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Fifteenth Date Of World-Entering Celebration – Yaaaay!

I present to you, the first blog post that I have ever written, as a fifteen-year-old.

Saturday was my birthday! We (family and I) had a great time, even though I wasn’t with more family—like grandparents—to celebrate with. This isn’t the first time I’ve been away from close relatives during a major holiday, or a birthday. That doesn’t make it not disappointing, but at least—out of all the new adjustments I’ve made within the past few months—that doesn’t have to be one!

We went to a local cafe—which takes a good walk through crowded, noisy bazaar to reach. Frappes are worth it! (Translation: frothy ice-cream coffee smoothie for white girls.)

My brothers and I each got a cupcake, and my mom cried a little when the cafe TV started playing kid shows that I used to watch. No bigs. Just fifteen now. (It’s okay, mom. I’m not eager to grow up, either.)

She (mom) also bought me a really cool necklace that I’ve had my eye on! I dig that Steampunk look. It’s fun to draw, it’s fun to wear!


Once we were back home, I opened some presents that people back home/other places had sent me! A couple movies (courtesy of my grandma), season one of Once Upon A Time (which my brothers are all old enough to watch—yissssssssss), a funny hand-written card from a great internet friend (OUAT also came from her), and Sour Patch Kids. (Also from *insert Generic Internet Friend name here*. Sour Patch is my favorite type of candy, heh.)

Annnnd, a very exciting gift… Copic Ciao markers! Twelve Copic Ciao markers! I have a set of primaries, skin-tones, and grays—all sent previously from a very nice, fellow artist. But those were planned, and picked beforehand. I knew they were coming. These ones weren’t expected at all! I have two shades of purple, eeeeeeeeeeee—

To make things more interesting, these Copics came from a mystery person. They weren’t signed. (Thank you, Generic Mystery Person! I already have a drawing in mind, concerning those two purples.)


Annnd my mom surprised me with something… I should have known. It’s her favorite thing to do. Next to complaining about the state of my hair. *Pointed look*

On Friday (day before said fifteenth birth date), she forced me to go with her to Hindi tutoring. I already take two classes in the morning (with her), at a local language school. I want all my big stuff to be finished early in the day, because I can’t have fun when responsibilities are hanging over my head. So I wasn’t too keen on going to a tutor later that afternoon.

Which is a fancy way of saying: I was mad.

We went down into the bazaar. She seemed happy. Or, normal. And I just kind of stalked, I guess. Or slumped, as moody teenagers do. Walked (slumped) into her tutor’s house. Sat (slump) on the couch. Said hello.

And then she turns to me, and says: “Jackson… We didn’t come here for tutoring. We came here to get mehndi.”




Her tutor gave us mehndi! Which is like drawing on your skin in fancy South Asian patterns, letting it harden, scraping off the hard stuff, later—and revealing the stain. Viola, you have a beautiful, traditional skin-stain for a few days!


Probably should have explained that to my American friends. They thought I’d gotten a tattoo.

For the rest of the actual birthday, I spent my time lazing around, playing Don’t Starve. No homework. Putting of NaNo’ until that night. Just birthday-ing.

Overall, it was a great day/weekend! Thank you everybody who sent gifts—they’re all great, and will be used not-sparingly!


I mostly draw and write but I have a side love for theatre as well. A few of my favorite pastimes are creating characters, role-playing and theorizing over my favorite series (whatever format they're in).

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