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My Name Is Jackson Bowman and I Want People To Like My Stuff

I don’t know if this is a rant or a vent or what, but it’s here.

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve wanted to be famous. That sounds shallow. That sounds dumb. It’s one of those things you’re never supposed to say out loud, because it makes you look bad. But it’s also true. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve wanted to be famous. But not for just any old reason. No, I’ve always wanted something of mine to be famous. I don’t want to be the famous one so much as I want my creations to be famous. I’m not supposed to be the exciting one. It’s my characters, my stories, the things that I pour my life and soul into creating. I want so badly to create a TV show, a book series, a movie, a big something that I get to sit back and watch people love. I don’t care if they have no idea who made the thing, I just want to see people obsess over characters and stories that mean so, so much to me. Because that’s me. I want to be the name in the credits that nobody reads, because at least they watched the whole movie.

I’m that person that obsesses over characters. I’m that person that comes up with theories and ideas for things that I’m into. I’m that person that spends every day caught in someone else’s fictional weird, so incredibly happy to lose myself there. I write fan-fiction, I draw fan-art, and I consume just as much as I produce. I’ve made best friends through fandoms online. I’ve spent hours of my life absorbed in fiction. The only reason I’m able to live a happy life right now is because other people supply entertainment for me and I have the ability to create entertainment of my own.

The very thought that my creations could become other people’s happy getaways as well… That’s wild. I want nothing more than to Google my creation’s name and see a hilariously bad fan-fiction about my characters. That’s my dream.

I love my characters. They mean a lot to me. There’s a piece of me in each of them, no matter how different it may be from the source material. Drawing them makes me happy, writing them makes me happy, and sitting around thinking about them makes me undeniably happy. I have worlds so well thought out, characters so in-depth due to years of development, that I’m sure getting to create a series with them would be wildly successful. People would love it. They would sit around waiting for each new episode to air, just like I do with shows that I like.

But that’s kind of the thing. Actually having the ability to create a series, is… Close to impossible. I mean, a million people have great ideas for a show. A million people have characters they’ve developed for years that they love dearly. A million people can draw. A million people can write. But about 0.9999999% of those people get to see their creations come to life.

I strive to be that minuscule percentage. Maybe I strive too hard. Maybe I strive too obsessively. Maybe I’ll wind up broke, living in a cardboard box on the side of an L.A. street eating Cup Noodles™. But I want to be able to say that even if I never got to live the dream, I did try my absolute hardest. Because if I never even try, I’ll live the rest of my life wishing that I had.

Now you guys know that I’m an ambitious, shallow kid who still thinks she can create a TV show. I know I’ll need a normal job to fall back on, I know I need to start figuring out my major, and I know that nothing ever works out perfectly. You’re talking to the person who was deported from India at age 15. I definitely know that life sucks. I get sick and tired of people telling me things like: “Well, that’s cute and all, but you know it’ll never happen, right?”

Like, yes, Bertha. I know it’ll never happen. Thanks for reminding me. But trying to make the impossible happen, will make me happier than sitting around wondering what would have happened if I’d just tried. J.K. Rowling started writing Harry Potter because it was a cool idea and it made her happy. Not because she thought it would make her a killing. (The fact that it later did, of course, makes her that lucky 1%.)

Nobody believes that I can do it, including myself most of the time. Your discouraging comments aren’t helping. I live in a trailer in south Georgia and all of my friends are wealthier than me. Let me imagine that one day I’ll have that dream come true.

I will strive to be that 1% so that at least if I fall down, I’ll do so knowing that I tried my hardest to fly.

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Story time, children. This is going to be a little long because I enjoy the details and theatrics.

There are few things in life that I will always disagree with, always back away from (in the most literal sense) and always find myself scared of. But things running at me—anything running or even walking at a brisk pace—towards me, gets me every time. Er—not literally.

I have—um—some good reasons, too! I’ve had cows run at me, dogs run at me (including that one that actually did get me), people, yada yada yada. When I was nine a poolball (from the game, not the happy-fun-times water in somebody’s rich backyard) flew at my face, shattering one of my front teeth. Overall I’ve had a whole life-time to supply me with reasons for flinching so much. Also I flinch a lot.

