by Clockwork-Jack


Monochrome Traditional Headshot $35 $65

(plus shipping if you want it to be shipped to you!)

Blue Lips by Clockwork-JackBubblegum B*st*rd by Clockwork-Jack

Comment below or email me at if you are interested!

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Merry Christmas – 2013!

Merry Christmas!!!

I have plenty that I want to write about right now, but let’s (mainly) focus on the current holiday.  🙂

Christmas!  The time of year when the stores are crowded, people rush around everywhere trying to get things done, buying/making presents, and wondering what they themselves are going to get for Christmas–all while trying not to be completely selfish.  Christmas is–after all–about Jesus’s Birthday.  Although many seem to forget it.

But I’m not going to give you the story of Jesus’s birth, and (or) why we celebrate it.  Probably everyone reading this post has heard that story many times before, and knows it fairly well.  Instead, I’m going to focus on how my family’s holidays went, and a few other things.

So, November ended, and then December rolled in.  And, to be honest, December has gone by fast.  So has the whole rest of the year, actually.

Before I knew it, Christmas was just a few days away, and what did I have to give my family and friends?  Nothing.  Originally I had thought that I would be painting different things for different members of my family/my friends.  But I kept putting it off, and kept putting it off, and kept putting it off…  Until I finally realized that it was, like, two days until Christmas.  And I had nothing to give.

You know, accept for being their.  For being nice and loving to my family and friends, and simply being there as their, well–family and friend.

But, you know…  I had put the idea in my head that I would be giving them artwork for Christmas.  Especially since I felt that I was old enough to be giving them gifts as well, instead of just receiving them.

Well, it didn’t quite work out.  The giving part, I mean.  I got plenty of gifts myself, that I am very happy with.  But because I put it off for so long, I had no artwork to give them.  :/

did end up painting something on my Tablet, in time for Christmas.  But it was only one thing, and it’s not really a gift for everybody.  It was more like a:  ‘This is what I have done for fun, in light of Christmas.’

Winter Scene
Here’s what I did, It’s a made-up animal (the animal doesn’t have a name, by the way. I’m taking suggestions. XD) sitting in front of a fireplace. With a cup of something warm.
I don’t know what’s in the cup.  It could be Hot Cocoa, but I don’t know. It could just be a made-up drink.

Every Christmas Eve, my family gets together and celebrates.  We eat food, talk, open gifts, and all-in-all have a great time.  🙂

Last Christmas my family (my main family.  Like, brothers and parents.) were up in Canada, far away from the rest of our family.  So this year we’re back with (most) of our relatives, and we got to celebrate together again.

People have been asking me what I wanted for Christmas.  And I had the same problem that I had with my recent Birthday.

I didn’t know what I wanted.  The older I get, the harder it is to decide what I actually want for things like my Birthday and Christmas.  But I know that people are going to want to get me things–so I might as well make up my mind, so that they don’t just go and buy me something that I might not like/use/be able to take with me the next time that we move.

Well, truthfully.  I DO really want the game Portal.  But that requires either an Xbox (waaay to expensive) or a better computer than the ones that we already have (also waaay to expensive).  So I didn’t even bother to list that.

So I said that I wanted art supplies.  Even though I have a bunch already.  I got more for Christmas.

Acrylic paints, watercolor paints, pastels, colored pencils, and etc.  😀  Plus, I also got some clothing and a cool voice recording thing.  🙂

And then, there was one other thing.  One thing that I really, really, wanted.  And I felt pretty silly about it.  Because for once in forever, I had a found a toy that I wanted.  Not a video game, not art supplies, not something useful.  Thirteen-year-old me, found a toy.  And I’ll be honest with you; it’s a pretty weird toy.

Have you seen or heard of the popular British Sci-Fi show, ‘Doctor Who’?  And have you seen or heard of the popular children’s show, ‘My Little Pony’?

