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Animal Jam Halloween Poem

I wrote a Halloween themed poem for Animal Jam. 🙂  Here it is–>

The Night Of The Phantoms

The Jammers flee, scurry and scream as the Phantom floats ever closer.

One small Jammer is down on her knees, crying; “Please, leave us alone sir!”

But the Phantom floats on, keeping a fast pace, looking upon each fearful face.

“Why THIS time of year?”  Cries a small fox, making sure that his den is well locked.

A bunny nearby, coolly replies.  “It’s like this every year—no need to fear!”

“Don’t fear?!”  Shrieks a seal nearby.  “One misstep and we could all die!”

 This makes a wolf howl; he’s scared of the Phantoms lurking everywhere.

“Hush now—take a candy, its fancy!  Celebrate!  The Phantoms really aren’t that scary.”  Soothes a Crocodile, producing some candy that makes the wolf smile.

 “Well, fine.  But just for awhile…”

Happy Halloween!!!

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AnimalJam Party Glitch!

I’ve talked about Animal Jam before in THIS post.  It’s a really cool website! 😀

Well yesterday I was at a ‘Wolf Only Party’.  They have parties now on AJ (Animal Jam.)  And one of my favorites to go to is the Wolves Only Party.  When you click to go to a Wolves Only Party, you automatically are turned into a wolf.  (You have to have one first.)

So I was at a wolf only party, standing by the awesome lava to turn my player red.  When I noticed–there was a seal at the wolves only party!! :O  How on earth did that seal get to the wolves only party and still be a seal?

So I asked the seal how, and they told me! 🙂  And now I’m going to tell you.  But please please please don’t go around telling everybody.  Because if you do AJHQ (Animal Jam Headquarters.)  Will fix the glitch! 😦

OK.  First go to the world called ‘Deep Blue’.

Next go down to the port that leads to Kani Cove.But just don’t go in yet.  Next open up the tab for the parties.  And then (with the party tab still up.)  Click the port to go to Kani Cove!

But just before you reach there to go in, (around the time you’re by the treasure chest sign next to it.)  click the party that’ s on!  This may take a few tries!  But It’s totally worth it! 😀

You can do it with other parties to!

I’m being a ghost at the Spooky Party. (Swimming around in the air like you sometimes do in the glitch).

Look here I am a seal at a Wolf Only Party!  Supposedly “howling” at that big full moon!  😛

There are some side effects to this glitch though.  You might appear at the party, but sometimes nobody can see you but you!  And also you might do it and the party will be empty of who are really there and you can only see the other people who have figured out the glitch! :/

Almost like you’re in another dimension!

A funny side effect you might get a lot is that you might see another copy of you there!  It’s so weird to see another you swimming in place up in the air somewhere.  Weird. 


One more awesome thing I’ll say about it….You can go as any other Ocean animal too! 😀  So you can be a shark or dolphin or something swimming in the air.  😛

Plus–you can usually switch Ocean animals once you’re there.  For instance, if you come as a seal and don’t want to be a seal–just turn into a shark!

Note:  I have a new post up that will answer some of your questions that you keep asking me about the glitch.  Please click here to view the post.

Note 2: Comments are closed on this and on my other AJ posts! My apologies, I just don’t have any interest in AnimalJam anymore. It’s still a good game, but I’m tired of receiving e-mails about new comments on this post. Keep on jamming!

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Animal Jam!

There’s this totally awesome game called Animal Jam-(AJ for short!)  It’s a national geographic kids website and its got some science games as well as other games!  There are some pretty cool worlds and you get to be animals!  Plus if your a member like me, you can have way more than two animals and they can have pets!  I took some pictures of  my wolf and dolphin on there!  I have more of course but I didn’t take a picture of all of them.

Here is a picture of my dolphin in one of the ocean worlds.