Now, it just so happens that spiders don’t really bother me. Y’know, they’re okay. They catch the other bugs—like the roaches—so we’ve formed a mutual friendship. Like, I might add them on Facebook, if they requested me first. Buuut I don’t go out of my way to be pals with them. If I see them in my bathroom but they aren’t bothering me, that’s okay. Forget the fact that the spiders in my house are named (I think) ‘Jungle Spiders’ and are always around the size of my hand.

However, I don’t like them in my bedroom. Sorry, spiders. We’re not that close. You’re a strictly pop-out-from-behind-the-mirror-while-I’m-brushing-my-teeth kinda friend. Stay there. Just there.

This morning I woke up to a nice thunderstorm. The internet was off, it wasn’t safe to plug in our devices. My laptop was at 5% battery (because I’m a careful person who doesn’t leave it plugged in at night), so I sat down in my floor, in the dark, and set about to deleting tons of useless photos from my phone.

I should have known that thunderstorms mean bad things. I’ve read the Horror stories. I’ve seen the cliches. It was 10:00 AM, but close enough to a ‘dark and stormy night’.

And so, I sat there, where I would never sit. Never before have I sat in my floor. It’s not comfortable, for one. I have a stool at my desk and a bed beside it, for another. But for some reason I decided to sit in the floor, fiddling with my phone.

Several minutes later—after deleting all the excess junk off of my phone—I looked up. Jerked in surprise at the spider—several feet away, on the wall right next to the bathroom door—and got up to get the electric flyswatter. Or, ‘spider zapper’. Spider couldn’t be in my room, I wouldn’t allow it.

So, I get up to the spider. Press the button on the swatter that makes it spark (sometimes literally) to life, which is signaled to me by the faintest buzz and a small red light flicking on. Raise it over the spider. And slap. It gets away, only nicking a couple legs. They’re huge, and fast—as it fell I heard a thump.

You’re not supposed to slap things with a clunky, plastic, electric spider zapper. My mom heard the slap, called my over, reprimanded me, so did my dad. I went back, looked around, didn’t see the spider anywhere. Okay, that’s semi-cool. I don’t want to find him/her later, but hey. If it’s gone, or curled up somewhere dead, that’s good. Right?

Fast-forward to a few minutes later. I’m walking into my bathroom. Separating my room’s floor from my bathroom’s floor, is a small bar of wood, laid across the doorway. Right as I’m stepping over, I see the spider pressed up—somewhat injured looking—against the bathroom side of the wood. I’m like: “Oh!” jump over, into the bathroom.

Why didn’t I step back, instead of in?

So I hover there, a foot or so from the door for a moment. I’m in the bathroom, but not at all ready to brush my teeth—which would turn my back to the fast-and-furious-leggy-of-death. So I’m all like: “Okay leggy, I’ma jump right ovah you and is’ gon’ be OK.”

Thank God for long legs. I started to step-hop over the doorway. The spider had LONGER LEGS.




My mom saw that, she started to laugh. And I was laughing. And I was like: “It’s cool yo, I gets the spider zapper agin ‘cuz i, lik, know whur it be now.” (Internet talk doesn’t work in real life by the waydon’t try it with anyone you care to impress.)

I walk back into my room—peering all around for it. Didn’t see it. Pulled aside something farther into the room, didn’t see it. Okay then. That’s… Disconcerting.

My middle brother walks in, pipes up: “What’re you doing?” no wonder he noticed, I was half-bent, velociraptor-ing in the doorway-corner it was supposed to be lurking in.

To which I responded: “Searching for a spider—please turn on the light.”

He turned on the light, and I spotted it—curled in the most beautifully camouflaged place—right beside my door where it was still dark. In the corner RIGHT beside where I would have walked through next time. Again, I raised the spider zapper. This time slow, precise as a dork can be, hanging over the death-legs before descending. Without slapping.

It didn’t die. These spiders are muscular. They don’t just squish. It was in the corner—the one place my zap couldn’t get it. The plastic edge of the zapper got it, but not the electric part. It was just muscled underneath a piece of plastic, such an infuriating little leg-body.


So I proceed to knock it off into the toilet, and brush my teeth. It just floats there on the surface, as dead things of certain weights and air tend to do. I brush my teeth.

Something caught my eye. I turned, stared at the dead spider. Decided to experiment—because I’m too curious for my own good. I blew on it. It moved. Not from air. From being just a LITTLE bit still alive. I blew on it. It’s haywire death-leggies move again. Not a twitch. An alive slide, across the water.

When God invented spiders, did he know we were going to put on such a fun show every time one EIGHT-LEGS GALLOPS AT US.

