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I Got ‘The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’

Image taken from Google Images. I do not own.

A friend of ours gave me a game that I’ve been wanting for awhile now.  ‘The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim‘.  I didn’t even know that he had it, so when he said that he had given it to me, I was both surprised and excited.  😀

Well, yesterday I installed it, and started my game…  IT’S AMAZING.  I’ve heard that this game is good, but this game is GREAT.

I’ve only been playing for a few hours, but here are some of the reasons why I love this game…



It’s amazingly detailed.  My computer isn’t very good with running games, so I have to have it on Low Graphics while playing Skyrim.  But even while on low graphics, the surroundings look great.  But it’s not just the graphics.  It just really amazes me how much is going on in the game.  I’ll be walking down a path, and a rabbit will run across the trail, or a fox, or a deer will see me and run away, etc.  There are random packs of bandits holed up in ruins, random hunters out poaching, etc.  The computer players are cool, because instead of just waiting around for you to talk to them, they’ll eagerly launch into a conversation with you.  They even talk with each other.  I saw a couple of kids arguing earlier, heard guards give random remarks, and so on.



THEY HAVE DRAGONS.  ‘Nuff said.  Dragons.

GIF taken from Google Images. I do not own.


You Get To Play Alone

As much as I love socializing, it’s not always like that when I play games.  I’ve played an On-Line game called ‘Neverwinter Nights’, and I really liked it…  But other players were constantly running around on their huge mounts, running through my player, and large groups of people would make my game lag.  That’s one big reason that Skyrim is nice, because there are no other players.  Just you, in a huge, ready-to-be-explored, world.  With nobody there to mess up what you’re doing.


You Can Add Character To Your Character

Instead of having to design and name your character/choose a job and whatnot before the game starts, you get to come up with it along the way.  There’s a lot to choose from when it comes to what species you are and how your character looks, but you also get to develop whether or not you’re a thief, Warrior, etc, after just a little while of playing the game.  You can also level up in certain areas whenever you reach a new level (for instance, Health, Stamina, and then there are some Perks–such as Sneaking, Pickpocketing, etc).

You also gather plenty of different, cool, weapons and armor and stuff as you go.  And if you want to replace your current weapon with a better one that you just found, you can do that.


However, You Should Know

That this game contains violence.  Blood, and they do swear some.  The game is really good other than that, so it’s easy for me to overlook this.  But if you don’t want your kid to see a decapitation, or hear some minor swearwords (By minor, I mean the D-Word.  I say minor, because I haven’t heard any words worse than that in the game so far) than I wouldn’t recommend it for you to let your kid play.  (But really that’s up to you, not me.)

Other than that, it’s a great game that I really enjoy.



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This and That

First of all, it’s like 12:05am and I’m writing a blog post.  I read somewhere that teenagers are more active at night, and I think that it’s true–because nighttime is when I seem to get the most inspiration for my writing and whatnot.  But I’m definitely going to bed before 1:00am.  I mean, something inside me is like ‘just do it–stay up until it’s morning just to say that you did it’ but then I’m like–‘no dude, I already sleep until like 10:0o!’.  So yeah.  Mental wars.  *dun dun duh*!  😛

I was playing Minecraft just now, as I’ve gotten to really like that game.  Especially now that I actually kind of know what I’m doing on there.  And I learned how to take recordings of my computer screen!  (I also really need to clean my computer screen.)  So be expecting Minecraft videos on my YouTube channel in the near future.  😉  Right now I only have one Minecraft video:

Um…  Now what?  Oh yeah!  I just checked my calendar, and apparently it’s Friday.  Well actually, it’s Saturday now–and I totally didn’t do a book review!  So be expecting a book review later.

Bye!  (I need to go to bed!)


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My family has recently bought the game ‘Minecraft’.  It’s an awesome pixelated game for the computer.  Okay, so, it’s a really pixelated game.  But it’s also really fun.