Now, imagine that you are a fan of this Sci-Fi British guy:

Tenth Doctor
The Doctor.

And your are a fan of My Little Pony.  Well to explain it SIMPLY.  This thing comes along:

Doctor Whooves
The Doctor as a My Little Pony.
AKA: Doctor Whooves.

Well I found a vinyl collectible figure of ‘Doctor Whooves’ on Amazon.  And immediately decided that, that’s what I wanted for Christmas.  I told my parents, and I didn’t bring it up very much afterwards.  But it was what I wanted.

A few days before Christmas I saw my dad carrying some Amazon boxes and packages into his bedroom.  He wouldn’t tell me what was inside of them, accept that they were:  “Presents.”

Underneath our Christmas tree (yep!  We had a Christmas tree for the first time in several years.) we had some presents.  My mom said that most of them were snacks, so that we shouldn’t get our hopes up.

Now let’s skip ahead to this morning.  My dad woke me up, telling me that it’s time to open presents.  I tiredly get up, stumble around doing stuff for a little while, and then go into the living room where my brothers, parents, and grandpa, are already gathered.

We sorted out the gifts, and started to take turns opening them.

I looked over my gifts.  There was one box that looked like the most likely to be Doctor Whooves.  The only problem was that it didn’t have that extra, sticky-uppy flap that some boxes have.  And I was pretty sure that it was supposed to have that.

Nonetheless, when it comes to be my turn to open a gift, I open that box.

Tearing open the wrapping paper on top, I immediately see a picture of Doctor Whooves in neon colors on the top of the box, and my little Nerd heart gives a leap.

Basically what happened after that, was that I dorked out in front of my family.  And I’ve been pretty much doing that all day.

(Oh, and I was wrong. There was no flap that stuck up on the box.)

I’ll stop now.

Instead, how did your Christmas go?


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My Brother’s Birthday!

Yesterday, April 9th, was my youngest brother’s birthday!  He is now five-years-old, and I think that he had a good Birthday, too.

He got a Star Wars Lego set with his favorite Star Wars character in it, (Boba Fett, or however you spell his name) along with other things that had been sent by family, plus some cards.

I got him a present too–or actually, I made him a present.  I drew him a picture of Toon Link (the main character from ‘The Legend Of Zelda and The Windwaker) and he seemed to like it.  I enjoyed drawing Toon Link too.  🙂

Plus, mom made a chocolate cake that had purple icing on top, with sprinkles in the shape of a five!  And here’s another plus: for dinner, she made macaroni!  We all love macaroni!

Unfortunately, all of the photos from his Birthday are on my mom’s laptop, so I can’t put them in this post.  But I can try to post some of them later.



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Happy 2013!

Happy 2013!!!

Happy (six days late) New Year!

So…  For starters, a nice way that I like to start a New Year is to hang up a new calendar on my bedroom wall on January first.  My mom got me a horse calender for Christmas, so that has been taken care of. 🙂


For New Years’ Eve, we went to a friends house.  They have two kids who are both boys and are both younger than me, but are fun to play with.  We usually end up playing Transformers–three people will be Autobots and three people will be Decepticons.

Anyways, we ended up eating a lot of food even though we’d eaten dinner before we came.  But who can turn down chips with salsa, and free chocolate?  I find it hard to.

We watched a movie called Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3, which is kind of silly because none of us had seen the first one.  It was an okay movie though.

By 2:00am something, I had started to fall asleep on their couch.  I didn’t realize how far into sleep I was though, until somebody walked in and asked us to be quiet.  Startled by the person’s sudden appearance, I jumped and yelled, then started laughing really loudly when I realized it was just the lady sleeping in the room next door.

It got pretty boring when their two boys had to go to bed and we were still there.  But we finally left at 3:00am.

I went to bed immediately, as you can imagine.

I later woke up at 1:00pm.  :O


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Christmas Time

Alright!  Christmas is getting closer everyday–I can hardly believe that it’s almost here.

