The Mouse and the Motorcycle

The Mouse And The Motorcycle‘ is a childrens’ novel written by Beverly Cleary.  Beverly Cleary is also the author of several other childrens’ books, such as–‘Romona and Her Father’, and ‘Romona and Her Mother’.


The main character, Ralph, is a young mouse who craves speed and adventure.  His mother, on the other paw, is a mouse who does not approve of Ralph running out and about and who lives in constant fear of the dangers that lie outside the mouse-hole.

But Ralph disobeys her, and this leads to disaster–which quickly leads to a dream come true?

Ralph meets the boy named Keith, who is staying in the hotel room that Ralph lives in.  And Keith not only offers good food like peanut-butter sandwiches to Ralph and his family–but also gives Ralph the privilege of riding his mouse-sized motorcycle.

But can Ralph repay Keith for his generosity to both Ralph and his family–or will he make things even worse for his family and himself?

What I Liked About this Book:  The Mouse and the Motorcycle is a b0ok that I have read before, when I was younger.  So re-reading it was fun in that way.  But also, it’s a good book for kids, and would probably be enjoyable for older people too.

What I Did Not Like About this Book:  I didn’t dislike anything about this book in particular.  It’s a good book for young children/just kids in general, and it was fun to go back to and read now that I’m older.

Come back next week to hear about book 2 of Beverly Cleary’s, ‘The Mouse and the Motorcycle’:  ‘Runaway Ralph’!  There are three books in all (if there are anymore books with Ralph in them, than I am unaware of them) and so I’ll probably do a book review on all three of them.



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