In Minecraft the basic goal is to survive.  When your player is hungry, you have to get food from animals or plants that you find in the world.  When the energy that you get from your food is depleted, then your player starts to lose hearts (life).  So it’s always a good idea to keep a few slices of bacon, beef or apples in your Inventory.  (Just for the record, you get a lot more energy from just one piece of meat if it’s been cooked.  Oh yeah–and you can get food poisoning from Rotten Flesh, so I wouldn’t eat that stuff unless you are all out of food and you are dying.)


Shelter is very important in Minecraft.  At night, Mobs (the Minecraft word for ‘bad guys’) will spawn and come after you if they see/sense you.  One of the most common Mobs is this:


Creeper’s will blow up if they know that you’re near, and their explosion will blow up any materials that are near them.  (However, it also kills them…)  It can hurt your player, and damage your house.  This is why you need to build your house out of a much stronger material (preferably cobblestone) rather than a much weaker material, such as wood, or sand.  However, even with stone, you need more than one wall around your house to really keep Creeper’s from blasting it away.  So it’s best if you build your house at least three or four walls thick.  You can also build your house up in the air by building it on stilts and then removing the stilts–it will then simply stay floating in the air.


True to its name, there is a lot of mining that you have to do in Minecraft.  You have to mine down into the ground (or into the side of a hill or mountain) with a Pickax to find the right materials to build your house.  Cobblestone, sand, dirt, Iron Ore, coal, gold, Redstone, and so on can be found in the ground.  Not all of this is used for building a house.  Some of it can be used for building stuff like maps and compasses so that you know which direction you’re facing and where you are in your world.

The different Minecraft pickaxes from the weakest to the strongest kind.
Wood, Stone, Iron, Gold, and Diamond.

To learn more about Minecraft, how to play it, and where you can get the demo–just click here!


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Siblings And Video Games

Life in the Bowman household goes on.

My brothers play, fight, wrestle, and…  frolic?  There is the usual bickering over video games…  Here is a list of ways that a video game can make siblings argue.

1.  Who gets the 1st player remote?

2.  Who gets to pick the stage/level?

3.  I want to play this game–but you want to play a different one.

4.  The Legend Of Zelda sometimes gets more votes than Super Smash Bros.  Which can make whoever wants to play Super Smash Bros. unhappy.  Or vise versa.

Reasons That Video Games Are Still Enjoyable, Despite What They Sometimes Cause

1.  They’re fun.

2.  They can be cool, and give you ideas that you can put in your books and blog posts and stuff.

3.  You can learn things from them.  Like how to use a map, the basics to a compass, and how you should spend your money.  (Example:  Crap…  I really want that suit of armor, but it costs two hundred rupees.  I guess that I’ll just buy some more lantern oil–’cause it’s cheap and I need it for the place that I’m going.  In the meantime, I’ll save up my money.  By the time that I’m done with this dungeon, I might have enough money to buy that suit of armor…)

4.  Your siblings may actually enjoy watching you play your video game, which can make more than one person happy.

5.  On The Legend Of Zelda, you can pick up chickens and jump off of buildings, and the chicken will fly through the air with you holding on to them for a short distance.  Also, in the The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess, you can talk to squirrels when you’re a wolf.  (Your friends will all be jealous.)

So yeah, I’ve been playing The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess, and my brothers have been playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl.  Both games are fun, and both have action/adventure.  🙂

We used to own Super Smash Bros. Brawl, but it broke.  So last year, one of my brothers got it for Christmas.  But it wouldn’t work, and we had assumed that it was made wrong in the factory that it came from.  Just recently (about a couple months after we got that new game) our Wii broke, and a friend of ours was very kind and sent us a new one.  😀  And as turned out, it was our old Wii that was not playing the disk!  So now we can play that game.

The only bad thing about getting a new Wii, is that it has a blank memory card, and you have to start over on all of your games.  But that’s okay.