Christmas day that is, the celebrations started long ago.

In November we had a Kids Care Christmas party at our church in which I helped out in the nursery for part of the time, ate dinner, then headed upstairs to help in the preschool 1 room.  While I was helping out with the younger kids, my brothers were having fun by taking part in different Christmas-themed crafts.  I took part in a couple with the little kids too actually. 🙂

Last Sunday we had a Christmas party with a group of church friends over at one of their houses.

Then a couple days ago we watched the Polar Express and made hot chocolate from a mix that was sent to us in the mail.

And just last night, we drove around in the car, looking at Christmas lights.  There was one house with a whole bunch of lights and they were all blinking on and off to this one radio station of music!  You just had to turn your radio to the right station, and then you could see how different lights were blinking on and off in time to the music. 🙂  There was also a house where they had a wooden castle set up in their yard and a WHOLE lot of lights that you could walk around and look at, plus free popcorn and hot coco.

Yesterday I went shopping for clothes with my mom because I needed the right clothes (as in not jeans and a several differently-colored t-shirts) to wear to the…  Nutcracker!

Yup!  I’m going to see ‘The Nutcracker’ tomorrow with my dad.  We’re going drive part way, park our car and than ride a train the rest of the way there!  Once we’re there we’ll have an hour or two before it begins so we can eat dinner at a restaurant.

Hey wait…  I just thought of something right now while typing all this, but–if we’re leaving somewhere inside of 3:00pm and will get there by like 5:00pm, than that means all in all, it will take like three hours or two hours and a half to get there.  And the Nutcracker starts at 7:00pm, and lasts two hours, plus a break between the two hours…  So that’s like two hours and thirty minutes, so it’ll be done by like 9:30pm.  Than if it takes three hours to get back…  It’ll be like 11:30pm before we’re back!

So either I’ve just done some bad math or we’re going to be home really late.

Well, anyways.

Another very exciting thing that happened today instead of a couple days ago or yesterday or whenever…  Was that it snowed!!!  I mean, I went for a sleepover last week at a friends’ house for her birthday, and it snowed the morning after, but that was just light snow that hardly stuck to the ground.  (All the girls at the sleepover were still shrieking with excitement though).  This morning we woke up to a whole yard full of snow!  A.K.A, lots of snow angels, snowballs, snow-cones, (jackets, sweaters,  socks, hats,) snowball fights against siblings…

Speaking of snowball fights.  When we were outside in the snow this morning, one of my brothers threw/tried to throw a snowball at me.  I put on a silly-ish voice and said: ‘You wouldn’t dare…’  But suddenly one of my other brothers threw a snowball at me–and he met his mark.  I whirled on him and said (still in the silly voice) ‘He dared!’  They all thought that, that was pretty funny.

And hey, it was.

One more thing…  Here are some pictures of us celebrating Christmas. 😉

Our gingerbread house with decorations.










Our gingerbread house with a decorated yard.










Gingerbread cookies.


IMG_0001 (2)
Christmas presents sent by friends and family and followers of my mom’s blog.
IMG_0002 (2)
The house that had lights blinking in time with a Christmas radio station. However, you can’t really capture that part in a photo.
Standing around a fire, drinking hot chocolate and eating popcorn.
My dad and two of my brothers with lights and an abominable snowman statue behind them.
A silly photo of us all standing (accept for dad, who was taking this photo) with ‘Santa Claus’.


Snow Days!
Let it snow, let snow, let it snow!


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My 12th Birthday!

It’s my Birthday today!  😀

I’ve gotten some awesome presents before on other Birthdays.  Usually there has been one certain present that I really want; one year (or two years, I don’t remember) I wanted a heart locket–which I ended up getting from my grandma and losing later.  (Of course I did.  Just like all of those chap sticks that I’ve lost in the past and various other small items. :P)
For a couple years or so I wanted those little bobble head animal toys called ‘Littlest PetShops’.
Last year I wanted a video game called ‘The Legend of Zelda: The Twilight Princess’.