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Tumblr and Valentines Day

Hello there world of WordPress! It’s been a couple weeks since I last posted. My every-Monday routine was cut short by nothing less than laziness.

So to start off with–Valentine’s Day. I had big plans for Valentine’s Day, but those too were cut short by laziness.

“I’ll get up early in the morning and make breakfast!” I said. (Early for me being anywhere under 8:30. It’s a Homeschooler thing I think.) But what I didn’t know, was that we would be staying until around Midnight at someone’s house the night prior. Playing board games, playing music, eating food and drinking tea–we had a good time. BUT, it didn’t exactly help me get up the next morning at a reasonable time.

Long story short, I didn’t make breakfast. But we still had a great Valentine’s Day. 😉

There was lots of candy. LOTS.

I got Squishy (code name for my best friend) a giant Reece’s peanut-butter heart, and she didn’t even realize it was for her. I had her close her eyes before I set it in her hand, and she had no reaction. Zero. So I just assumed she wasn’t all that impressed, which was kind of a let down, honestly.

It wasn’t until thirty minutes later that it finally dawned on her that the heart was for HER, and than she started to hug me and eat some of it.

On a new topic, I made a Tumblr account today. I had a Tumblr once before a few years ago, but all I did was post captioned screenshots of Transformers. And then I started an Ask-Blog for a couple of my characters, but that never took off. So now I’ve finally started a personal blog! I just post sketches and WIP’s of drawings, and random stuff probably only I find funny.

I’m Teen-Traveler on there.

That’s all for now, post to you later! 😉

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Tree-Moles and Cat-Lamps

Sounds like a book title, come to think of it.

Well, this past week was good. I spent all Sunday out and about doing church-y things, and Squishy–my best friend–was with me. So we did a lot of doodling in my sketchbook and laughing about stupid stuff. 🙂 My ideal day.

Last night when I was going to bed, I was all ready for bed and everything. But my brain was still active, I had all of these ideas for a story swirling around like crazy. And if I’ve learned anything about that, it’s not something I should sleep on. Because–well–it makes it hard for me to sleep. And I have a tendency to procrastinate, so if I don’t seize the inspiration of a new idea at THAT moment, I won’t care as much later.

And so I re-opened my laptop and started to type. Tap tap tap went the keys (actually I type rather loudly, so it was more like TAP TAP TAP) and ‘Write moooooooore’ went my brain. Until finally my body forced Brain to quiet, because it was Midnight and I was definitely tired.

Satisfied with the two or so pages I had managed to type down, I went to bed… And dreamed about toads. This is where tree-moles come in.

In my dream, I walked into my room. It was laid out differently for some reason, kind of like how my room looked the last time we lived in this house. Accept unlike anytime that I’ve changed my room around, there were shelves full of tanks–and the tanks were full of toads/frogs. Apparently my mom had caught them all for me, which is… Strange. But I love animals so I just went with it.

There outside of a tank, sitting still as a statue, was a toad. Large, gnarly, he didn’t try to move until I picked him up. Then he squirmed around and kicked his legs like toads do as he tried to escape–and I soon found that there was no room in any of the tanks for him.

So taking him outside, I walked over to a big oak tree that’s in our yard. I’m not sure what I was going to do with him, but I guess it wasn’t letting him go–because when he jumped out of my hands I started scuttling around trying to scoop him back up.

That was about the time my servant popped up–dream logic told me I had one–and he just sort of stood there, not helping. Kind of like a dumb Skyrim companion. Or any NPC from any game, ever.


Suddenly the toad BURROWS into the tree, and that’s when I realize that the tree is no tree, it’s a rotten dirt tree. I can sift my hands through it like sandy, finely grained up wood-chips. Watching his little shape move around through the wood-chips, another movement catches my eye from the left. So I dig my hand in and pull out a freakish mole. Not a normal mole. something with a pointy nose, sleek, peach-fuzz fur, and other qualities that sound more mole-ish and less cat. It started to writhe in my hands, trying to snap at me with these needly little teeth, and I commenced to freak out.

My servant just stood there. And that was the end of that dream.

BUT, it did inspire me to put tree-moles and dirt-trees into my book, so once I awoke I drew one!


And as for cat-lamps, that’s just a character I came up with, based on my cat-lamp. He will probably be in my story too. 🙂


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This and That, But Mostly About a Writers’ Guild

I’ll start with the lesser stuff, and lead up to the finale.