In a way, I suppose that this could be counted as a game in itself. TLOZ V.S. SSB.B

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AnimalJam Party Glitch: Answers To Questions

Many people have commented on my post ‘AnimalJam Party Glitch!‘ asking questions about the glitch.

‘AnimalJam Party Glitch!’ was my most popular post of last year–having 115 comments (at the current moment).  I keep getting e-mails saying that I have new comments on there, and a lot of the comments are questions–questions that I will try to answer in this post.

So…  First of all, people keep saying that the glitch is messing up and that they are seeing land animals in the ocean worlds and ocean animals in the land worlds.  Also sometimes they see multiples of themselves when they do the glitch (which is a side effect), or the glitch will be working for a second or two before they appear back in the ocean worlds.  Perhaps even more things happen–but I do have a hypothesis as to why this is happening.

I think that because so many people are doing the glitch, it’s starting to mess up AnimalJam.  Think about it–a ‘glitch’ is already a ‘problem’ so if a bunch of people keep messing with it then it gets bigger and more of a problem.  Take a pair of jeans for example: if you have a tear in the jeans and you keep putting your finger in it and pulling a little, then the tear gets bigger.  Then the tear has to be sewn up.

However, if I am correct, I think that too many people are doing the glitch for AnimalJam to ‘sew it back up’ properly.  Just like a tear in your jeans can be reopened from pulling at it.

Sooo.  If this is true, than everybody needs to be doing the glitch much less often or just not at all.  For instance, maybe only do the glitch once a week, if you really want to do it that bad.

In the mean time, why not just play some of the games that AnimalJam has to offer instead of messing them up?

Lastly, I have something that I would like to be made clear.  Can you please quit asking me to add you as a friend on AJ?  My friend list will get full very quickly and if one of my real-life friend’s (or at least people that I am a bit more acquainted with) has an AJ account and wants to be my friend, I won’t have room for them.

Please take my advice,

your fellow Jammer,


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AnimalJam Party Glitch!

I’ve talked about Animal Jam before in THIS post.  It’s a really cool website! 😀

Well yesterday I was at a ‘Wolf Only Party’.  They have parties now on AJ (Animal Jam.)  And one of my favorites to go to is the Wolves Only Party.  When you click to go to a Wolves Only Party, you automatically are turned into a wolf.  (You have to have one first.)

So I was at a wolf only party, standing by the awesome lava to turn my player red.  When I noticed–there was a seal at the wolves only party!! :O  How on earth did that seal get to the wolves only party and still be a seal?

So I asked the seal how, and they told me! 🙂  And now I’m going to tell you.  But please please please don’t go around telling everybody.  Because if you do AJHQ (Animal Jam Headquarters.)  Will fix the glitch! 😦

OK.  First go to the world called ‘Deep Blue’.

Next go down to the port that leads to Kani Cove.But just don’t go in yet.  Next open up the tab for the parties.  And then (with the party tab still up.)  Click the port to go to Kani Cove!

But just before you reach there to go in, (around the time you’re by the treasure chest sign next to it.)  click the party that’ s on!  This may take a few tries!  But It’s totally worth it! 😀

You can do it with other parties to!

I’m being a ghost at the Spooky Party. (Swimming around in the air like you sometimes do in the glitch).

Look here I am a seal at a Wolf Only Party!  Supposedly “howling” at that big full moon!  😛

There are some side effects to this glitch though.  You might appear at the party, but sometimes nobody can see you but you!  And also you might do it and the party will be empty of who are really there and you can only see the other people who have figured out the glitch! :/

Almost like you’re in another dimension!

A funny side effect you might get a lot is that you might see another copy of you there!  It’s so weird to see another you swimming in place up in the air somewhere.  Weird. 


One more awesome thing I’ll say about it….You can go as any other Ocean animal too! 😀  So you can be a shark or dolphin or something swimming in the air.  😛

Plus–you can usually switch Ocean animals once you’re there.  For instance, if you come as a seal and don’t want to be a seal–just turn into a shark!