But this year I didn’t really know what I wanted.  When I was younger I’d start planning for my B-day three months before hand.  But this year?  Well, I wasn’t even aware that my Birthday was this week until someone told me “Happy Birthday this week, Jackson!”

That’s when I realized that I’d been so caught up in this years’ NaNoWriMo that I hadn’t paid very good attention to the date! :O

I didn’t have a Birthday Wishlist, I did want a Video Camera but as mom says–“That’s very expensive”, we didn’t have a party/get together planned and I was still focused on NaNoWriMo more than my three-day-away Birthday.

It was a mixture of the excitement of my Birthday-soon-to-come and the bad cold that I had (plus the fact that I wasn’t used to going to sleep a 7:00) that kept me from sleeping well last night.  I eventually fell asleep, only to wake up later and discover that it was very late at night.

I tried very hard to get back to sleep; I lay on one eye and kept them both closed (didn’t work) then lay on the other eye and kept them both closed (didn’t work), tried various positions (once again, didn’t work).  Eventually I had to give up and try a new tactic.

Now, I’m not known for being well coordinated/quiet/stealthy.  But you don’t have to be very well coordinated to turn on your lamp, place your extra pillow in front of the crack under the door so that light (or at least most of the light) doesn’t shine into the hallway, and climb back into bed with a Harry Potter book.

I do not usually sneak around; I used to do it a lot when I was younger–but even though I’d been caught reading at like midnight before–the last time that I’d done this was like two years ago.

Why would I be reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets at like one in the morning?!  Because it made my eyes tired and I fell asleep.  😛

This morning I wake up way earlier than I usually do and went downstairs, only to be sent back up by mom who said–“You’ll spoil everything!”  In other words, I’d ruin whatever surprise that was in store for me.

A few minutes later, they all come up to my room, singing happy birthday, with a doughnut that has a single lit candle sitting in the middle of it.  When their done singing I blew the candle and Everett hands me a folded up piece of paper.

Opening the paper; I see a picture of a horse on it and the words:

“Happy Birthday!  Let’s ride a horse.” 

I sat there in my chair, stuttering stuff like–“Am I really–horse?  I mean really–we aren’t really…?”

I was half-afraid that it was just words on a card–no meaning at all accept that I LOVE horses.

When my mom confirmed to me that I really was going to get to ride my most favorite animal in the whole world (yes, I am in love with horses), the next thing that I did is a little bit strange.

I got so happy that I cried.

That hasn’t ever happened to me before–not this badly anyways. XD

Top left: My youngest brother giving me a doughnut with a lit candle in the middle of it.
Top right: Two bracelets that I received from my grandma (the bracelets are from Kenya).
Bottom: Me crying and holding up my card for the camera after realizing that I REALLY was going to get to go horseback riding! 😀


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Animal Jam Halloween Poem

I wrote a Halloween themed poem for Animal Jam. 🙂  Here it is–>

The Night Of The Phantoms

The Jammers flee, scurry and scream as the Phantom floats ever closer.

One small Jammer is down on her knees, crying; “Please, leave us alone sir!”

But the Phantom floats on, keeping a fast pace, looking upon each fearful face.

“Why THIS time of year?”  Cries a small fox, making sure that his den is well locked.

A bunny nearby, coolly replies.  “It’s like this every year—no need to fear!”

“Don’t fear?!”  Shrieks a seal nearby.  “One misstep and we could all die!”

 This makes a wolf howl; he’s scared of the Phantoms lurking everywhere.

“Hush now—take a candy, its fancy!  Celebrate!  The Phantoms really aren’t that scary.”  Soothes a Crocodile, producing some candy that makes the wolf smile.

 “Well, fine.  But just for awhile…”

Happy Halloween!!!

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Fall Carnival!