A lot of small things are going on. Not exciting enough to devote a post to, but stuff like art projects–both personal and collaborative–and youth group. It’s the one day a week I get to spend with other kids my age, even if the loud music and Middleschoolers/Highschoolers can be overwhelming, I have a great time. But I tend to forget about it until it’s too late, so I’ve finally set a weekly alarm on my iPod. Also I watched ‘Over the Garden Wall’ (which is amazing. The style is unique and beautiful, and the storytelling is the same).

WIP of some ‘Over the Garden Wall’ fan-art. 😀

Now, the big thing that I’ve been putting off actually happened at youth group. Or right after it. It ended, everyone was slowly walking out, chatting, laughing, praying, doing whatever they were. I walked up to my mom–who was talking with someone else–and two adults came up to me. One of them introduced herself as the new president of the writers’ guild that I submitted ‘The Scribe’ to. Apparently she’s read my story and really liked it! She then went on to say that they were having a youth thing where they usually meet, and asked me to join them.

Guys. I was asked to join them. That’s a pretty big step-upward in my mind! I mean, when I was younger I always wanted to be a super famous author. Now, not so much. I’m content to write for myself and for friends, for the sheer fun of pouring out stories. But being asked to join a group of people who are just as nerdy/geeky and–um–authory as I am, is awesome!

So, wish me luck. 😀

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Merry Christmas and a Happy 2015!

This Christmas–well, last Christmas–was a great one. I’ve never had a bad Christmas, but I always feel the need to say that. It was great–not only because of the gifts, as per usual. But the family, which isn’t always as usual. What with my family and I moving around so much, not every Christmas is spent with our extended family–grandparents and aunts and uncles, the like. And knowing last year’s Christmas will be my last in America with all of them for a few years, that made it all the more to cherish.

I had three Christmas gatherings. One with a group of my family, one with my main family on Christmas day (well that was a stay-at-home-and-open-presents thing like normal, not a gathering), and one with another group of my family–on New Years Eve. So I basically had three Christmases. All of which were great. 😀

To name some stuff I got: a notebook/colored pens/flowery and tie-dye duct tape, a Dalek mug (EXTERMINATE!), Doctor Who – The Official Miscellany, Kre-O Transformers, a Lego Onesie and more. But the two golden trophies of the bunch were Bayformers (Micheal Bay Transformers, for those who don’t speak Cybertronian) Bumblebee merchandise!

Taken with our new camera. :D
Taken with our new camera. 😀
Bumblebee Head
As dorky as I am, I still find this creepy. Cool in a way, but creepy.

Soooo, yeah. This has been the dorkiest, geekiest Christmas I’ve ever had. And I loved it. 😀

Also–happy late new year! My only resolutions are to practice drawing Transformers, learn of the lyrics to Billy Joel’s ‘We Didn’t Start the Fire‘ and practice my voice acting. Audition for more things on-line and whatever I have to do. 🙂

What about you, any resolutions?

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Packing, and Roadtrips, and New Places—Oh My!


(Hey, this post is arriving a day late.  This all happened yesterday.)

Maybe I didn’t mention it to you guys before, but we’re going to another training place that’s a lot like the ‘Equip’ we went to last Summer. It’s all part of us going to South Asia. Raising funds, training, etc.

So of course, there’s a lot of moving around to do. Like my dad going to that linguistics school up in Canada (which is why we moved to Canada), and us moving back down to Georgia so that we could go to Equip. And now we’re going up to North Carolina for about a month, for something similar to Equip.  Again.

Crazy packing yesterday (the day before we go) and adding the finishing touches on packing this morning, before we hopped into the car. For me, the ‘finishing touches’ would be a little more than just touches…  I packed my clothes yesterday, sure. But the same thing always happens to me.

At the last minute I suddenly realize how much I still have to pack.  So I started scurrying around. Packing my laptop, un-packing it and then packing it somewhere else, packing my hand-bag of art supplies/extra stuff, etc. I even managed to fit that honking huge manual for ‘The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’ that I borrowed from a friend, into my backpack—along with other stuff.  Because even when I’m packing to go somewhere, I like to bring extra fun stuff…  As long as it isn’t too unnecessary.

All of this happened several minutes ago. I’m now writing to you from our car, as we drive to North Carolina.