Note:  I have a new post up that will answer some of your questions that you keep asking me about the glitch.  Please click here to view the post.

Note 2: Comments are closed on this and on my other AJ posts! My apologies, I just don’t have any interest in AnimalJam anymore. It’s still a good game, but I’m tired of receiving e-mails about new comments on this post. Keep on jamming!

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Please give me a moment to grab a pillow and scream into it….  “I GOT TO SEE “THE HuNgEr GaMeS” AHHHH!!!

Unnecessary Pillow Screaming Session over now.  (E-mail me if that was awkward :P.)

So First comes my compliments about the movie.  I think it rocked in the way that it was dramatic and sad (Sad is something to rock about sometimes right?)  And that all the districts were brought to life almost.

I saw it this afternoon, and it was awesome.  I just finished  reading the book yesterday.  And have now started on the 2nd book.  I love Mocking-Jays!  If I had one, It would end up mimicking the songs I listen to like “Clair De Lune” and “Riders in the Sky”.  Lol!

And now for the parts I will say I was disappointed with. :/

The Wolf Muttations (Is that how I spell it?)  Didn’t look like the players at all.  There squashed faces and pointed ears made them look a bit like bats crossed with Boxers or something.  Not at all like any of the players.

Also, I’m very disappointed that Rue died!  When I read about her dieing, I cried, even if it was just a little.  She was only around for like two chapters while joined up with Katniss.  But dearing that time I got very attached to her, thinking that by some wonderful twist of fate she might live.  But that wasn’t the case….:( 😦

In the movie it was very moving when district twelve and district eleven did the hand signal with three fingers in respect of Rue dieing and Katniss going into “The Hunger Games”.   But I didn’t cry. *Phew*

Of course there wasn’t anybody else in there, we left at 3pm and got to pay less because of our early appearance.  When I say “our” I mean me and my mom.  she and dad read it too.  Actually mom’s read all of them and I think dad has too.  She’s also already seen the movie once before with dad, but went to take me to see it! 😀

(I almost cried over Rue’s death again when I watched it.)  and I don’t normally cry over made up characters either.

Oh and….(May I have a drum roll?)  *Dun* *Dum* *Dun* *Dum* (That was drums.)

I GOT A D.S!!  It’s black and my favorite D.S game is Nintendogs! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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Howrse :) is a fun online game for kids (and grownups) who love horses!  The whole point of the game is to breed and raise horses.  But along the way you have to earn money (Equus as it is called on there) so that you can afford to buy riding equipment, hay and oats, buy new horses, ad pay the people who run the Equestrian Center that your horse is currently boarding in.  If you don’t board in an EC (Equestrian Center) then your horse will die over a matter of time! 😦

However, if you board in a EC then your horse can do riding lessons for the center and you will however much that certain EC will give.

No, the horses on this game do not ever move, at first playing the game you might think that it’s dumb–because the horses don’t move or you can’t figure out the Objectives in the game that you are supposed to complete to win prizes.  But they’re quit easy once your more familiar with the game. 😉

Here are some pictures of my horses on the game.  (Some horses have backgrounds and some don’t.)


This is my very first horse.  It is a female Canadian Horse of Flaxen Liver Chestnut coat color.


This is my friend Jenna’s favorite type of horse breed.  It s a Mustang.  This particular Mustang is a male of Dun coat color.


This is a Morgan female of Black coat color.


This is one of my most favorite breeds of horses on Howrse.  It’s called a Marwari.  This one is the one I’ve bred that I am most proud of.  It’s a male Marwari of Cherry Bay Overo coat color.  Only 3% of Marwaris are that color! 😀


This another Marwari.  She’s a female of Bay coat color and she is a Unicorn.  (Rare.)


This is a Light Gray coat color Purebred Spanish Horse male.  An as you can see, he’s also a Pegasus! 🙂



This is one of my horses that is trained with a “Harmony Pack”.  The “Harmony Pack”  allows you to customize your horse and your horses companions.  You can give them special coats like the one my horse has in this picture.