I woke up much earlier than I usually do this morning.  I stay up ’till 11:00pm something some nights.  And usually wake up around 9:00am the next day.  But because I have such a laid back life, I lay in bed imagining things (I have a very wide imagination that is basically like my own movie theater) and don’t get up until 10, 11 and sometimes even 12:oo!  So yes, I am lazy.

When I woke up this morning, my room was still very dark, and I was still mostly asleep.  I kept blinking open my eyes every once and awhile, felt how tired they were, and shutting them again.  But eventually I forced my eyes to stay open and checked my bedside clock.  That was no good, it’s broken and works an hour and something ahead of time perpetually.

So I got out of bed, basically zigzagging out of my room to get to the bathroom.  (I kept knocking into door frames and stuff, I must have still been partly asleep.)

Whenever I stumbled my way back to my room, I slid under all my blankets and lay there shivering a bit.  I didn’t dare peer into my parents room to look at one of their digital clocks that sit on both sides of their bed.  Their door was only opened partway, and I had heard my dad in there not to long ago.  If he saw me, he would know I was awake, and I’d rather be left alone in my mornings to imagine.

But, imagining in my bed got a bit dull after awhile.  I mean–the fall carnival was today right?!
And yesterday my mom and me had gotten some new books that we’d had on hold that had finally come to the library.  Well, actually, we’d put these same two books on hold throughout the last couple of months several times.  We’d just never managed to go and get them. :/

So my newest Warriors book by Erin Hunter was sitting on my bookshelf/bedside table.  And it was so tantalizing…  So I read it instead.  🙂

Whenever my dad came to get me up, he found me reading, not sleeping or imagining.  (Well technically I had to imagine what was going on in the book.)

I was crestfallen and slightly surprised to learn once I’d gotten downstairs, that my youngest brother had been throwing up.

1. He was sick.

2. Because he was sick, this might mean no fall carnival.

But as it ended up, he didn’t throw up for the rest of the day.  Mom staid home with him just in case though, and my dad, my two oldest brothers and me, all went to the fall carnival about 25 minutes after 5:00pm.

Once we got there, we had a blast!  There was all kinds of games, mainly they seemed to be for younger kids.  But we got candy for them–plus, they were fun.  😀

Probably the funniest part was when I raced my friend Anthony at the tricycle race!  He’s my age and our legs were too long to move the pedals.  XD!  We scooted around the pile of hay bales on the tricycles, and I was winning–until we got to the third round.  Not realizing that the race was still on, I slowed down and he overtook me.  In trying to scoot the tricycle forward faster than him, my boot got stuck between my tricycle and a hay bale and he beat me.

They give you candy even if you lose.  (I don’t know a smiley face that represents a smug look. 😛 )

I was a little embarrassed playing the little kid type games and especially when I couldn’t do it right–like ringing the horseshoes on the little pole, throwing the bean-bags through the holes, or lassoing a bouncy rocking horse.

There was a moment where I was pretty embarrassed though.  There was a station called the “Fishin’ Hole”.  And all you did was stick your net through the flap and the person on the other side gave you something.  The man handing the kids nets kept telling them to say something really baby-ish to the person so that they’d put the thing in your net.  I watched him do it to two kids and thought–“Surely because I’m older, I won’t have to say anything like that?” 


He came up to me, and after handing me a net told me to say “I love you fishy very much, give me something good.”  I just stared up at him for a little while, to see if he was joking or not.  But then he told the person behind the the station what I had to say before they gave anything to me.

I wouldn’t say he coaxed me into it, as much as I was embarrassed at having to say such a kiddy sounding thing with a line of people watching–so I got it over with.  Although I did alter what I said just a little bit.  I said–“I love you fishy very much, just give me something good.”  XD

Here are some pictures.  I didn’t have a camera with me at the carnival, so I took pictures when I got home.