Here, I’ll describe what’s around me a little bit for you…

My three brothers are in the middle row, playing with Pokemon toys (and currently marveling at how all of their toys seem to say ‘Made In China’ on them), Gameboys, D.S’s, whatever they brought with them.  All of this is done while talking really loudly so that they can hear each other above the wind that’s whipping through the windows.  That, and talking loudly seems to be required of being a young boy.

My dad is in the Driver’s seat, and my mom is in the Passenger’s seat.  I don’t know what their doing other than driving and occasionally talking.

Oh, GREAT.  (That was sarcasm.)  Um, not to give you too much information, but my oldest brother just got sick into a bucket… Yeah, road-sickness is a problem in some members of my family.  Because no roadtrip is complete without someone barfing into a bucket.  It’s times like this that I become very thankful that I don’t really get car-sickness. I can actually read and write in the car without getting a headache…  So, er, I find myself lucky.

Well, um, to continue what I was saying before…

Lastly, there’s me. I’m sitting in the backseat, with suitcases and other forms of luggage stuffed around me. I don’t have very much legroom (so I just stretch my legs over my brothers heads every once in awhile.  They don’t even seem to notice.  xD), but my backpack and bag full of lots of good stuff is here with me.  I have my laptop (obviously) but there isn’t very much that I can do with it in the car. We don’t have Internet in the car, and when my computer is unplugged all of my games run too slow (and they use up a bunch of battery) so I usually just write.  This time, it’s this post.

Roadtrips have their ups and downs. Here, I’ll make a list for you.


      1. Their isn’t much legroom, between the crowding luggage and the fact that this car is older.  (Old enough that there’s a slot that you can put tapes into).

      2. It’s loud.  From brothers, from wind, from the car itself, from other vehicles around us.

      3. It’s windy.  Our air-conditioner broke during our first roadtrip across the US when I was in Kindergarten, and it’s way to expensive to fix.  So we keep the windows rolled-down at least partway, which not only makes you cooler, but whips my hair into my eyes and is loud.


      1. I get to sit next to the snacks.

      2. I can write, and read, and draw in my sketchbook.

      3. The wind actually does cool you down.

      4. I can always look forward to our destination.

      5. I can see a lot pass by outside the window(s).  🙂

Now, onto describing our destination…  (Can you tell that I’m just writing to occupy my time? Writing lists and whatnot can help me feel more organized.  :))

I’m not sure what the name of the place is. But we’ve heard that the community their has a, well, really nice community feeling.  Like Equip did. Only at Equip a big part of that ‘one big family’ (sort of) feeling, was that everyone ate together.  Here, that won’t be happening as much. But they also have a pool, and activities for the kids to do. 😀

For kids my age (teenagers, I guess) we don’t have as much to do.  At least, that’s what I’ve heard.  We’re not really sure what I’ll be doing, yet.  My parents will be in classes, and my brothers will be in a sort of daycare thing. And I’ll be… Um… We’ll see.  They have some activities for the kids my age, but I don’t know if their happening everyday.  Some days I might even just hang out in our apartment (speaking of which, I’m super excited about seeing what our apartment looks like!)  and stay on the computer or something. But I do that all day at home anyways, so it’s not like a punishment or anything.  😛

Well, with around five hours of road to cover left, I’ll draw this post to an end.  Or for now anyways. I’ll probably continue it later, when we’ve settled down in our apartment… So hopefully you’ll get this tonight?


Well, I’m updating sooner than I expected.  We aren’t there yet (I think we still have a couple of hours left.  I’m used to being able to just look up and see what the GPS says, but this time I can’t see it) and I felt like writing again.

The ride has been going smooth. My brothers have been taking turns with the Kindle Fire, fussing at each other while they do so, the usual… And we just stopped by a Cracker Barrel for lunch!  My family doesn’t go out to eat very often, so when we do, it’s a pretty big deal.  😀

Also, another ‘Up’ to add to that list.

Up 6. ‘Windows Media Player’ doesn’t need an Internet connection to play music. I’m now listening to some 80’s tunes that I downloaded from our old laptop. 😀 And we also have some Classical music.


We’re stopped at a Gas-Station. Just a few minutes until we’re finally there! * Throws a mental party *


WE’RE HERE!!! So, by ‘a few minutes’, I meant less than an hour. It took a bit longer than I expected.