“Harmony Pack” horse.



Another “Harmony Pack” horse.



Donkeys are rare on Howrse.  You will be very lucky to find one in the sales that can still have babies and is cheap.  (Donkeys on Howrse can only have 3 babies within their lifetime. :/)


And so that’s all about Howrse for now! 😉  You can start your own game of it by clicking the link at the top!



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Welcome to Secret Builders!

Secret Builders is a fun Scholastic Website for children age 5 to 14!  Watch your step there’s a monkey hanging from the ledge–ok here’s the door.  Now come on in!  Here I’ll even give you a tour around Secret Builders!

At the bottom right you’ll see a button that has a picture of a shirt on it. 

Just click it and you’ll be able to shop for clothes and use the ones that you have already for your avatar! 🙂

So now that you’ve gotten all fancied up I’ll take you to the Secret Builders Fashion Show.  I hope your not to shy because the people really do adore you!

Are your ears starting to hurt from all this loud music?  Yeah me to–let’s go somewhere else now…

Well this place is still pretty loud with it’s seasonal music, but if you can’t wait till December it will do!

You can find some pretty awesome stuff for your tree house in the store here called Polar Chairs Furniture Shop.

What is a tree house you ask?!  Well you don’t even know ab–  Oh yeah I forgot your new here.

Every Builder has a tree house that they live in.  You can put all kinds of furniture in it!!  And you can paint it how you want it.  Plus you can buy Home Extensions to add on to your tree house.  Like a pool-

Plus more but I won’t talk about the other extensions right now.

But luckily for you all new builders are given a free Garden Extension! 😀

And another fun thing about being a Secret Builder is that you can have pets! 🙂  All new builders will have something pop up that says watch these videos for a free pet.  The pets are called “Wee Pets” and there are four kinds.  Monkey, Puppy, Unicorn, Dragon and Kitten.  Unfortunately when the thing pops up you only get to choose between a Green Dragon or a Pink Unicorn.

You can also go to the pet shops to buy pets.

You may have noticed the cauldrons of gold coins- that can be found and the button at the top right corner of your screen that says “Free Gold Coins.”  Gold coins (Super shills.)  Are worth more than Silver Coins.  (Shills.)  Sadly unless you are a member the only way to earn Super Shills is by watching videos.

Most are long boring commercials so I advise you to let them play while opening another tab to do something else.  Oh and turn the noise all the way down because some commercials may cuss.  (Something I’d really rather not hear!)

Well I’d best be going!–Bye!! 😉

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The Legend Of Zelda

The “Zelda” games take a lot of brain power to play.  In pretty much every single one you have to find the “Master Sword”  And save the princess Zelda from an evil guy named Ganondorf.  I don’t know how many games in the “Zelda” series that there are–I just know that I love ’em.  😀 We have several of them, but here are pictures of my favorite.

                                                                  The Legend Of Zelda And The Twilight Princess

                                        The Legend Of Zelda And The Ocarina Of Time

                                             The Legend Of Zelda And The Windwaker

                              The Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword.  (Sorry I couldn’t find one of him actually raising his sword skyward.)

All in all the games rock! 🙂  Ocarina came out back when graphics for video games were more blocky.  But it sort of still looks good.  The funny thing is that when everything was so pixelized and it came out–everybody thought it was really good and that it looked amazing.  Lol.

I got The Twilight Princess for my birthday last year. (November 21st).  I still love it but I’m a little stuck on a certain part.  So I should really start playing it more! 🙂

And “The Windwaker”  Was the first cartoony looking one that they came out with.  It’s pretty funny.  And it was the first Zelda game that I ever played and I actually completed it! 😀

As for “Skyward Sword” it is pretty funny to.  It’s the newest one and the first one where you have to move your Wii remote the way you want your sword to move. (plus various other weapons.)

So yeah I’m a Zelda fan at heart!