This the card that we wore around our neck to keep track of which station you’d been to and hadn’t been to yet.
One of the brothers didn’t won’t a free fake tattoo. So he got one to give to the youngest brother back home.
This is the 8 year old’s tattoo that he got.
This is my tattoo.
My cowgirl braids. Lol!
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A Border Brew and a Cowgirl! (Sort Of)

Happy Halloween!

Even though, it isn’t going to be Halloween for another 5 days. 🙂

Guess what we’re doing tomorrow?

We’re going to a fall festival at our church!  Oh my goodness I’m so excited!  (My mom doesn’t like me saying OMG, even though I said that when I say it, I mean it as ‘Oh My Goodness’.  But she says that, that doesn’t change what it really means.)

And guess what else?  The fall festival is going to be cowboy themed!  And they want to see which cowboy/cowgirl can wear the most “bling”.  This probably only really applies to the cowgirls, but maybe there will be a few boys wearing some necklaces or something.

I’m training at our church to be a “buddy”–which is basically put, being a friend with a kid who needs more attention, or has problems etc.  As a buddy your job is to help them at church (at least), like helping them to cooperate in their classes.
I got an e-mail saying that they didn’t need anymore help with the younger kids at the fall carnival–they already had enough helpers.  Then I was asked (through e-mail) if I wanted to help out at a booth, or if I’d rather just have fun with my siblings at the carnival.  And I’ll be honest, I’d been wanting to just chill at the carnival and play games, earn candy–to put it simple, I just wanted to have fun this time around.

Hope that doesn’t make me sound to selfish.  But I e-mailed back saying that I’d rather hang out with my siblings this time.

You know how I said not that many paragraphs ago that this years’ carnival is cowboy themed?  Well, although I haven’t looked in our dress-up-box to check; I’m pretty sure that we don’t have 4 cowboy hats in there.  And what if we do have at least one cowboy hat?  Who out of the four siblings is going to wear it?

This is why, about a week or so ago, when my mom and me were out shopping; I asked if we could buy a cowboy hat.  She said that if she bought me one, she’d have to buy one for all my brothers too.  And that they’d be really expensive.  We did look at some cowboy hats at the Value Village (it’s kinda like the Salvation Army in Canada), and you know what?  We didn’t get one–they were all very expensive.  Of course, she was right.

However I do have my diamond horseshoe earrings that I could wear there.  Although, I’ve been wearing them everyday–so people might not notice them.  In other words I might just look like I don’t have an ounce of cowgirl-like clothing on me.

But hey–who cares!  Because I think that the candy will most certainly make up for that!  😀

And now, for the “Border Brews”.

Border Brews, is the name of a coffee place in Blang.  And Blang (I’m guessing that’s how it’s spelled) is a town next to the Canadian/American border.  So it’s called Border Brews.

Whenever my mom and me go shopping in America–on our way back to cross the border back into Canada, we stop by Border Brews for a treat.  She usually gets her favorite; the Pumpkin Spice Latte.  As for me; I get the kids’ cup of Hot Cocoa.  🙂

Last time we went there, was the first time I had gone through Border Brews.  Whereas my mom had been several times before on her shopping trips alone.  I got a hot cocoa, and was quite surprised when the lady at the window handed us a kids’ cup of hot cocoa, with a small mountain of whipped cream on top of the lid.

We went again today, and I got hot cocoa again.  This time they asked if I wanted whipped cream on the lid.  Why (how) would I (could I) say no to a pile of whipped cream?!  This time, the whipped cream came covered in sprinkles.

How thoughtful.

In case you were wondering.  We tend to go shopping in America, because it’s cheaper there.  Not as cheap as it was in Georgia, but cheaper nonetheless.

And one more awesome thing…

We bought Halloween candy!!!  (But shh don’t tell my brothers; they aren’t supposed to know.)

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BC Weather, and Germany?

It is now autumn time where we live in British Columbia.  The trees are displaying bright colored leaves from flaming red–to florescent orange and bright yellow.  And of course the brown leaves. 😉  However, I’m not sure that jumping into a nice, big, freshly raked leaf-pile is an option when it’s raining.