But now we’re here!  And it looks amazing!  I’ve never lived in a house or an apartment that I haven’t liked at first sight, and this is no different.  It’s a really roomy, nice, apartment.  My parents bedroom has a closet that is so big, someone could easily renovate it into a mini bedroom.  And there are two bathrooms—which is one more than we have at home.

We unpacked the car super fast, because we were all so excited.  Well, my brothers and I were excited. My dad just seemed glad that the roadtrip was over, and my mom just seemed grumpy that we got an upstairs apartment…  Because of whatever poor person (people?) will be living underneath us.

Aaaand now we have nothing to do.  o_o Immediately once we were unpacked, I wanted to get around to meeting new people. But, well, we have nowhere to go tonight. (We came a couple days early.) And tomorrow will just be a day of settling in… Until that night, when there will be a pizza party.  😀


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More Than 100 Kids Jokes All Clean Jokes–All Story Jokes Book #3


Today I shall be reviewing ‘More Than 100 Kids Jokes All Clean Jokes–All Story Jokes  Book #3’, by Peter Jenkins.

Now, the first thing that you may notice is the rather long title.  Um, the book title–not the blog post title.  Well actually, both of those two titles because their both the same long book title.  Anyways…

The next thing that you may notice is that the title consists of the number ‘100’ and the word ‘jokes’.  This is a joke book.  😛

However, I’m not sure how to review the story of a joke book, accept to say that the author probably had a blast writing it.  So I’ll just skip ahead to the ‘Why I Liked It’ and ‘Why I Didn’t Like It’ part of the book review.

(Oh, I should tell you that I read this book on the Kindle, and can’t seem to find a page for the author on the internet or a book cover to insert into this post.  So it may be that the Peter Jenkins who wrote this book is not an incredibly well-known author, and his book may only be available on the Kindle right now.  ;))

Why I Liked This Book: All of the jokes were in story form, so they led up to the punchline as a mini-story.  And I really was laughing at a few of the jokes in there.  XD

Why I Didn’t Like This Book: I like silly and clever jokes, but some of the jokes in this book were only supposed to be funny because someone was getting hurt.  Even though I make jokes like that with my brothers all of the time, I was looking for more clever jokes that would take me by surprise when I read this book.

Come back next Friday to here about ‘The Island of the Blue Dolphins’!


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The Legend of Sleepy Hollow


‘The Legend of Sleepy Hollow’, is a very popular–and old–book, that most of you probably already know about.  I recently re-read it on our Kindle, and I rather enjoyed it this time.  (The first time that I read it, in the 1st grade, it scared me.  Of course, that was around the time that I was constantly scared of stuff like that.)  It was first published in 1890, and has been re-written more than once so that younger readers may understand it better today.

An excerpt of the story may go something like this:

Ichabod Crane is certainly an interesting man.  He’s tall and lanky, long-armed and long-legged, and well-learned–in some ways, that is.  He looks quite a lot like a walking scarecrow, really, but enough about his looks.

He is the schoolmaster in Sleepy Hollow, and possesses the talent of song.  He can often be heard walking home after dark by the small town, singing Psalms in the night.  The songs are to ward off evil creatures and spirits–fore Ichabod is really a rather superstitious sort of man, to say the least.  Of course, all that the Psalms really do is make him feel a bit better as he walks home.

And then there is the beautiful Katrina.  Katrina is the girl that Ichabod yearns for, but he isn’t the only one.  Many men have tried to win Katrina’s heart, but none have yet succeeded.  And many men are still trying when Ichabod joins in.

Then, of course, there is the trouble of Brom Bones.  Brom Bones, is a sort of bully, or ruffian of Sleepy Hollow.  He also wants Katrina’s hand in marriage.

Lastly, there is the ‘Headless Horseman’.  The Headless Horseman is something like a ghost that the small town believes comes out of his grave to ride back to the place where he lost his head.  And somehow, this headless being manages to interlope it’s way into Ichabod’s story.

Why I liked this book: The details were rich, and the story entertaining and fun to read.

Why I didn’t like this book: Despite the fact that it used to scare me when I was younger, I now rather like this story, and hope that you do too.  So I don’t really have anything that I don’t like about it.


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2012 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

4,329 films were submitted to the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. This blog had 14,000 views in 2012. If each view were a film, this blog would power 3 Film Festivals

Click here to see the complete report.


This is the progress that my blog made this year.  Apparently they send a report for every year. 😉

Can you believe that tomorrow is New Years’ Eve???