My Brother’s Birthday!

Yesterday, April 9th, was my youngest brother’s birthday!  He is now five-years-old, and I think that he had a good Birthday, too.

He got a Star Wars Lego set with his favorite Star Wars character in it, (Boba Fett, or however you spell his name) along with other things that had been sent by family, plus some cards.

I got him a present too–or actually, I made him a present.  I drew him a picture of Toon Link (the main character from ‘The Legend Of Zelda and The Windwaker) and he seemed to like it.  I enjoyed drawing Toon Link too.  🙂

Plus, mom made a chocolate cake that had purple icing on top, with sprinkles in the shape of a five!  And here’s another plus: for dinner, she made macaroni!  We all love macaroni!

Unfortunately, all of the photos from his Birthday are on my mom’s laptop, so I can’t put them in this post.  But I can try to post some of them later.




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