Yep, that’s right.  It’s raining–and according to the weather channel and several other people–in British Columbia, the rain pours for a large portion of the year.

This is both good and bad.  I like to listen to the rain beat against my window and run off of the roof.  My three brothers and me like to jump in rain puddles and play in mud.  (The puddles can be water or mud; it doesn’t ruin the fun.)  When it thunderstorms we can pretend we’re in a rainforest by setting up their stuffed animal monkeys, bears, and other forest-y animals and make them do goofy things.

But–you can’t jump on a trampoline in the rain–well, technically you could; but you might slip and fall off.  The rain here isn’t very hard, it’s more–damp and depressing.  At least I’ve heard people describe it as depressing, I personally like the rain.  The skies are almost always cloudy, making it darker even in the afternoons sometimes.  Or confusing me into thinking that it’s earlier than it really is when I wake up.  (My clock is broken. :P)

But, hey!  Enough moaning about the weather!  🙂

Before I forget, I’m going to tell you about some rather funny things my brothers said a couple or so weeks ago…

It was night time, they were all in bed and dad had just finished the bible story that he tells every night.  While I got ready to bring the laptop up to my room, (I do that most every night after my brothers are all put to bed) my dad stayed in their room and talked to them.  They were talking about the town in Germany that they’d been born in.  “Bitburg”, is at least how it’s pronounced.  Suddenly the 6 year old punches the air and says–“Bitburger!”

He thought that, that was pretty funny.  Then dad explained to them that “Bitburger” really was a word.  It was the name of a drink that comes from Bitburg!  So they started to laugh at how there really was a thing called Bitburger.

Then dad says that when they grow up, maybe the oldest two boys and me could go to Bitburg to see where they had been born.  But the 6 year old says–“Jack would be dead already by then!”

He apparently thought that I was a grownup. XD

And while we’re on the topic of Germany, I’ll just post this video of a commercial that my dad, Everett and me all think is hilarious!  😀

Lol!  I’ve seen that video so many times now!  XD

“Hello.  Vhat are you, sinking about?”

After watching that video, my dad explained to me that in their language, they don’t say the TH noise.  And that for them W and V are the same noise.

But something about the accent in the video intrigued me.  It sounded so familiar.  Just like…  Suddenly I jumped up from the couch and looked at Everett with my mouth wide.   “Everett!  That accent is also  from…”  I left the sentence hanging so that he could figure it out.

But he didn’t, just stood there.  So after a little more of trying to get him to guess; I quoted the character that had that exact same accent.  And something must have clicked, because then Everett got excited.  :O

“Blitzwing from Transformers Animated has that same accent and pronounces things that same way!”

Ok, now I have to explain who Blitzwing is.  Blitzwing is a Decepticon from one of the “Transformers” shows.  He has three faces that he is always switching back and forth with–kind of like three different modes.  Each face has a different personality.  But all of them are a little insane.  Lol!

He is my favorite Decepticon from the Animated show.  🙂

Top to Bottom: The vicious ready-to-blow-everything-up-face, the thoughtful-almost-intelligent face, and the insane/incredibly-random-face.

Yes, he’s quite amusing to watch.  Not only that, but “blitz” is the German word for lightning!  And apparently also an army term for a very fast attack.

So…This doesn’t make sense.  This character is an alien robot with a German word in his name and a German accent.  But he comes from a completely different galaxy! 😛

Well, I thought that I’d share a video with you of one of my favorite scenes from TFA (Transformers Animated) with Blitzwing in it.  😉

Sorry about the quality of the Blitzwing vid.  :/  It was the best one of this scene that I could find.
Oh!  One last thing that I almost forgot about!  We celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving!  😀  We went to a friend’s house and had dinner–and my brothers and me played in the forest behind their house.  🙂